December 15, 2008

The last oink for the night

Incidentally, if I wanted to continue to comment I would simply get a false email account and a false Blogger id, but I suspect Obama/Biden will give us all much bigger fish to fry.

I for one am extremely grateful that we will have the Obama/Biden team leading our country. This just might be the time where women are recognized for the contributions we have made to society. The fringe movements in our society might very well have something to fear. And those deadbeats and those who would abuse a mother and/or child will be held to account for those crimes instead of skating. Maybe the laws will get tougher on those inclined to exert their will onto someone else in the form of entitlement, POWER, and CONTROL. I wait patiently for that day.

With that I bid you all a good night and see you tomorrow with more from the world known as MRA. (oh and lets not forget porky either - we must mention him so we can feed that thing called an ego).

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Glenn's Cult? said...


I should also add (again not to play semantics here) but porky also says I am plagiarizing his work. Well the post I made was on December 13th and his post was made 16 hours ago. December 13th was 48 hours ago and His was 16 hours. So who is plagiarizing whom?