December 18, 2008

More on Porky

Porky ASS U MEs here that I have no readers because there are only three commenters. There have been actually more than three people commenting. Andddddddddd, my blog is here in order to give those who are against the questionable actions of the fringe MRAs to come to and read and say yep yep yep I agree, OMG she hit the nail on the head!, or wow someone is standing up to them. I welcome any comments, but they are not required. I do not profess to have the largest vocabulary around, nor will I waste time using a thesaurus in order to use different words when I type. I say what I feel like saying and in the manner I feel like saying it. I challenge "porky" to open up his blog to comments. It is my firm opinion that he will not do so, because to do so would open himself up to the women who read my blog to comment on his. And why must he hide behind his current alias of "porky", leaving the reader to wonder - which one of Sacks' regular followers is this? Or is it the incredible Mr. Sacks himself?

He also makes note of my "comment to myself". Rather than post an update on an already busy posting day, I simply put my remarks in the comments section (as anyone who cares to view will see it is indeed an update).

So my challenge to you porky - open your site up to comments. Ahhh but I know how this goes. You will simply delete any comments which do not praise your work. Hmmmm reminiscent of anyone we know?

I should also mention that some of my posts have been covered by other blogs. Not that I have to report to you dimwit. Oh here we go, I called him/her a dimwit so now I will have to answer for a defamation lawsuit. Ummm last I looked (and studied in school) defense of truth against a defamation suit is still a defense against a defamation suit.

One last thing..... He mentions he hopes to get quite a bit of traffic. How does he plan on doing that? Unless he plans to invest a small fortune in gaining links etc, or plans to spend quite a bit of time going to other blogs etc, how does he plan to "get traffic?" His site was created because of my site. Therefore his traffic would mainly come from my site (which it likely won't due to his own transparency).


Rj said...

i haven't bothered to click his link. i could care less. i don't have time and i wouldn't comment on his site if it were the last blog on earth.

Glenn's Cult? said...

I am simply amused by this guy. It is quite funny to watch someone twist and tturn and go through everything he simply in order to make little ol' me look bad lol.

Glenn's Cult? said...

Oh I forgot to add :-) Of those who would visit his site, if his comments were enabled, he would see what I am saying. He is looked at simply as a (now this is funny since this is one of Sacks' articles today) "South Parkish" sort of person.

Anonymous said...

It turns my stomach to go to sites like he touts...won't go there. Your site is is amazing what these a**holes have to say. They all sound like they need to up their meds...LOL