December 31, 2008

More mole-ganda

Replying in-kind to people like Mr. Harrell, industry mole or not, is not
good. If he is a mole then he'll take any aggressive emails, rearrange them,
misconstrue them, and put them out as hateful misogynistic examples of the
men's or father's rights movement. This is a good time to remember the turn
the other cheek. I sent his friend Felicia a non abusive note with a couple
of links to two really good articles about false rape accusations. No reason
to give such people ammunition to prove the point they may wish to make
about us. Aside from which they are not worth the trouble. There's bigger
fish to fry. Best to leave the minnows swimming in circles by themselves,
besides they are fun to watch and play with, one just has to be smarter than
they are and have a bit of patience to scup them up. Or, chill, no reason to
get all excited about someone passing some gas.

California Men's Centers
National Coalition of For Men

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Rj said...

there goes that false rape Bullshit