December 2, 2008


Sadly this blog might be hard to follow at times. I will be posting articles and blog posts as I run across them. I recently ran across one that is amusing to say the least. "New Friend" is accused of stalking Sacks. Ummm okay. I guess I am now in the company of David Letterman that because I have a mind and I am outspoken and am using my keyboard to state my beliefs this now makes me a stalker. (LINK:

"He has banned me (my isp) from posting on his site."
Hahaha! Way to go Glenn! New friend: you can go trolling on some feminist site, I am sure they welcome sexist men-hating lying psychos.

Posted by: Tom at December 2, 2008 9:24 AM


New Friend has become a bit of a passive stalker of Glenn's. Most places his name crops up you can be sure New Friend won't be far away.

Posted by: gwallan at December 2, 2008 10:09 AM

I will show the opinions of gwallan on this blog, as well as any links he/she provides. Sadly Tom's will be a bit more difficult to locate so we will just have to assume he is another of the cult. Also notice how quickly Tom throws around psychological diagnosis about me (psycho), he also states I am sexist (name calling) and men-hating (he knows this for a fact?) I am far from a man-hater, I despise men who have evil beliefs. I will not call any man evil, I will call his beliefs evil. And by creating this blog, I will show how the followers of Sacks have a distorted view of reality and an even more distorted belief system. As I have stated before on other blogs, Glenn and his followers have provided me with enough material to blog well into my retirement years and beyond.

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