December 20, 2008

Not reading again...............

"There's no question that his violence preceded any of his out-of-the-mainstream sexual activities. But these activities seem to have exacerbated to some degree what was going on. They seemed to increase and send him into a rage."


A private investigator found the transvestite whom Sheehan visited upstate, shortly after pushing his wife out of the car and disappearing from a football game they were supposed to attend, Dowd said.

and lastly

"What we do care about is if you're doing this and coming back in a rage and taking it out on my client. Then it becomes material. We want that evidence."

I guess these commenters (and possibly even the man himself) cannot read the article which is linked from Sacks' website. THREE (3) mentions of extreme physical abuse are mentioned in the article which is linked from Sacks' website.
  • First reference: They sent him into a rage - a rage against whom?
  • Pushing his wife out of the car? Pushing and out of car in ONE sentence....
  • Coming back in a rage and taking it out on client.


    The whole point here is that nearly every single commenter on this post is not seeing what is being stated. The defense attorney is saying that this man was extremely phsyically abusive to his wife because of these sexual deviances. Not just forcing her to particpate, in fact I do NOT see particpation mentioned but once in the original article. I do however see mentioned three times that this man was abusive PHYSICALLY towards her. Is any further comment necessary? Not from me but my readers please share..........
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