December 14, 2008

Hmmmmmm - A characteristic common among feminists- an absent sense of humor

Glenn’s cult writes...

One last post - Delusion?
Apparently Glenn's database of comments crashed sometime on December 10th. This was one of his followers comments:
Nelson Says:

December 11th, 2008 at 4:45 am
Glenn's being diplomatic- it was feminist gremlins and he knows it.

Nothing needs to be added here. Oh wait one moment - I will add something. How many abused women have been targetted by their batterer and are made to appear paranoid? I will say nothing more regarding this. Let my followers speak the truth to this.”

Now, as I pointed out to the sad, befuddled creature, only a fool would see this as anything other than an attempt at humor, but as often happens with feminists they are so blinded by their anger they take seriously people who go on about gremlins. As for her claim to have “followers”, if she has them they aren’t bothering to comment on her posts. Indeed, my humble self seems to be the only follower she has- at least until the men she is defaming decide to take legal action.

Now must we really debate why I (along with numerous other women) have no sense of humor when dealing with a man/woman whose writings are so reminiscent of our abusers words? Are we supposed to laugh and go along with everything? Sing Kumbaya while holding hands at the campfire? I think not. To even suggest that an abused woman even be in the same city as someone who has abused her is insane.

I have a story for you. You own a fairly nice house in a nice neighborhood. You hear through the neighborhood grapevine that there has been a rash of burglaries nearby. You make an appointment for a security system to be installed to protect yourself. Before the company can arrive to install this equipment however, you are robbed. Oh the horror. But wait!!!! The thieves have been apprehended and your belongings were found as well!!! Granted they have to remain in police lockup until such time as the trial is complete but hey no biggie you say, at least they are safe and protected from theft now. Your house is only a day or two away from having state of the art security equipment installed so you feel rather safe. The day comes to go to court to prosecute the person or persons who engaged in this invasion of your space. Imagine your surprise when the judge looks at you and tells you that you must share this property with the thief. Huh? You wonder..... Maybe this is just a fluke, you think. The attorney prosecuting this case comes to you after court and tells you that you must work out some sort of arrangement with the thief so that person may have time with your property. You are amazed and bewildered. How can this happen you ask? State attorney says that Thief Rights' Activists online have been pushing for a thief's bill of rights. Even though they broke laws in obtaining your property, they are still granted rights of access to the same property they stole because they have develpoed an attachment to it.

Thankfully we have the Constitution to protect against a scenario like this involving true robberies and theft of "personal" property. But what about children? Children are by no means anyone's property, but many times an abused mother will seek assistance from the courts to get away from an abuser. He is stealing her identity, the children's identities, and robbing all of a good life and a good future. Yet many times the courts simply tell this abuse victim that she must allow the abuser (the criminal) access to something (someone) most precious to this victim - the children. When will the courts see that this simply must not go on? When will the court understand that mothers generally are the only protection a child has. I am not speaking of those few well publicized moms who are awful - because there are some of those moms out there - I am speaking of those moms who are good, who face powerful and controlling domineering men in court. I am speaking of those women who have been beaten and beaten to the point that they lose their identity. Are we not going to provide these women and children with some sort of protection?

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