December 2, 2008

Assistance for The Family Place

As stated in a previous post, Glenn Sacks was responsible for the removal of funds through his "campaign". I am the original author of the post referred to in this post below:

Rev. Richard Says:

December 2nd, 2008 at 11:25 am
Glenn, If I recall you never attacked or attempted to reduce their normal funding. The comment regarding funding was in response to another article which stated that all who do not appreciate the advertising should send $5 each to assist paying for their next ads.
Personally, I don't know too many people who'd financially support an organization who they already don't appreciate the methods they use to do business and assist them in continuing to do so.

I simply had read Sacks post (again mentioned earlier in my blog) about some of The Family Place's sponsors either completely removing funding or reducing the funding provided previously. I stated that everyone in Dallas (and indeed all over the world) should simply send in 5 or 10 dollars in order to make up for the lost funding, removed by Sacks and his followers. I will now go as far as to ask that anyone who donates money to The Family Place in this vein, ask who the contributors are that reduced or eliminated the funding to TFP. Then we must all boycott those organizations until they restore funding to TFP.


Anonymous said...

Wow !
Where on earth did you manage to find a pic of my ex ????? I thought he sent them all to Glenn - - - -

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness I read Stephen Hawking in the bathroom. I might be accused of having a brain -Ever hear of walking talking nut jobs ? - the ones you cross the street to avoid when you see/hear them coming? - thank goodness for delete buttons !

Anonymous said...

Really- "feminists" prefer fiction ? I wonder what these -people think a feminist IS ???? Answer: they have no idea- they are just blathering-major stupid- trouble is- stupidity hates easily- and without reason. You can educate ignorance- sometimes- but crass stupidity is not fixable.

Anonymous said...

The pic that appears through this site looks familiar? Oh yeah I remember now!!!!! MY ex!!!!!

Glenn's Cult? said...

@ anon 9:38PM

Is he my exes twin?