December 15, 2008

Egads even more.......Holstein in Newsweek: Courts should start with presumption of joint physical custody

Pass this along to all groups - make them aware of this. Email, call, write to Newsweek with your stories if possible. Tell them how dads are using junk science in order to rip children away from protective mothers. Give them the information on the petition with the IACHR filed right before Mothers Day last year. Remember the victims - mothers and children of these abusers. I will only link to the Newsweek article (HERE, and not to that site.

I will state that I do not know which state offers MORE child support if the mother keeps the child from the father, because it is not where I live. I am extremely well versed in child support issues due to an at time non paying deadbeat. I know that you are allowed to ask the judge to add in certain "non-monetary" compensation, such as a company provided and paid for vehicle, a company provided and paid for residence or anything that is non-monetary that decreases your actual cost of living. You may ask for a deviation from the standard award but you have to show evidence as to why this deviation is needed. Fathers on the other hand can and do take lower paying jobs in order to keep from paying child support in the full amount deemed by law, or they take a cut in hours for this same reason. They can and do seek extra time with the children are are advised at numerous websites to do this and document all overnights so they can decrease the obligation.

I have a solution. Rather than fight child support, why don't these dads just pay what the standard support would be, work with the ex for extra time with the child, DO NOT ACT ABUSIVELY TOWARDS THE EX, and do not seek to lower support based on extra parenting time? Hmmm what a novel concept. If you have the money to pay lawyers 300-1000 an hour to fight these issues for you, then you obviously can pay 400-1000 a month in child support. Just pay it - don't fight it. be on time with your payments so that the children can be cared for in the manner to which they have become accustomed and be cared for by the person who did so during the marriage. Why must you fight?

I know - because you can and you will do anything to pay that beeyotch back. Sounds realllllllllllllll healthy for the children, that does.

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