February 27, 2009

Angry young man? Indeed!!!!!


Your face must be up there, but I am looking at your best asset you cock-teasing cunt.

Comment by Angry Young Man — February 27, 2009 @ 12:13 am

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And we wonder why my site is out here? Click HERE to visit his site.

Info on his site below:


4 Gordon Street
Cape Town, Western Cape 8001
South Africa

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Created on: 10-Jun-04
Expires on: 01-Mar-17
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Administrative Contact:
Lingham, Vinny brent@synthasite.com
4 Gordon Street
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Technical Contact:
Lingham, Vinny brent@synthasite.com
4 Gordon Street
Cape Town, Western Cape 8001
South Africa

Well Vinny, I truly hope you get over your anger at women, because if you continue to speak in this manner to women, you will find yourself a very lonely angry OLD man.

I just had to continue reading so more ramblings for you...


God Grant Me The Serenity To Accept The Fact That Big D's First Wife Is A Loon
The Courage To Continue Being The Stepmonster To Her Kids
And The Wisdom To Not End Up In Jail For Physically Attacking Her

I have tried and tried and tried to start a fight with him, usually over "The Hurricane"..... but he won't take the bait.... I think he's scared of me when I'm mad to be honest

Egads, thank the good lord this "mother" decided to make no more posts for the last 7-8 months....

Some stepmonster wisdom "ramblings" for you....

These are the women who are supposed to mother the children taken from moms who most of the time are good moms. Read on for some "amazing" insight into these women.

Before I end... I just want to reaffirm that "The Hurricane" is a crazy bitch and a bad mother...

Slightly off topic.... When the Screaming Banshee came to collect the kids last night

Kid Z has social skills class (a class for kids that can't keep their damn hands to themselves)

I have had one major run-in with "The Hurricane" in which it ended with her saying "fuck you" and I called her a "crazy bitch"...

Editor Note: Which happened first is the million dollar question?

"who's taking the kids," and his reply is "well, they can just stay here and be part of the party." I put a stop to that....I don't need 3 high maintenance little freaks running around while I prepare for my surprise party.

Editor Note: I am sure bio-mom would love to know you call her flesh and blood, high-maintenance little freaks. But what can be expected when you call their mother names like bitch and Hurricane?

it would be a disaster if he were to spend more time with his mother than necessary...he returns from her house behaving like a wild animal....

Anyhow.....twas very strange but the children were as close to angels as I have ever experienced.... maybe they are afraid that Santa's watching or they're afraid of me.

I vote YOU, after reading through your blog....!!!!

I knew that my DH was my soulmate almost as soon as we met, despite the unfortunate problem of us both being married to other people at the time.

EDITOR NOTE: Nice.....you destroyed not one but two homes...real nice

Oh, and the Screaming Banshee and Loser Boyfriend deserve a huge mention for the total lack of common-sense and responsibility they've demonstrated this year.

Now look at me. All I did was marry a man with 3 kids and a psycho ex-wife, and try to have a baby. My life has turned into a bloody soap opera from hell!

Ahhh this poor poor man - his ex wife used to "say" things that would provoke him...

Sad Dad Says:

February 25th, 2009 at 2:57 pm
My ex used to fire off from the mouth some horrible things to provoke me to hit her then use it against me to benifit her own agenda. I did not do what she wanted. I left her and she walk away with everything any ways.

Okay now this man appears to be justifying his physical assaults of his ex wife due to her supposed bad comments?

Women safe with males in dv shelters?

jessy Says:

February 26th, 2009 at 5:40 pm
It is nonsense that male and female abuse victims cannot be around the opposite sex. In fact I would venture to say it is a critical part of the healing process to interact positively with the other sex.

Now this writer is not displaying too much intelligence (and this is only my humble opinion). She/he says that women should be forced to be around men while in a shelter escaping drwadful domestic abuse at the hands of their partner (mostly male partners). What is to stop their abuser from seeking services at this same shelter, claiming abuse from his partner, and being escorted to the shelter where his victim is residing? Now this takes brains jessy.... This is the very rerason why men are refused at women's shelters. Because the ability of a man to be able to access this shelter and then finish the job as it were, is too great. So it is simpler to just not allow a man at a shelter for victims of dv.

I jhave done numerous research on this issue and have discovered that nearly all of the shelter programs have plans in place to help male victims of dv. No they are not allowed access to the woman's only shelter. MRAs/FRs also like to claim that once a male child reaches a certain age, that child is denied access to the shelter also. This again is simply not true with the 200+ dv agencies I have contacted.

But again to go back to jessy's statement on Sacks' website, this simply shows the lack of logical thought process on his/her part. This indeed explains much of the problems with all of the MRA/FR thought processes.

February 24, 2009

Orlando to have new program to assist in determining lethality in DV situations

Questionnaire helps Orlando police break spiral of domestic abuse

Now this is one SMALL step in the right direction. Also notice that there are 52 comments as of 4:00PM EST February 24, 2009.

Some of the comments while possibly an attempmt at humor are nonetheless so very true. Men who attempt to control their wives through the use of violence are then left windering why she then tires of the assaults and uses that information in her divorce of him. One poster on this site sums it up while humorously, in terms we can all understand:

Springfield, VA
Reply »
|Report Abuse |#20 Wednesday Feb 11
Amen to Orlando for taking a Pro-Active approach to domestic violence. Years ago I was the victim of a violent stalker and there were no laws to protect. LE's hands were tied until a crime was committed. If this new technique can thwart even one assault, there is value. Prevention is a large part of the cure and it doesn't cost the taxpayers anything for the cops to ask questions.

And a note to the poster who believes women use Domestic Violence to prosper in divorce proceedings. B/S. Women use MEN to prosper in divorce proceedings. For some, that's what marriage is for. Don't like it; don't marry -- it's a fools' investment.

One can only hope that surrounding cities and counties in Florida will step up to the plate as OPD and Orlando has done.

Domestic Violence, PAS, Threats, Father's Rights!!!!

More PAS, Parental Alienation Syndrome

RAPED????? Father's RIGHTS!!!!!!!

PAS, Parental Alienation, Gardner

February 23, 2009

Links directly to my posts (and others) that are no longer available?

These are all posts which will no longer work on this page. This is due to the deletion of my 5 or 6 posts. Lets see I will try to recount all of those posts for you. The first one I wrote a vague commentary on the article. mca (menscollegeactivist) then addressed me and his posts were deleted as well. Jason then decided to join his brother in arms with this post:

Jason Says:

February 22nd, 2009 at 8:42 pm
"Yet the men on here (and some women) say that when a woman has beaten a conviction in court, she is being given a sentencing discount."

Um... no.

What people mean when they talk about a sentencing discount is that when comparing men and women who have been convicted of the same crime, women tends to receive more lenient punative measures.

This is not the same thing as beating a conviction altogether.

You have misunderstood the terminology and how it is used.

Several more of my posts are then deleted again (again none with foul language, all asking if we could discuss this matter civilly as I had read through most of the report quoted in the quoted newspaper article. Jason then said something to the effect of two other hated female posters on that blog were "attacking" him as was I in his opinion and one of these women had some sort of obsession over his "private areas". I then asked him if he would provide a link to the obsession over his private areas by georgia girl, and he refused (makes me think he quite possibly HOPED georgia girl had this obsession, but again that is just my opinion. I challenge anyone to find this so-called obsession on gg's part over Jason's private parts. I pride myself on being somewhat Internet search savvy, and I could not locate it.

Norman then jumps into the fray by adding his two cents into the mix (which I might add has NOT been deleted):

Norman L. Says:

February 23rd, 2009 at 2:12 am

sounds like a loser, doesn't she?

If you choose to read the rest of the attacks on New friend or Glenn's Cult (well at least the ones that were left up by GS or RF) you may do so by clicking Petunia.













Now to show you that these links do work for the active posts which are viewable right now please go to:

jeana's post, one of Jason's MANY posts, now one must wonder why my posts were deleted? I followed GS's rules, I provided a good email address. It is my firm opinion that GS and the others involved in this attempt to beat women down, must not ever allow anyone who shows credibility the permission to post. It also goes against everything the cult followers of this entity state. GS does censore his website. My only question is

What are you in fear of GS?

I just cannot believe lil ol me has the power to make many men shake and quiver....

They are so scared that they must delete a total of 5 or 6 posts from me and poof just like that, the posts are gone. I must wonder if Glenn really banned me because I would not post my email, or if he realized that myself and many of the other women who were posting on his site were close to exposing his little cult for what it truly is. Now for the newbies, you must be wondering - what in the world is she talking about? A cult? A cult of personality? Blue Oyster Cult? The Family (Charles Manson)? Heaven's Gate? Branch Davidians? Or perhaps one of the most famous of all, Jim Jones of the People's Temple?

No I am not speaking of any of those. I am talking of a group of (in my OPINION) misguided, possibly criminal minded men (and their subsequent spouses or mothers) who feel that a woman should not have the right to say she feels she has been abused by her husband, she is afraid for her safety, and as such afraid for her children's safety as well.

These men (and teh women who help them) have a few Gods they worship in their midst. One of these Gods is a pudge (again only in my opinion) of a man by the name of Glenn Sacks. He has a gift for words, but sadly he uses it to defame, defile, and denigrate any victims of rape or domestic violence who may be near.

He is joined by many of the lesser Gods who run blogs, coordinate the movements of one the biggest groups known for abuse - the F4J (read about the sexual abuse charges levied against one such F4J memeber here) and many others who use Facebook, Myspace, Blogger, Wordpress and many other such avenues in order to spread their message of hate and misogyny to all spots of the world. No one with a computer is safe from their message of hate.

In fact here is just one of the many messages of hate spread by the devoted followers of GS:

AnonymousPamphleteer Says:

February 23rd, 2009 at 8:06 pm
I assume that 60% does not include the vast numbers of American women who use children as a cash crop to cash in through the mechanism of American family courts.

Isn't having a child to as to access a man's money a form of trafficking? The child is used for his money-getting potential, and is not necessarily cared about as a human being, just a resource to be used to extract money from a male.

Think about it.

These men in fact are so nasty to women and to those who desire a more modern sort of life (you know - one in which we are not drug around by our hair while the man beats on his chest me man, you woman blah blah blah) that GS has had to make "rules" about what sorts of words the men can and cannot use to describe feminists. These "followers" were fond of using the term femi-nazi. While I am not directly related to anyone who suffered during the Holocaust, I can read, I can look at pictures. What I saw of the Holocaust disgusted me beyond belief. And for any man (and speaking of men - wasn't it MEN who primarily carried out the orders of Hitler, who was himself another MAN), to compare a woman who wants to be free from abuse, free to make choices about her own body, free to have a VOICE compare these women to HITLER who took freedoms away, in fact took many many LIVES away is despicable.

The fact that there even needs to be a "rule page" taht says you cannot call feminists feminazis, leads me to question to very credibility of any of these men.

Click Petunia to go directly to the "RULE PAGE".


It should be noted that by clicking here you can see as I did that in the the little over 2 years that Glenn Sacks has been posting his blog, the word FEMINAZI has been used over 550 times. It has 38 pages on a Google search. Form your own opinion on this man and his followers, gentle readers.

Well it lasted all of 8 hours (maybe less)

Glenn Sacks has stated that he blocked me and removed my posts from when I would post before because I did not provide a valid email addy. Well any of my readers has never had an issue with emailing me. My email is glenns.cult at gmail.com. I provided that email address plus my new website addy which I know I promised would be up February 16 but due to real job issues, I have been unable to do so. It will be up tomorrow. You can still keep your old bookmarks, or you can go to www.glennscult.com folks!!!

Anyways on to the topic of this post (I digress again lol).....I posted my handle (Glenn's Cult), I posted my email addy (glenns.cult at gmail.com) and I posted my website addy. Do you think my posts are still active? You guessed right gentle readers!!!! And in none of my posts was I insulting, I answered questions or statements which were directed at me, and I even wonder of wonders attempted to keep the discussions on topic. I will be posting about the little blog post (it concerned human trafficking and arrests) and the information I dug up, that is available should any of the Cult choose to dig a little deeper. But as proven many times over in the past, none of these want to read or educate themselves. They simply drink the koolaid and go on their merry way.

Only problem with that folks is one day you might not like the koolaid. One day it will have more than just sugar and water in it......

February 22, 2009

Do the twist....They sure do know how to 'twist' scenarios to fit into their teeny tiny little world over at Sacks

Robert Franklin sure knows how to do the twist and make facts and statistics fir into his teeny tiny little bubble of a world. He states that because 60% of all those convicted of human trafficking are female, this means that us awful evil wimmin are bad, bad, bad.

Well RF could it also mean that those who are high up in this little chain of trafficking are simply not being caught and convicted and the little person is caught, tried and convicted?

Let's look at this on this side of the border. When you think of human trafficking (or using humans - no matter their sex) for profit, what comes to mind? What pops into my mind is the ever present prostitution racket. Now what pops into mind when you think of prostitutes? Ahh again females, with a rare exception here and there for a male prostitute. Now what comes to mind when thinking of the pimps (or "traffickers")? Ahh yes again - males come to mind when thinking of the pimps or traffickers of the prostitution trade. There are rare exceptions for a female pimp. Now one last question (I realize all these questions are really taxing you limited intellectual abilities here). What types of punishment is there for the actual prostitutes versus the pimps or even shall we say the customers?

Click here to read an article on targeting of prostitutes and customers. In the first paragraph it is stated that customers are only targeted in 10% of the cases. There really is not the volume of information about pimping or pandering available online as there is for prostitution.

So what does this say to me? It says again women are targeted and men are given a virtual free pass. One note to the pandering information available....There are pages upon pages of information about Hiedi Fleiss available. So yet again we have more women/females targeted. What is wrong with this picture people?

February 21, 2009

Well aint I just the special one - Robert Gartner has paid lil ol me a visit

Hate to burst your teeny tiny little bubble in that teeny tiny little world you live in, but you might as well not let the door hit you in the ass RG. YOUR KIND is NOT welcome here. Buh bye.......

February 20, 2009

Michael Murphy aka S-Murpheee

PAS aka Paternal Anger Syndrome

Anonymous Guest Post:

Paternal Anger Syndrome AKA PAS (editor's note: Not PAS aka Parental Alienation Syndrome or PA aka Parental Alienation, this is just really scary, delsuional angry men)

Lets set the scene for Inevitable PAS (Paternal Anger Syndrome).

Two people marry, that's lovely. They both work and contribute to buying and setting up a house and home and pretty soon a child is on the way. He tells her he doesn't want her to work so she stays home with the child. He gives her an allowance and wants to know where she spends it every week. Now that they're on one salary, he starts getting a bit stingy especially on things for her, the house or for the child. He can't believe a pair of child's shoes could cost $20. Another child then comes along and she's too tired to care about how he treats her. She looks after the house on her own, the kids on her own and takes the kids to piano/tennis/football/swimming/dancing 4 nights a week. He still enjoys a drink with guys after work two nights a week and when he does come home, don't you know he's tired and all he wants to do is watch a bit of TV. On Saturdays he still plays golf all day and on Sundays he likes a sleep in so she has to somehow keep the kids quiet because he'll yell if they wake him up.

He's scary when he's mad but what can she do? She remains silent. He starts asking her who she talked to today and checking her speedometer on her car to see if she has driven anywhere. He checks the phone records and tell her he doesn't like her best friend so she's not allowed to go there anymore. He's never been to the school for any parent teacher interview and doesn't come to the kids events because he's tired after working all week, in fact he doesn't do anything with the kids apart from saying hello or goodnight at the end of the day. That's her job, and women's stuff to look after kids.

He squeezes her world tighter and tighter until she can't go anywhere or see anyone until she asks him first. He yells at her and shakes his fist and tells her she's fat and stupid. He makes jokes about her to his friends when she can hear him. He may or may not hit her and doesn't think she has a choice because when he wants sex, he should get it because why did he get married right? After years of this she seethes under the surface and decides to leave as soon as she can despite being afraid of him and what he will do. He's already threatened if she ever leaves him, he will never leave her alone and he'll take the kids.

She eventually summons up enough courage to leave and she does. He is outraged "How dare she!!" and "How dare she take the kids, they belong to me!!" He makes threats that she will get nothing and that he will get custody of the kids, because it's his house and they're his property. She gets scared and sees a lawyer. He demands to see the kids and he tells them that their mother is a bitch and that they are to live with him and that he is going to take her to court. They're afraid because they've seen his anger before and they know what he is capable of. He threatens to commit suicide unless he gets what he wants. The kids are afraid and they don't even really know this man who now says he will make sure they never see their mother again and how dare she tear apart a "loving" family!

He sees the kids as a tool of revenge against her. No way is he going to pay child support! It's his house and she's not going to get it!
He becomes consumed with destroying her and joins a number of men's groups who use terms like "Feminazi" and "Nastie" and "Bitch" who all share the same story. They've all been done over by these selfish bitches and "had their precious kids ripped out of their loving arms". They deny paternity of the kids because it means they won't have to contribute financially. They console themselves with each others stories and vow never to give that bitch the house/car/child support/anything. The only weapon they have against her is the kids. That's all they can touch and boy do they want to make her pay for leaving him, for humiliating him.

And so Paternal Anger Syndrome manifests itself and becomes firmly entrenched in his lifestyle and he's going to spend the rest of his life making her pay.

Doing the dance, doing the dance

Okay can I say it? These men will swear this is all us feminists know how to do so I can I do it...Please, pretty please? Well it is MY blog, and MY time, so I am going to say it!!!!!!


There now that is out of my system read below:

jeana Says:

February 20th, 2009 at 7:30 pm

How about a woman take responsibility and get herself on the pill or get an implanon if she can't remember to take a pill? Her body, her choice, her responsibility

Sonja, I agree as far as if I don’t want to become pregnant, I’d NEVER trust a guy. I know it is up to me. Because ultimately, you can’t trust guys with that. You just can’t. However, if you don’t want to pay CS or be a dad prematurely, then actually, it’s “your penis, your choice, your responsibility”.

Egads!!!! I should have read more of this disgusting dribble....

Had I have read further I would have awarded Eagle30 with the DUMAS of the Day award. Ehhh no worries eagle30, your day will come I am sure. Read below for more of his superman leaping abilities.

Eagle30 Says:

February 20th, 2009 at 6:37 pm
Jenna: "Did I encourage the cover-up of male victims drugged by their girlfriends? No I didn’t."

Again, I quote you:

"It’s a shame when ANY rapist doesn’t go to jail. Vast majority of them are male, tho’. So to concentrate on the teeny tiny percentage who are female kind of makes me shake my head. Every time."

The fact you think you shake your head whenever this "Teeny" percentage of female abusers are focused on says it all. You condone male abuse.

Now where did jeana say that she did not want the perps of male victims, be they male or female locked up? She stated that these loonies only focus on male victims or in the case of female victim-female perps, the FEMALES who commit rape. This is so very true. Glenn and his cult never comment on any male perps.

Eagle30 I want your powers of leaping to conclusions please....

Now how he jumps from women are the vast majority of rape victims to feminists want to ignore any male victims out there is beyond me. jeana never stated that male victims should be ignored, she simply said female victims are the norm whereas male victims are not. Nowhere in her statement did she say male victims should be ignored. It is getting harder and harder to narrow down just one person a day for the DUMAS of the day award.

Eagle30 Says:

February 20th, 2009 at 3:46 pm
Jenna: "It’s a shame when ANY rapist doesn’t go to jail. Vast majority of them are male, tho’. So to concentrate on the teeny tiny percentage who are female kind of makes me shake my head. Every time."

So you would rather this issue not be addressed and swept under the rug? You think male victims of female abuse don't count because they're not the majority?

I actually see jeana saying here that all rapists should go to jail. Readers what do you see?

Ed learn to read DUMAS!!!!!

ed Says:

February 20th, 2009 at 3:25 pm
Jeana says: Children belong to women and so putting women in jail is bad for children. THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!

Gee...I hadn't thought of it (or heard it put) that way before. What a new and invigorating thought.

Ed why don't you go back and re-read what jeana wrote. You men have got to learn how to quote better - or at least use copy and paste.

Readers: Please click Petunia and when the page open do a search on that page for "belong to women" and you will see our dear misguided DUMAS Ed is the only one to have made that comment. Oh but again I digress...in these men;s minds wimmin are just too damn stupid to be able to think that much.

Beeyotch of the Day Award

I usually do not throw that word around, but in this case it simply fits. Read below what a female/male in disguise has to say about women and orgasms.....

sonja Says:

February 20th, 2009 at 3:01 pm
mca: Or faked. It's a despicable thing to do, but I wouldn't put it past a golddigger to fake it to keep the guy around.

Dumb question here sonja...Should this woman who is supposedly faking it be honest (as I should have been) and tell the man just how bad he is in bed? Maybe if we were honest to these men at just how awful they truly are (especially those small tooled men like S-Murphy - our northern neighbor, men would actually learn how to be a man? Nah cause I forgot... wimmin are dumb and wimmin need guidance, and when that doesn't work, wimmin need slapped around a bit to teach them a lesson.....


More from the BEEYOTCH of the day....

sonja Says:

February 20th, 2009 at 3:38 pm
jeana is full of it:
"Single mother households exist mainly because the men run out on them and have an attitude of “why should I support my own kid or even spend any time with him/her?”. Women do the best they can, but with nonexistent/uncaring men, you can’t blame them."

With so much evidence of women forcing men out of their children's lives, yes, you can blame them.

"Also, safe havens wouldn’t need to exist if men were a little more responsible, would they?"
Here's the thing jeana: Men ARE responsible. Men take responsibility when they get drunk and do something stupid/dangerous. Women who get drunk, flirt with a guy and wake up next to him the next morning blame it all on him with the cry "I was raped!". How is that taking responsibility for your actions?

DUMAS of the DAY award goes to (drumroll please...)


(my comments in red)

Charlie Says:

February 20th, 2009 at 5:38 pm
I'm just reading Sanford L. Braver's book, Divorced Dads, in which he concludes that there is little difference in post divorce economic living styles for moms and dads. This book is must-read material. He debunks several feminist myths about fathers and divorce.

Other factors not usually included in feminist calculations are earned income credit, child tax deductions, child credits, child care credits, education expense credits, and now stimulus package child credits. What about when the judges take pity on the dads and givge all thsi to someone making nearly 100,000 a year taking it from the mom who makes 15,000? When you add all these calculations in, the moms are doing pretty darn well. Some argue that the economic gains are a major incentive to divorce, especially when you add the new boyfriends additional economic support. And again I must comment...what about those dads who refuse to let the mom move on and must do everything in their power to end any relationships she starts?


Bob Denton Says:

February 20th, 2009 at 6:57 pm
Thank you robert franklin for cutting through the BS. lisa belkin needs to shut the pie-hole.


TF Says:

February 20th, 2009 at 7:14 pm
Message to Lisa: Liar,liar, bra on fire.

And these men say they don't see their children? They must be around someone's chidlren to come up with this little tidbit, I haven't heard this since I was in first grade. I take that back, I do hear my chidlren say it, but that was years ago. GROW UP TF!!!!!

Again jeana withstands attacks in order to speak out about RAPE

I have written prviously on how the few women and women's rights advocates speak out on Sacks' forum, only to be attacked and belittled. Here we have another instance in which jeana - speaking out as she does on rape issues - get attacked by another of the frothing-mouth FR loonies (in Glenn's own words).

It's pretty straight forward, and talks to the lowest common denominator. I would think a 10y/o could understand it, so you may have to play it several times Jeanna.

Now what is John D attempting to convey with this little snark remark? That maybe in his opinion jeana is either younger than 10 therefore she would have to view this video several times in order to understand it, or that she is older than 10 and has the mentality of a less than 10 yr old? Knowing these men it is probably the latter, because they are constantly calling into question the intelligence (or lack thereof) of the defenders of victims posting on Sacks' site.

Read below Petunia for more snark from Glenn's Cult....

Hey Jeanna, I hear Mike Nifongs old district is looking for a new prosecutor? No experience required. The only criteria is an intense hatred of men.

Oh, you're probably not interested--you're OVER qualified.

jeana however, can truly handle herself with dignity and almost all of the time with a little humor (and if I may be so bold and follow in what the MRAs claim we "feminist" trolls do) Atta Girl!!! LMAO!!!!

I never libeled you; I told you my opinion on how I think you see rape cases.

"You seem to want to do everything in your power to prevent men from being charged or convicted with rape, regardless of their actual guilt."

"You seem to want to change the law and redefine rape so that it is virtually impossible to convict a man, like in the Middle East."

Is that libel? Nope. My opinion based on things you've said in this and other threads. And I now am considering making an additional citizen's arrest against you, once I determine if I can actually do this.

and here (jeana will you make an extra doll for me pretty please?)

Do it!! I dare you. I could go through the threads and show why I think what I do, but that would take too much time. And lucky for you I’ve decided not to arrest you. Instead, I will make a voodoo doll of you and stick it with pins whenever you write something that annoys me. Which is a lot.

February 12, 2009

Poor jeana :-( Everyone must pick on her....

'jeana' is attacked from all walks. The men (and even moreso - the women) of Sack's cult must attack and hurt jeana. She speaks a voice of reason. She never fully takes on the hard-nose feminist stance many accuse her of doing, nor does she fool hardily align herself with nutjob FR's (or as Sacks calls them - loonies). Read below to see what I mean:

jeana Says:

February 12th, 2009 at 1:48 pm
Very wise to separate out MRAs from Father’s Rights people. Better chance that you’ll be taken seriously. Good luck.

The Attacks?:

Hurley Hacker Says:

February 12th, 2009 at 6:46 pm

So what are you a MRA or a Father's Rights advocate??

Nick S Says:

February 12th, 2009 at 8:33 pm
Hurley Hacker, I think Jeana is saying that father's rights supporters should separate from MRAs, as MRAs are more extreme and only father's rights supporters have any legitimate claims.

Methinks Jeana takes us seriously merely by being here.

JeanB Says:

February 12th, 2009 at 9:06 pm
Hurley Hacker (33), I was wondering the same thing myself! But let her "talk", she just keeps digging deeper each time. I was also considering changing my user name so people don't confuse us.....................but I have been on here a long time with this user name, so I think I'll keep it. All I ask is other users please keep us straight. K? Thx!

Glenn, we know you will still be around, and we are so glad! So far, I like Robert. He is doing a good job. And we know you will be doing great work with Father's & Families. Our household is so proud of you!! Editor Note: Puke gag vomit JeanB get a life....


Hurley Hacker Says:

February 11th, 2009 at 11:54 pm
Mike M. # 3;

I have an idea where some energy could be well spent. My brother ran for US congress in 2008 and lost. He is running again and knowing my brother he will win. He is divorced twice and has been through the DV mill and the divorce industry . He will be an excellent advocate for Father's and Children. He has been on the Dennis Prager show a couple of times and has been endorsed by like minded individuals. I don't know where Glenn and Ned are taking this movement but a congressman from California might be a good start.

What do you think??

As Promised - the TARD

Now as I promised I am delivering on the TARD. LGS what is your issue? You must have some deep rooted evil inside you to be acting this way towards the mother of the child for whom you help provide care. I refuse to say be a mother figure to, or even say you love this child because it is apparent through your own writings you do not love this child. Read Below:

Hi Peter, I do understand where you are coming from , Trust me (I'm a woman......roflfmao , again dripping with sarcasm). I oft say to my wonderful husband..... ......I know I am not the sharpest crayon in the pack, but why the Fk did you hook up with them? I mean they are the epitome of everything you so despise in a person let alone a female. He just looks back at me with absolute sadness and confusion on his face and says........ ....I don't know. Again my wonderful husband says bout the Courts here in Australia... ...."as long as you have tits n a vagina, you get anything you want and then some more". Never a truer word has been spoken. I was absolutely naive before I got together with my wonderful husband. I had absoltuely no idea that men were treated like a donor system, walking wallets, strangers to their own children. The most distrubing part of all this, is that it is court sanctioned. Men in this country are all but emascualted, and for that, as a female, I am truly truly sorry. No offence taken whatsoever Peter, I am just on my high horse, dramas here like you wouldnt believe. Why should that surprise me really, the cycle just keeps on turning. I have set out below what has been happening. Hugz Lee

I swear I am about to blow a fuse. The kicker is that the child is meant to be going to the TARDs for a weekend contact from this arvo till sunday night. My sister in law said to the child this morn........ ..so you looking forward to going to your Mums for the weekend? The child just replied with a grunt. Kinda says it all eh.

So there you have it folks.... I will post more websites from the woman who feels it is her duty to call the mother to the child of her husband a TARD..... And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

February 9, 2009

Glenn just can't let sleeping dogs lie, he must continue...

So I will continue as well. Jennifer Collins who I might add is now an adult has posted proof positive (lets just go with the head injuries sustained by her brother - one was a closed head trauma wound sustained at a entertainment venue, the second was sustained by abuse from his father and it was an open wound head trauma. Can you men not read? You seem to have an adequate grasp of the English language because you can sure spout the drivel. Why can't you learn to read? And maybe learn to read everything, not just what you are spoon fed by an obviously ill person (quite possibly BI)? because that would be too easy for you and you just might have to admit that yes some women have been abused by men, those same men do use the courts to punish those women for leaving and those men do hurt children. Oh but to do that would be to admitting to a cardinal sin. Men are never bad, if us dumb womenfolk would just learn to listen to our menfolk and learn to obey those same menfolk there would never be any abuse. But us womenfolk actually have minds and we want to have ideas, we want to have lives, we want to have friends. We want our own money. We want freedom to do as we choose. Last I looked we did live in America - land of the free and home of the brave. Oh but I digress, this freedom is only for MEN. Again....there are just no words. Leave this woman (I should say leave these WOMEN - because Jennifer Collins is a woman) ALONE!!!!!


Sister Wall Of Shame AKA Court Of Colluders and (drumroll please).....

I have plans to set up the Sister Wall of Shame AKA The Court Of Colluders very soon. As all things in nature have a right and a left, a dark and a light, a right and a wrong; I must also set up the Sister Wall Of Fame. I will be including those moms who in the face of extreme abuse, face off to the MRAs of today. This could be in any number of ways. Right now I only have three nominees (I have several in mind and since I know them I must seek their approval), but I will honor the three who I have seen doing the next right thing. My first I will speak of tomorrow evening. She uses the posting name 'Georgia Girl' and let me tell you, this woman is attacked from all sides. She is a victim like many of us, and as a vocal victim advocate in her own right, she tirelessly speaks out about rape. Yet she is attacked by these MRA types and even by several of the colluders mentioned here on yours truly's website. Seems there is no end to the women who would betray other women (is the sex that good?!?!?!). What kind of perks are you getting to betray a woman, especially one who is a victim?

I also have quite a lovely treat for those waiting (tomorrow - patience is a virtue now). Queen of all Queen colluders coming straight to us from down under. LGS have I got your attention now? Yes you LGS. I am sure you will recognize yourself once you see all of the filth that has spewed from your fingertips about the 'other woman'. Are you angry that she got your man first and you are left with sloppy seconds? Or do you have some deep rooted psych issue concerning a child's love for their mother? Or is it really simple and you are just Australia's biggest buffoon? I guess the world will have to wait until tomorrow evening to decide that issue. We can all then vote and decide who the biggest TARD is...... Ciao LGS..... AKA TARD because we all know your wonderful man's ex-wife is not a TARD, so you must only be speaking of yourself - YOU TARD!!!!!!!

February 8, 2009

You must be wondering why all the videos

I am posting all these videos to show what a pervasive problem domestic abuse truly is. In ALL of these videos (and there are many, many more available) the male is the perpetrator of domestic violence. This is because in nearly all cases of abuse, the male is the violence perp. He does the damage, he inflicts the most harm. Abuse is pervasive, secret, hidden. We must all work to end this crime. And whether the abuser uses his fists, a weapon, or his mouth to inflict the pain, we must all stop this crime.

LAST VIDEO - Children: Go To School

VIDEO - Stop the violence

VIDEO - More spilling, this time in child's play

VIDEO - She Spilled My Coffee

VIDEO - Cupboard Doors Get Blamed for 300,000 injuries a year

VIDEO - Domestic Violence Effects on Children

VIDEO - Domestic Violence Awareness - Effects on Children

And the men at Sackless' site say that chidlren are not affected by DV? Men do not commit any dv? Listen to the first few seconds of this video to hear a call in which the father is distinctly violent towards the mother (all you hear from her are cries and the sound of her skin/body being struck)

Now I have seen everything (or another title: Is he serious?!?!?!?!)

We are talking about Bratz Dolls here? And their heads? Glenn are you running out of stuff to write about? Not enough 'bad' women out there and you do not dare write about the 'bad' men? Nail...hammer...head...by Joe I think we have it!!!!

Episodic Illogicality?

Okay now I HAVE heard it all.....Might I add here that the entire website on which this was written is HATE SPEECH?

Norman L. Says:

February 6th, 2009 at 11:12 pm

In "defense" of the men here (though I know you're not attacking us), some of us have "episodic illogicality". Also in a sense we are free to rant here, as long as there's not anything like hate speech and we are within blog rules.

JeanB - join your non-sisters on the wall of shame

One must wonder if this wanna be woman would ever tell her brothers in arms (the FR brothers that is) to calm down and not blow a gasket? Why is she painting a woman such as Georgia Girl who IMO truthfully has the right to be damned angry that she was gang raped and her perpetrators got off scot-free while she lived a life of hell, only recently coming to terms with the anguish of this crime? JeanB I sentence you to the halls of the Sisters of Shame, where you may join Ann Coulter, Kay Dobson, Barbara Kay and Terri from www.jugsforjustice.com. May you have a short stay and see the errors of your ways. Oh and while you are there, why don't you show us here at www.glennscult.com (coming soon) where you have called a man on his outrageous behavior, actions, or words? I have been reading this disgusting excuse for a blog for several years now and I have yet to see you call any man on bad behavior. In fact you have done nothing but silently condone their outrageous acts. So for that inaction you are now on the Sisters of Shame. Too bad I will have to improvise a pic of you along with some of the others.

JeanB Says:

February 6th, 2009 at 9:31 pm
Georgia Girl,

News flash, it is females like this one that make it more difficult for the ones who really are raped to make their case. And before you blow another gasket for no good reason; I, too, am female. A lie is a lie, and this girl lied. Ruined the lives of two young men and ended the life of another. Even though they haven't caught the one young man, he is now always looking over his shoulder. What kind of life is that?


JeanB Says:

February 6th, 2009 at 10:52 pm
Georgia Girl,

I realize I have been gone from this blog for some time, but as I recall you do tend to take things a bit personally and get very upset if any of the men say anything negative about any woman, even if it is the truth, hence my suggesting you not blow a gasket. But I would be just a quick to say that to a man who is off base. I don’t discriminate, and it is just a figure of speech, one I use often. Not all the men here are logical; I do know this and have called plenty of them on it, or ignored them. I will admit I zeroed in on your posts based on some of the other responses you got and perhaps this was not fair to you. If there is one thing I have learned posting on Glenn’s blog is to not be so quick to answer and to do my best to form my thoughts before hitting “submit comment” so that other’s can understand what I am really trying to say. Just because I know what I mean doesn’t mean that others will understand.

Reconnecting With Your Children in the Face of Danger

Newly discovered website www.messagetouorchildren.com where a parent can leave a message for a child in the hopes that one day the child will see that message and respond. I see several mothers have done so already and in fact, the website has its first connect. Now the website and many others is under attack from the anti-mother colluders.

The 'colluders' have taken to commenting on blogs, emailing hate letters and much much more to the owners of these websites in order to frighten us into silence. Guess what buds? NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!! I am done being quiet, you will never shut me up. So try......don't even bother commenting - I will publish your post along with every single piece of idetifying information on you that I can find. You think the map shows me stuff about you (the ones located on this page)? Well you do not know half of what I have to expose the court whores..... You will be exposed for the vermin that you are.

A new website to which I have linked, Message To Our Children, recently had it's first victory. It is a site that seeks to connect a parent with a child with whom they have lost contact. The site reports to have been hammered with responses relating to several "connect letters" for children in several states. These are said to be coming from "the children's abductors or parents seeking to wipe a parent out of a child's life," (from the website).

How unfortunate that this website is experiencing this, because it was set up to help children and parents. In the "first connect," see just how excited this child is that found his mother:

Our First Connect! From Collin Momany to Mom

I agree!!! I miss you SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much I cannot belive I found you here!
I don't care if doing this is not allowed.
We at least have to be in contact one way.
Oh! And can you send me my Lightsaber kit
I miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Collin Lee Momany

How a parent, court or court whore could keep a loving parent from a child is incredible, and speaks volumes to the corruption in the family court. Why is Collin being kept from a loving mother...we don't know the whole story, but does it sound like Collin needs to be kept from her?

"I don't care if doing this is not allowed."

My heart aches for Collin.

"I miss you SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much."

I hope he can be with his mother soon...And that all the parents and court personnel that are in collusion with sorry bastards are punished somehow for what they are doing. The child will know, one day.

And is it any wonder why our state and our country is in such a sad state of affairs?

Just look at the people we have in charge of protecting us from society miscreants.....One must also wonder if this James Elkins has children (he admitted to having difficulties in his marriage)


Cop Quits After Investigation Shows KKK Membership
Thursday, February 5, 2009 – updated: 9:59 am EST February 6, 2009

FRUITLAND PARK, Fla. -- A Fruitland Park police officer resigned after an investigation revealed that he was a member of the Ku Klux Klan. Eyewitness News discovered that officer James Elkins quit his job when the Fruitland Park Police Department opened an investigation.

Someone sent photographs of Elkins dressed as a KKK member and KKK certificates to the Lake County Sheriff's Office (see the photos). The agency decided to let the police chief of Fruitland Park handle the situation, but by that time Elkins had already quit.

James Elkins was off and on with the police department for nearly five years. In the pictures, Elkins was dressed in green and white with an old KKK uniform and a hand on his gun.

UPDATE: In doing a free search for James Elkins on the public court website for Lake County Florida, it appears that a James W(arner) Elkins has two closed cases on this site. One is for a traffic violation and one is for a divorce. One must wonder if this is the same James Elkins listed in the stories of this miscreant cop?

MRAs rant on and on about rape and false accusation.....

while the victims get younger and younger and the perps get more brazen. This is all over newspapers and tv stations in Florida and quite honestly it disgusts me. Oh and to clarify, this is not just happening in FL, it is all over the US.


Man wanted clothes for sex dolls

updated 10:12 p.m. ET, Thurs., Feb. 5, 2009
CAPE CORAL: A man arrested in a parking lot with two blow up sex dolls in his car told police he was there to buy the inflated ladies some clothes.

The Cape Coral police report shows George Bartusek, 51, had a large crowd gathered around his Lincoln Town Car Wednesday evening at 2420 Santa Barbara Boulevard.

The manager of the supermarket told police he'd asked Bartusek to leave, but the man refused and stayed inside his car. (click link above to continue reading)


Community On Alert After 11-Year-Old Raped
Orange County Sheriff's Office Searching For 2 Men

POSTED: 8:24 pm EST February 7, 2009
UPDATED: 10:54 am EST February 8, 2009

ORLANDO, Fla. -- The Orange County Sheriff's Office and the surrounding community were on alert on Saturday for the two men who abducted and raped an 11-year-old girl near South Orange Blossom Trail and Lancaster Road.

One of the dozens of tips detectives have gotten led them to a site near the crime scene on Saturday. (click LINK above to continue reading)


Volusia deputies searching for man who allegedly exposed himself
OrlandoSentinel.com Report
11:28 AM EST, January 12, 2009
Volusia County deputies are searching for a man who allegedly exposed himself to Deltona children last week, WFTV.com is reporting.

A girl was was riding her bike Tuesday near Clewiston Street and Gage Avenue when a man in his 40s or 50s drove by in a black F-150 extended cab truck and opened the door. The girl said she noticed he didn't have any pants on and he exposed himself, according to WFTV.com.

A similar incident was reported on Thursday Laredo Drive.

This is just a sampling of the many reports available on MEN who are committing crimes against children. There are bad women and mothers out there, and sadly they get instant fame when they commit their evil deeds. What does society do with these men? They run one or two stories on them and then we no longer see them.

Oh and my favorite Florida Idiot puts his two cents in as well

My only question is this you brainless twit, why does a woman have to leave what is also her house if she is being hit by a man? If anyone was assaulted by a stranger, that stranger would be removed from society and placed in jail for a period of time, so why should a woman have to leave her hosue? She in most cases has done nothing wrong. Okay now you can go back to being a brainless twit.....

Bill Christen Says:

February 7th, 2009 at 3:07 pm
I just love how people enable a person, then blame that person for not being able to "leave the situation." If someone hits you either leave or accept that this is what you will keep getting. I know, I know, "but I can't." Yes you can, and the DV establishment has made it the easiest thing to do.

Bill C

Porky and his poor poor demented self is at it again

Now I do not know whether we should send out the doctors to help this poor delusional creature or if he should just be ignored or if I should continue because quite honestly this is really rather amusing. This poor creature is IMO suffering from an extreme case of Multiple Personality Disorder. he cannot quite make up his mind which identity he will possess today (or tomorrow for that matter). Read more of his blitherings below:

Michael Claymore Says:

February 7th, 2009 at 4:26 am
It is estimated that over 90% of feminists are chronic liars. This is the result of an informal study carried out by the Porky Domesticus Institute for the Propagation of Truth, which, though the work of one lone pig, is far more reliable than this Loeffel person will ever be.

A princess on the court of collluders - Biscuit Queen (you are no queen honey)

It simply amazes me how a woman can turn on her own in this fashion. This 'Buscuit Queen' is really no better than Ann Coulter. They both want women to revert back in time to a place where men ruled their houses with an iron fist, women had no rights, no say in anything. Property was mens, chidlren belonged to men(as if children are a piece of furniture or something). Biscuit Queen, I call you out as a disgrace to true women all over the world. I call you out as the disgusting pig you are. Take your place with the like of Coulter and Dobson. SOOOOEEEEEYYYYYY!!!! We are calling your name BQ.

The Biscuit Queen Says:

February 7th, 2009 at 2:30 pm
Maybe we should hire one person to go through the loopholes and close them on a case by case basis. If they closed one such scheme a year they would pay for their own wages. I imagine having one dedicated person to explore these things could save us a great deal of money.

I always thought poor families should get together and share child care duties-one person work first shift, one second, and trade kids. But I assumed they would be working and earning when their kids were at care. Why do these mothers always breed like rats, anyways?