December 15, 2008

Porky have fun :-)

Again, as a long time reader i can tell you that it is not a change- this has been his attitude for at least the 18 plus months ive been reading his blog. I also detect something of a hint that it is her doing that he has "changed his attitude". If i am correct in this, she is kidding herself as to how much power someone with a readership of one person actually has.

Now I am not going to argue semantics with "porky, but I too have been a long time reader of Mr. Sacks. I was in fact a subsriber to his weekly ENewsletter. I believe I subscribed to this newsletter back in 2006, possibly early 2007. When the time is right I can prove this by providing the email address I used to subsribe as well as one of the emails sent by Sacks himself. In fact I can provide several of those newsletters. I can say as a general rule, Sacks does not publish this many articles in a row that are positive in nature. I am also not claiming to be responsible for the change in his behavior. Porky is simply ASS U ME ing again ;-). If I was asked my opinion on why the multiple posts about positive non-degrading reports, I would simply say that my OPINION is that the holidays are near and most people do not feel atagonistic during the holiday season. Perhaps the feel good from his child's birthday is sticking around. I do not claim responsibility for this change however.

As far as porky being my only reader, I can show otherwise, but I need not prove this. Even if there is only one other person reading this blog, then I will have accomplished my purpose. I am simply trying to show that many of the men who claim to be only interested in being a part of their children's lives do indeed have an ulterior motive. In fact if anyone reading this blog cares to actually read his blog, they will see that the most strenuous comments and the most read articles are the ones which contain references to child support and child custody. Custody articles contain references to child support (which most claim is illegal - except those trying to collect from low income mothers - then they are all for it and are quick to complain about the deadbeat moms). Then we have those posts about child support and again the attitudes are perfectly clear. Child support in their minds is illegal - again unless it is the mother who is obligated to pay such support and these men are quick to point out the deadbeat in their own life.

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