March 23, 2010

Captain Courageous aka Santo Christoforo MD

What's your beef about me,
What's your beef about me, you lying sack of fecal matter?

Submitted by Capt. Courageous on March 23, 2010 - 2:29pm.

MzPiggyWiggy:Stop using my

I know no one by the name of Irving. You have very obviously gone off the deep end.

Stop using my name on this board!

Submitted by Capt. Courageous on March 23, 2010 - 3:03pm.

Yet we have his own words on this board from SYG:

Link to comment HERE

Here's my contribution. My reactions are in bold type.

This article is fallacy-ridden! Shame on you!
"However, recent research shows that some men sabotage women’s use of birth control and some use coercion to get a woman pregnant. Abusive men use these tactics to control women." What recent research?

"We are actually witnessing an erosion of protections of women and children in abusive relationships. In this article, I examine the ways in which policies that reflect social biases painting women as “vindictive” liars, combine with the efforts of both alleged abusers to fight to regain control of their wives and children and fathers’ rights proponents are harming women and children trying to escape abuse. No, I'm afraid you did not examine social biases, assuming they are social biases in the first place!

When and where and how did Jay Silverman become such an expert?

Who, besides him, makes the same assertions you make?

Since when do several anecdotes amount to conclusive proof of anything, much less social biases?

"Thanks to the aid of the Internet, (mostly) men that make claims of being falsely accused or alienated find support, encouragement and targets for their anger -- which is aimed at their exes, or women in general and feminists in particular. Individuals and groups that promote studies referring to domestic violence as 50-50 or “mutual” also find supporters within this crowd. Many of these claims are based on studies that rely on self-reportage or pick up common couple violence. Their limitations include using self-report; not picking up severe violence or homicide; not putting violence into context (was it used for self-defense?); and not including violence during separation (the most dangerous time for a woman). What the promotion of these studies has done is introduce the element of doubt. If you combine this with women’s low credibility (due to societal bias and the biases of the legal system), you have danger." You must prove that these are flawed studies, not just slip the accusation into your article and proceed from there!

Submitted by Santo Christoforo MD on March 18, 2010 - 7:37pm.

You can very plainly see that Captain Courageous on SYG says the post made by Santo Christoforo MD are his, yet he goes on RHReality article and slams me with the profanity laced comments he has made? Tsk tsk tsk....

Reproductive Rights, Parental Rights and Family Violence

The memebrs of SYG are in an uproar. What about you might ask? This article (Reproductive Rights, Parental Rights and Family Violence) about Family Violence and how it relates to parental rights and family violence. Here is a portion of that article:

When do reproductive rights end? Do they end at birth? Do they continue throughout a child’s life? Do reproductive rights extend to parental rights? These are questions we are just starting to ask. And finding the answer can be, in many cases, the difference between life and death.

One poster at SYG wrote this:

They always wheel out the "battered woman". Who is this woman? She keeps appearing when feminists want to make a point or close down a debate. It's like a kind of Godwin's Law for Feminists. As soon as they mentioned "battered woman", the debate's over. No logic, just an appeal to sympathy toward a hypothetical woman.

Who is the battered woman? She is your mother, your sister, your aunt, your niece, your neighbor, your coworker. She is that woman in the grocery store. She is the cashier ringing up your groceries. She is the mom with her children at the park. She is everywhere.

Then we have the wonderful logic of outdoors on SYG again:

it's the fuckin' courts themselves that promote and create the conflict

what a joke

What an agressive man. Is it any wonder should he have an ex wife and/or chidlren that they are afraid and want protection?

Reading any more of their drivel makes me want to puke so just go to their site should you want any more enlightening. Don't argue with them though, especially if you are a female. That will get them telling you to pull the stick out of your butt (project your fatnasies much guys?) or calling you derogatory remarks like cookie, darling, little princess (I could do a whole post just on the little princess remark). But alas I am bored and must move on to better things right now :-)

Some minor ramblings

1. A male shrink knows the male brain, male personality, male ego, etc. not only from books and lectures but from his own experience. He would relate and understand better. Just as for the same reason I wouldn't go to a female urologist.

Dude don't you know that urology is INSIDE your body and any doctor is qualified to deal with that issue? They go to school and learn about it? Duhhhhhhh!!!!

I will add more as I run across them.

March 16, 2010

Ode to Glenn Sacks

There was a triangular man once I heard of...
He says he's Glenn Sacks- did I hear that right?
You google your name and his name as a couple...
And thereby promptly goes your sight.

Your eyes hurt and blink- pain does need super courage,
You can't understand why they give such a flop?
Is that just his Photo, or writing of garbage?
Triangular Man - when your whining will stop?

Consistence and Glenn Sacks - these two have a rub;
You ask him for truth and like horse - he'll gallop;
These simple requests forever he'll snub,
Triangular Man - when your whining will stop?

To call him a man would be like hocus-pocus,
Like April Fouls's joke, anecdote at the top,
He bravely beats women - that only his focus;
Triangular Man - when your whining will stop?

One mom's thrown in jail, while the bum has her kids;
Another one raped, psychopath is on top -
Glenn Sacks runs to help - and he falls and he skids,
Triangular Man - when your whining will stop?

Glenn's their beacon of hope, and their best spokesman,
Abusers' protecting super fast antelope,
He glorifies rape, he's abusers' TRUE fan,
Triangular Man - when your whining will stop?

Truth begs, and truth pleads, and reminds, and cajoles
Glenn - loud, and wide, human-like isotope,
But supplications like these went into the black holes, of
Triangular Man - when your whining will stop?

To make his point here -he claims "corrupt courts";
Next page - his position's bent like periscope;
His "findings" spread; slither, like snakes of all sorts,
Triangular Man - when your whining will stop?

You will live on the streets, for abusers to see,
With all your belongings and "findings" on blacktop,
Some lessons come hard for half-humans, like YE,
Triangular Man- when your whining will stop?

They's throw you breadcrusts and weep at your site;
You will be discarded, like that poor Mop,
You can't change the truth, it will always stay right.
Triangular Man - when your whining will stop?

So please heed the warnings and destruction avoid,
You sound like well-fed, abuser's pet parrot,
Stop lying, stop twisting and not become unemployed;
Triangular Man - you bring shame to our Planet!

Written by good Mother.

Explanation of what Triangular Man looks like (no head basically, and fat downward):

March 9, 2010

Honoring Mothers - a truly great company to support PROCTOR & GAMBLE

What a truly beautiful video honoring motehrs who bring life into this world. And yes our children will always be children. I tell that to my grown son everytime we discuss him being "my baby". He loves it though because he knows momma will always be there for him. ALWAYS!

So why bring up this video now? Well it seems a select few have an issue with a video that highlights mom and want to scream what about dad - this is sexist and showing bias towards men. Don't believe me? Just look at this video and the comments on youtube and pasted below:

redspade1 (6 days ago) Show Hide 0 Marked as spam
Reply | Spam Father's love there children too!!! Can't anybody read what I said?? Why were fathers NOT involved too? Why is blatant sexism allowed here?
Double Standard for women??

clevelandphil (31 minutes ago) Show Hide -1 Marked as spam
Reply | Spam How is mentioning the fathers being a troll? You truly are a bitch.

redspade1 (1 week ago) Show Hide -1 Marked as spam
Reply | Spam The blatant sexism is disgusting. This could have easily been avoid by saying "P&G: Proud sponsor of Parents." Father's love there children too!!!

(this comment is great)

kellythebroker (1 week ago) Show Hide +1 Marked as spam
Reply | Spam Wow. P&G puts out a beautiful, tasteful commercial honoring moms, and you are 'disgusted' by it. I showed this ad to my wife so that she could be inspired. You probably had yours get you another beer.

This one had to waste several comments space to show his/her disgust:

waterrat69 (1 week ago) Show Hide +3 Marked as spam
Reply | Spam I sincerely hope that in the future you consider uplifting everyone instead of only mothers or women.

Best regards for your better choices in the future, waterrat69 (1 week ago) Show Hide +5 Marked as spam
Reply | Spam mother walked out on him when he was a young child, and that he was raised by his father.

You should know that men and fathers are very tired of being slighted, made fun of, denigrated, unmentioned, and taken for granted.

I, for one, will do my level best to avoid P&G products whenever possible as the direct result of this campaign, and I will tell everyone I know to do the same. waterrat69 (1 week ago) Show Hide +5 Marked as spam
Reply | Spam It is particularly disconcerting when in both the United States and Canada, that fathers do not walk out on their families nearly to the extent that mothers push the fathers out unilaterally, and then do their level best to poison children against their own fathers. It is a very real social problem, and is compounded by your biased anti-father, pro-mom campaign.

It is particularly ironic in the face of the fact that Apolo Anton Ohno was sponsored by the Thanks Mom campaign, that his own

mtbitara (1 week ago) Show Hide +3 Marked as spam
Reply | Spam Thank you very much, waterrat69, for eloquently expressing the thoughts of millions of viewers who noticed the bias in this commercial.

waterrat69 (1 week ago) Show Hide +4 Marked as spam
Reply | Spam Dear Rebecca and Kirk,

I read today that P&G is the proud sponsor of Olympic contenders Moms with its Thanks Mom campaign developed by W&K.

As a father, I am offended by this blatant, sexist, and deliberate slight to fathers. It compounds the social problem of the denigration of fathers, and is a very public statement that fathers are disposable, unnecessary, and irrelevant.

samyjess21 (1 week ago) Show Hide +3 Marked as spam
Reply | Spam So what? Does Proctor & Gamble think Dad's are unimportant too? I get so tired of Dad's being dissed and getting no respect. So I want to thank my dad for showing me how to be strong, for giving me courage, for demonstrating to me the kind of man I should marry by taking good care of my mom. Thank you for walking me down the aisle at my wedding, for all the long talks about life and for working so hard to make sure we had all the things we needed growing up. TO DAD. I LOVE YOU AND THANKS!!!!

monkeyafg (2 weeks ago) Show Hide +7 Marked as spam
Reply | Spam fucking discrimination.
what about the dads.
I guess the dads don't give a shit.

reynoso2 (2 weeks ago) Show Hide -3 Marked as spam
Reply | Spam Although the first 90% of the commercial is touching, the last screen is enraging. The blatant sexism is disgusting. This could have easily been avoid by saying "P&G: Proud sponsor of Parents." It is unfortunate that P&G is stuck in a time warp in that the only person who cleans in a household is the mother. I will no longer be supporting this company that promotes the oppression of women.

One of my absolute favorites (shows exactly where these men and male supporters thoughts lie:

moodood1 (2 weeks ago) Show Hide -5 Marked as spam
Reply | Spam @reynoso2 This is exactly what happens when we don't give our women enough clothes to iron. We need stop letting women have internet privileges and free time where they can start to imagine a world where they're "equal" to men. How ridiculous a thought is that? I say: Start cleaning, iron those shirts, and go make me a motherf**king sandwich!

So I say to P7G - WAY TO FREAKING GO!!!!!! You have succesfully alienated 48% of the adult populatioon. Oh no you say? Yeah because not all men are pigs like these listed above. Probably only about 2% of all men are pigs who subscribe to antiquated ideas like these (respecting mom or praising mom is dissing dad). So what is 2% of 48%? Less than 1% of all people, but sadly they are noisy and they need countering. So people - SUPPORT P&G - buy their products - call them and email them and tell them they did a wonderful job on this commercial. Praise the filming and production companies. Mothers can be honored and it does NOT mean we are dissing dads. Guys (and the women who support them) get over yourselves..... Grow up and get out of grade school into the real world. It is not all about you.....

Every year it's an unfortunate reality that we can't include everybody - Academy logic to follow

Another big question revolved around Farrah Fawcett's non-appearance in the "In Memoriam" tribute. The easy answer: There wasn't room. The academy limits the tribute to 30 names, and producers decided Fawcett primarily contributed to television. Of course, this doesn't explain why Michael Jackson was featured and not Fawcett. Leslie Unger, a spokesperson for the academy, explained, "Every year it's an unfortunate reality that we can't include everybody."

Or could it be that Michael Jackson's family in an attempt to keep that money rolling in would much rather play up a noted abuser (settled out of court for an undisclosed amount of cash and had gone through not one, not two, but at least three seperate court incidents regarding abuse of young boys) rather than play up a woman who died a horrific pain filled death - a woman whose work catapulted domestic violence into the forefront - into our living rooms with her excellent portrayal of the victim on "The Burning Bed"? Shame on the Academy for ignoring a true advocate in place of a victimizer.

No proof required - and you too can steal a child....

I frequently get the question, "How do you prove parental alienation in Court?" My response is that, luckily, you do not have to prove it, you just have to get the Judge to believe that it is present...

I recall trials at one time in our past as a country in which no proof was required also. The victims of those trials were burned at the stake. Is PA/PAS/PAD the new Salem?

Just go HERE and you too can steal a child away from a fit, loving, PROTECTIVE parent. No questions asked about whether you are unfit or abusive - no siree. Hell you might even be able to get the other parent to pay child support to you. How sweet is that. You get free money, you get to continue to terrorize your victims - and all with the blessings of the court. Just wave around the new witchcraft accusations in the form of PA/PAS/PAD (hell these people cannot even make up their minds what they want to call it) and you too can have it all. If you are truly smart, you can start to threaten this before your victims even leave and make them stay.

Classic Red Herring? Or simple LOGICAL TRUTH?????

A recent article on a well known father's rights blog has this paragraph as a closing statement on a women who has killed her children:

So what these cases show, in addition to the extreme of maternal gatekeeping, is the frank dishonesty and misandry of those hostile to fathers' rights, who cloak themselves in the rhetoric of child protection. It's a classic red herring.

Shall I name all of the FATHERS who have killed not only their children but the ex-wives/girlfriends, wives/girlfriends, mothers, fathers, grandfathers, grandmothers, aunts, uncles, family friends, FAMILY COURT JUDGES, and even innocent bystanders? All because they could no longer be in CONTROL (which by the way is the biggest red flag for an abusive personality)? Should we start with Darren Mack? How about Bruce Pardo? I have even more for you just from this year in the USA - SEVENTY SIX (YES 76!!!!!) DADS WHO HAVE KILLED THE CHILDREN ALL BECAUSE THEY REFUSED TO ALLOW MOTHERS TO HAVE CUSTODY OF THE CHILDREN - OR SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY REFUSED TO GIVE UP THAT PRECIOUS COMMODITY CONTROL!!!!!

76 Killer Dads: Fathers who ended their children's lives in situations involving child custody, visitation, and/or child support (USA)


Franklin County

Victim(s): Andrea Gonzalez (5 years)
Date of Death: Reported missing in Nov. 1993. Body never recovered.
Custodial father eventually pleads guilty to manslaughter. Stepmother charged with child abuse.

Jefferson County

Victim(s): Janiya Nicole Hale (1 year)
Date of Death: July 2009
Father, a registered sex offender, is charged with murder. Daughter died during overnight visitation.


Cococino County

Victim(s): Teigan Peters (aka Teigan Brown) (3 years)
Date of Death: June 2009
Daughter killed in murder-suicide during court-ordered visitation . Mother had applied for orders of protection.

Maricopa County

Victim(s): Mindi Chambers (17 years)
Date of Death: Assumed to have been murdered around the time she went missing in 1982.
Custodial father ALLEN CHAMBERS is now presumed to have murdered Mindi Chambers around the time she went missing. Daughter had reported sexual abuse to the authorities. Not reported as officially missing til 1995.

Victim(s): Trenay Duchane (12 years)
Date of Death: Nov. 2008
Custodial father and stepmother convicted of murder.

Victim(s): Anthony Gonzalez (11 years)
Date of Death: Summer 2005
Father convicted of murdering son during summer visitation.

Victim(s): Son (5 years)
Date of Death: June 2009
Father with sole custody stabs son to death in failed murder-suicide. Mother had been trying to regain custody.


Contra Costa County

Victim(s): Volkan Kayik (16 years)
Date of Death: July 2007
Custodial father found guilty in 2009 of strangulation death of son.

El Dorado County

Victim(s): Chandler Nash-Eliott (11 years)
Date of Death: Dec. 2009
Father not charged in the "suicide" of son. Father had physical custody, parents had shared custody. Father had extensive history with CPS regarding neglect, abuse, lack of supervision, etc.

Los Angeles County

Victim(s): Lance Helms (2 1/2 years)
Date of Death: 1995
Custodial dad convicted in beating death of son. Father had obtained custody despite extensive history of violence, drug abuse.

Victim(s): Lauren Sarene Key (4 years)
Date of Death: Nov. 2000
Father scheduled to go to trial for 3rd time for death of daughter. Daughter was allegedly pushed off cliff during visitation in order to avoid child support.

Orange County

Victim(s): Richie Omondi (4 years)
Date of Death: 2006
Father shared custody with the child's mother. Convicted of 1st degree murder in Jan. 2010. Drowned son to avoid child support.

San Bernadino County

Victim(s): Jesus Gabriel Fuentes (4 years)
Date of Death: Feb. 2010
Father crashes car, shoots to death son during visitation. Parents divorced. Father in critical condition from self-inflicted gun shot wound.

Victim(s): Wyatt Garcia (9 months)
Date of Death: Jan. 2010
Father kills son during court-ordered visitation. Murder-suicide. Parents never married. Mother had pleaded with 3 judges regarding father's violence, threats.

San Diego County

Victim(s): Tori Vienneau (22 years), Dean Springtube (10 months)
Date of Death: July 2006
Father is convicted Sept. 2009 in the murders of his former girlfriend and son. Father didn't want to take paternity test, pay child support.

Ventura County

Victim(s): Jason Mulvaney (12 years), Jennifer Mulvaney (7 years)
Date of Death: Sept. 2009
Father stabs to death son and daughter in murder-suicide during overnight visitation. Parents had shared custody and were still involved in divorce, custody case.


Arapahoe County

Victim(s): Aarone Thompson (7 years)
Date of Death: Reported missing in Nov. 2005. Body never recovered.
Father convicted in Sept. 2009 in daughter's murder. Father had custody, as he had abducted the children from mother in Michigan.

Jefferson County

Victim(s): Adrian Trujillo (5 months)
Date of Death: Jan. 2010
Father charged in death of infant son. Father had physical custody while mother in military. Father alleged to have left baby alone while father went out drinking for 7 hours. Baby later found dead.


New Haven County

Victim(s): Morries Hill Jr. (5 months)
Date of Death: 2008
Father charged in connection with the death of son. Baby died from "severe physical abuse." Infant died in father's home during overnight visitation.


Colllier County

Victim(s): Elijay Kye Aliazar (3 months)
Date of Death: Jan. 2009
Father had shared custody with infant's mother. Son died of blunt force trauma to the head during visitation. Father charged w. 2nd-degree murder.

Duval County

Father: JOSI M. HALL
Victim(s): Kyla Hall (1 year)
Date of Death: 2008
Father had sole custody, and had been cleared of previous abuse allegations. Daughter died of blunt force trauma at home.

Hillsborough County

Victim(s): Chavon Robinson (22 months)
Date of Death: Feb. 2008
Father convicted Dec. 2009 of murdering child during visitation.

Jackson County

Victim(s): Danielle Baker (mother), sons Ahmaad (4 years) and Amarion (1 year), and unrelated infant.
Date of Death: 2005
Father allegedly committed quadruple murder because he was angry about child support.

Lake County

Victim(s): Kayla McKean (6 years)
Date of Death: 1998
Custodial father beat daughter to death. Had been subject of multiple CPS investigations.

Orange County

Victim(s): Roosevelt Bradley III (8 months)
Date of Death: Aug. 2009
Father arrested for murder of infant during visitation.

Osceola County

Victim(s): Unnamed Son (5 years)
Date of Death: July 2009
Son beaten to death while visiting father, stepmother.

Palm Beach County

Victim(s): Crystal Camacho (8 years), Nelson Camacho (10 years)
Date of Death: Dec. 2006
Father and mother were finalizing divorce. During Christmas visitation, father stabbed daughter, then killed her and brother Nelson Camacho (10 years) in arson murder-suicide. Mother had unsucessfully petitioned for protection.

Pasco County

Victim(s): Diella Ludwig (2 months)
Date of Death: Dec. 2008
CPS granted father THOMAS LUDWIG custody of infant twins. Father charged with 1st-degree murder in Diella's death.

Volusia County

Victim(s): Jeremiah Reese (14 years)
Date of Death: Sept. 2009
Jeremiah Reese died of "accidental overdose" at the home of his custodial father. Father had long history of abuse, neglect with CPS.


Ada County

Victim(s): Bekm Bacon (8 months)
Date of Death: Feb. 2010
Father shot to death son in murder-suicide. Parents going through divorce, but had joint custody. Infant killed during visitation with father.

Jerome County

Victim(s): Sage Aragon (11 years)
Date of Death: Dec. 2008
Custodial father acquitted of involuntary manslaughter in hypothermia death of daughter. Father had told to her to walk to mother's home during blizzard.

Twin Falls County

Father: JIM NICE JR.
Victim(s): Justin Nice (6 years), Spencer Nice (6 years), Raquel Anna Nice (2 years)
Date of Death: 2005
Father murdered children with rat poison during court-ordered visitation.


McClean County

Victim(s): Duncan Connelly (6 years) and Jack Connelly (4 years)
Date of Death: March 2009
Father killed sons in murder-suicide during court-ordered visitation. Mother had extensive involvment with the courts trying to prevent contact with father.

Will County

Victim(s): Nathan Esi (19 months)
Date of Death: Oct. 2009
Father accused of drowning son during visitation.


Green County

Victim(s): Travis Bohannon (14 months)
Date of Death: Aug. 2009
Father separated from wife. Son "accidently" shot during visitation. Father convicted of reckless homicide Jan. 2010.

Lake County

Victim(s): Eboni Richardson (19 months)
Date of Death: Aug. 2009
Father shot daughter during visitation. Didn't want child's mother to do moveaway.

Father: TERRY BETHEL (aka Terry Noel)
Victim(s): Josiah Shaw (13 months)
Date of Death: Jan. 2008
Father allegedly arranged to have visitation with son, then shot him to death to avoid child support.


Shawnee County

Victim(s): Karen Kahler (44 years), Emily Kahler (18 years), Lauren Kahler (16 years), Dorothy Wight (89 years)
Date of Death: Nov. 2009
Parents were in the process of divorcing, reportedly "sparring over children."

Sumner County

Victim(s): Caden Michael Reemes (4 years)
Date of Death: Aug. 2009
Child asphyxiated at the home of his custodial UNNAMED FATHER.


Anderson County

Victim(s): Cole Frazier (21 months)
Date of Death: May 2009
Father obtained custody with police assistance through fraudulent EPO. Shot son to death in murder-suicide. Mother suing police, city.

Clark County

Victim(s): Michaela Watkins (10 years)
Date of Death: 2007
Custodial father, stepmother found guilty of murder in girl's death. Girl removed from mother's home by social workers.


Pointe Coupee Parish

Victim(s): Aaron Bowman, Jr.
Date of Death: Nov. 2009
Father had "temporary" custody of son, 2-year-old daughter when son beaten to death. Father charged with 1st-degree murder.


Kennebec County

Victim(s): Connor Soucy (4 months)
Date of Death: Aug. 2009
Infant became "unresponsive" during visit with father. Later died at hospital.


Baltimore County

Victim(s): Anthony Castillo (6 years), Austin Castillo (4 years), Athena Castillo (2 years)
Date of Death: Mar. 2008
Mother had tried to stop father from having access, but blocked by courts. Children murdered during court-ordered visitation.

Victim(s) Turner Jordan Nelson (3 years)
Date of Death: Feb. 2008
Murdered by father by being thrown off bridge. Father and mother had argued in court over custody.


Bristol County

Victim(s): Kaitlyn (6 years)
Date of Death: July 2009
Father allegedly murdered daughter because he was concerned about possible moveaway.

Worcester County

Victim(s): Nathaniel Turner (7 years)
Date of Death: June 2009
Father charged with beating death of son. Took place during father's summer visitation.


Oakland County

Victim(s): unnamed infant (13 weeks)
Date of Death: Feb. 2010
Infant died during unsupervised visitation.

St. Clair County

Victim(s): Prhaze Galvan (3 years)
Date of Death: Jan. 2010
Child died of blunt force trauma in home of father, stepmother. Both face murder charges.


Cass/Jackson Counties

Victim(s): Elizabeth Guenther (18 months)
Date of Death: Feb. 2010
Father to be charged with 2nd degree murder. Baby suffered fatal skull fracture during father's weekend visitation.

Victim(s): Sam Porter (7 years), Lindsey Porter (8 years)
Date of Death: June 2004
Father murdered children during court-ordered visitation. Had extensive history of domestic violence.

St. Louis County

Father: Nathaniel Robinson
Victim(s): Desmon Valenzuela (3 years)
Date of Death: 2007
Father obtained custody 1 month before child's beating death. Convicted of involuntary manslaughter in Jan 2010.


Clark County

Victim(s): Brandon Christopher Arduino-Boggs (13 years)
Date of Death: Sept. 2009
Son killed in auto homicide case where father DUI. Parents had been in lengthy child custody case.

Victim(s): Giovani Kopystenski (5 years)
Date of Death: July 2009
Custodial father. Autistic son "accidentally" shoots himself in head after finding gun in father's car.


Passaic County

Victim(s): Adrian Gonzalez (7 years)
Date of Death: Nov. 2009
Father in "bitter custody dispute" with "estranged" wife. 7-year-old son shot to death, 11-year-old son, wife, in critical condition.


Bernalillo County

Victim(s): Richard Jr, Daniel, and Christopher Sanchez
Date of Death: Aug. 2001
Father "went missing" with sons during custodial visit. Bodies recovered, identified in July 2009.

Erie County

Victim(s); Joshua Kent (3 years)
Date of Death: Mar. 2005
Sole custody father beats son to death.

Genessee County

Victim(s); Marcus Peters (6 years)
Date of Death: Oct. 2009
Child dies during weekend visitation with father, but authorities say death not "suspicious."

Monroe County

Victim(s): Hunter Resch (7 years)
Date of Death: Feb. 2010
Child shot to death in murder-suicide during court-ordered visitation. Father had history of DV, mother had filed two orders of protection.

Orange County

Victim(s): Jerica Rhodes (7 years)
Date of Death: Jan. 2005
Sole custody father convicted in daughter's stabbing death. Had extensive history of DV.


Edgecombe County

Victim(s): Tyler Brice (13 years)
Date of Death: June 2008
Custodial father, stepmother convicted of 2nd-degree murder. Boy tied to tree, died of dehydration, heat exhaustion.


Bryan County

Victim(s): Cheyenne Wolf (11 years)
Date of Death: April 2008
Custodial father, stepmother charged in girl's death.


Cuyahoga County

Victim(s) Anthony Johnson Jr.
Date of Death: Aug. 2009
Father accused of beating child to death during visitation.

Franklin/Delaware Counties

Victims: Nicole Dobson (15 years), Sarah Dobson (11 years)
Date of Death: Dec. 2009
Father had physical placement of 15-year-old daughter. "Shared parenting" plan in place with divorced mother. Girls shot to death in murder-suicide.

Stark County

Victim(s): Macy Mammone (5 years), James Mammone (3 years), Margaret Eakin (57 years)
Date of Death: June 2009
Divorced father convicted of stabbing children, beating to death former mother-in-law in Jan. 2010.


Clackamas County

Victim(s) Alexis Pounder (3 years)
Date of Death: Jan. 2010
Father, mother had shared custody. Father, girlfriend charged with beating, starving girl to death. Mother allegedly blocked from seeing child by father.


Philadelphia County

Victim(s) Charlenni Ferreira (10 years)
Date of Death: Oct. 2009
Girl died from abuse in the home of her custodial father, stepmother. Father later (allegedly) committed suicide in jail cell.


Anderson County

Victim(s): Jeremy Dickerson (7 years)
Date of Death: July 2009
Father with "full custody" charged in son's beating death.

Chester County

Victim(s): Xymerra Evans (11 months)
Date of Death: Sept. 2009
Child sexually abused, beaten during visitation with father. Later died at hospital.


Shelby County

Victim(s): Isaiah Snipes (16 months)
Date of Death: Nov. 2009
Father had just obtained custody of son, 3-year-old daughter in Sept. 2009. Father charged w. 2nd-degree murder.

Warren County

Victim(s): Kayndace (3 years), Akeelia (1 year)
Date of Death: May 2009
Custodial father, stepmother charged in deaths of two girls.


Denton County

Victim(s): Ashley Watrous (10 years)
Date of Death: Dec. 2009
Custodial father charged in shooting death.

Gaines/Yoakum Counties

Victim(s): Mitchell Romero (3 years), unnamed mother
Date of Death: Oct. - Nov. 2009
Mother reportedly murdered by father during child abduction. Son later killed in car accident.

Jasper County

Victim(s): Triston Dobbins (21 months)
Date of Death: Dec. 2007
Boy died of head injuries while visiting father, stepmother. Father on trial for capital murder Jan. 2010.


Norfolk County

Victim(s): Carly Sawyer (5 years)
Date of Death: June 2009
Custodial father, stepmother charged with 2nd-degree murder. Mother lost custody during divorce, father denied mother contact.


Mercer County

Victim(s): Brooklyn Holcomb (5 years)
Date of Death: Jan. 2007
Custodial father convicted of 2nd-degree murder in daughter's death. Mother had lost custody the year before after applying for child support.

Or why do we not just read the letter from Stephen Garcia - killer of little Wyatt? His mother's request for an RO was denied - just like these pigs want with all women (so men can keep CONTROL) and Garcia killed this precious child. He HAD parenting time with the child. It was not good enough for him - just as it is with thousands and thousands of other men (I will not call them fathers, because a father would NOT kill their own child). Read Garcia's last letter below:

To whom it may concern:

If I am Unable to post this on my website, MAKE SURE THIS IS MADE PUBLIC SO EVERYONE CAN READ THIS. RESPECT THIS REQUEST PLEASE. Do NOT chop this up. Make sure everyone can read it in its entirety. There are a lot of messages here everyone needs to read.


Everyone kept saying give it time. Keep going to court, keep doing what your doing. No body got it. Not even Katie. I didn’t want to fight Katie. I didn’t want shared custody of Wyatt. I wanted my family back. What good is having Wyatt full time, or 50/50 without Katie. I would of had to live with my parents forever, be alone, have Wyatt go back and forth for years to the guy Katie cheated on me with. I would of never been happy. Our son would of never been happy and a major reason, I would of not had my True Love. I did not want to keep fighting her, but I did not want to just give up and give her Wyatt. I did not want Wyatt to have that life. Understand and respect that.

I am so sorry. I led everyone on my side of the family to believe I wouldn’t of done this because I did not want them to know. That whole time we had been going to court and fighting each other was just a delay. I wrote Katie letter after letter, and I had told her everything. There was no point to keep fighting with her if she was not going to choose us. I had been thinking about doing this for months. At first I played with the idea of suicide to force Katie to move back, but that still did not work. Then when I started to find out what she was doing all those months, it was clear this was going to most likely happen. She just wouldn’t come back. Do not blame her, she wanted that life. Our deaths are a lot for her. It will have to suffice as her punishment. But that is not the reason I did it. It was the only way we could be happy without Katie. I did this out of love for our son, to protect him and myself. I am sorry.

We love everyone and we will miss you. We are watching, so live a good life. Do not dwell on what I did, its something you could not fix. Only me and Katie could of fixed it but, if your reading this, she chose not too.
I understand my actions will have devastated a lot of lives but, I could not continue to live the rest of my life in constant pain and watch our sons life be thrown away for lust. You all have a family, I lost mine. Live out your lives happy and hold on to your family, it’s the most important thing in life.

I love you mom and dad, please find it in your heart to forgive me. Get rid of all my things and live the rest of your lives happy. Stop fighting. You were ok parents, you were there for me, you took care of me, but its not what I needed. I needed a family of my own. My computer is unlocked, on it you will find all my pictures and movies. Also on it is this everything Katie did to me, if the cops are wondering why I did it or if they need the computer for any reason. My digital movie player will be in the white truck, on it is a copy of the pictures and movies from my computer. I wanted to look one last time at what I once had. Sell all my things or give them to Sean. Do not sell the guns though, give those to him. He and the boys can go hunting some day or teach them to shoot. The rest you should just sell or keep for yourselves. Make sure Sean gets those guns, knives, snowboarding gear too and maybe even the 50cc bike, unless you want to just sell it. Do not keep my car or give it away. It requires a lot of know how and tuning. Just sell it. Ask Chris for info on it, he knows what’s in it. You should be able to get at least 4 - 6k for it. Simba says hi.

I haven’t seen you in forever, I wish we had more time. I wish you could of seen us, and I’m sorry. It’s just too much for my heart and mind to take, I can’t wait any longer. We love you. You have a great family, hold on to that. You really do not know what you have until its gone. Raise your son better than what we had growing up. Raise him with a whole family. Love him everyday and be there for him everyday. You have no idea what a blessing it is to be able to hold him everyday. I’m Sorry Brother, I Love You. We are watching over you. Do not let yourself be torn apart by what I have done, your family needs you to stay strong.

Thanks for talking to me and for writing me. Thanks for your messages and motivation. I am sorry but it was not enough. I needed my family back. Work out any problems you and my brother run into. We are f------ watching you guys, YOU RAISE THAT BOY WELL AND DO IT TOGETHER, this is one of my wishes. Respect it. If you hit a wall, F--------- BREAK IT DOWN. Seek outside help, do not let your ego’s get in the way like me and Katie did. Seek outside help if you must and STAY TOGETHER. A WHOLE LOVING FAMILY IS IMPORTANT. NOAH needs both of you everyday. LOVE HIM SEAN. Kellie, NEVER do to my bro what Katie did to me. I will turn in my f--------- grave. I will find a way to kill you if you do…. Sorry, I love you.

To the rest of my family:
I’m not going to single anyone out. There is too much family to list. You all are great in more than one way. You have all been so loving and helpful in my life. I’m sorry, I know this will be hard. I was not being selfish, I tried but Katie would not have it. Everyone has a family of there own but me. Just be with your family and be happy for what you have. We love all of you, I’m sorry I hurt you like this. Please pray for Wyatt. He gets a easy life. He gets to be safe in heaven. Be happy for him. We will watch over you, pray for us both.

Chris + Ashlie, Tyler + Austin:
We love you guys. Thanks for being our friend. Please be happy together forever. You have a beautiful family, hold on to that for life. You guys are blessed with so many things. I’m sorry for any trouble I caused in the past. Do not be upset or sad or mad at yourself. You were my friends but do not think you could of talked me out of this. Live out your days together and work past any problems you have. Family is the most important thing in life, HOLD ON TO IT. Be happy for us, we can’t be happy without Katie. This way me and Wyatt can be happy too, respect that please. I am sorry for my deception. I know your going to be disgusted by what I have done. I’m sorry but my heart and mind cannot take it anymore. I will not sit by and watch my sons life be torn apart for lust. Please let everyone else know we love them and miss them too.


Shawn + Jessie, Fish and Thunder:
Thanks for being friends with me when you were here. I know I was a weird guy but thanks for chillin with me from time to time. I had fun with the both of you. Thanks for giving me many many happy memories. I am Sorry I betrayed you like this Shawn, I know you will never agree with it. Your logic is damn strong brother, but my heart and mind were NOT. Same with you guys, stick out any trouble in life. Over come and stick together. Take care of each other forever. Love each other everyday. In time if you have a kid, dear god please stay together and work out anything and give him, her or them a great life. Maybe you can have a Wyatt. That’s up to you and Katie. You have my blessing though. Just love them or love each other. Again, You do not know what you have until its gone… When it is gone, you may never get it back. Don’t take that path. Go through the tree’s, make trails. It’s always better. We love you both. We will watch over you too.

I’m so sorry I wasn’t more nice too you. I know I could of played with you more and helped you out more than I did. I’m sorry for that, I did not know how to act at the time. It wasn’t till after you were already gone that I realized what a sweet kid you are. It took major changes in my life to understand how to truly love. I spent 2 ? years of my life around you, even though you got under my skin because I had patience problems, I love you. Wyatt loves you too. I’m sorry you could not grow up with your brother. I know you would of liked that. Me and Wyatt will watch over you Koda. We will always come to be by your side. Just kneel down, pray and we will come to grant you strength in your life ahead. Please forgive me, but your brother is safe now. Understand Dakota, he is in a better place but will always be in your dreams.

**Katie, K80, Babe, My love, my god d--- true love, mommy, ma ma:**
We love you, We are watching over you, We will be by your side, Just ask and we will come. Wyatt is safe now, be happy for him, please.

You already have all your letters. You already know what I have told you. They are posted on the website, you can read them there for the next few years. Also all my text messages are there. You have the CD I gave you with all our pictures of me, you, Wyatt, and Dakota. I am so sorry babe, I love you K80. I told you I needed you but you didn’t listen. I am sorry it took this to prove it. WHY COULDN’T YOU JUST LISTEN TO ME! I know from the deepest part of my soul I could of and would of made you happy for the rest of your life. I will give Rylee Sky Garcia your love. If you have a daughter some day, do not give her that name. It will be disrespectful. She is up here with us. There are new movies of me and Wyatt of our last days on the video camera in the white truck. Also your phone is in the white truck, I needed it to help motivate me to do what is right. Your pix are still on it. A few things of Wyatt from the hospital when he was born, your hair clippings and a Bible will be there also. On the first page of the Bible is a short msg. Keep it, read it, use it, it will keep you strong and going for Dakota. You still have a family to live for. I did not. Also in the truck is your ring. I was going to have Wyatt wear it before we went, but I did not want it to get lost. If you do not want it, bury it with me or Wyatt. Also there is a hand written letter signed by me, in the white truck. It says how I did it and why. That should be it. Make sure you request those items back babe! It is my wish that Katie gets these items back. Please RESPECT THIS REQUEST. Again, we love you Katie. Get on your knees and pray and we will come be by your side whenever you need us. We will always be here watching over you.

Please forgive me for what I have done. I tried to tell you over and over again but you wouldn’t listen!
I’m sorry for not telling you I loved you every day. I’m sorry for not appreciating you more. I’m sorry for not telling you how beautiful you are every day. I’m sorry for cheating on you. I’m sorry for hurting you.
I’m sorry for ** PUNCHING** you. I’m sorry I made the wrong choices. I’m sorry I didn't fight for you. I’m sorry I let you walk out. I’m sorry I didn't listen to you. I’m sorry I didn't support you when you needed it. I’m *NO LONGER* sorry for everything I did to your family. I’m *NO LONGER* sorry for everything I did to your friends. I’m sorry I said bad things about you when I got angry. Most of all I am sorry for not being sorry sooner.
I am sorry I pushed you away so hard you turned into a monster and did something you swore you never would. We are 50/50 on the blame though. You could have told me sooner.
And I am sorry for doing this. I just could not continue to cry everyday. EVERYDAY. I could not take medication to keep me blank and watch our beautiful sons life being torn apart. I could not take my chest hurting non stop almost, for the past 5 months. That is truth. I wanted you back so bad, so long ago, but didn’t know how to tell you the right way. Now….

“its too late”

There are so many things I wish I could of done before I died. There are so many places I wanted to go, so many things I wanted to do. So many things I wanted to do as a father. So many places I wanted to take Katie and Wyatt and even Dakota, so many things I wanted to do with them. I wanted at least one more kid. I wanted a family of my own so bad. I wanted to hold Katie one last time. I wanted to hug her, kiss her and look her in the eyes and tell her how much I loved and needed her, one last time. I wish we could have had Wyatt’s first birthday together. I wish we could have had Wyatt’s first birthday. But none of that was possible without Katie.

I want to be buried with our son or next to our son. DO NOT take this away from me. I love him with all my heart. I love him so much I went the distance to protect him for the disgusting life Katie tried to give him. I want to be next to him FOREVER. Please, its my wish as his father. Pay whatever it costs. I would like to be somewhere near the ocean, PLEASE. I love the mountains and green forests with lakes. It is beautiful and peaceful there but despite what I have told people before, my heart has always been with the SEA. Pick a nice green place, up north if you have to, next to the ocean and lay us to rest. Sell my car, my items, whatever it takes but please give me this wish as a father to be with my son in that beautiful place.

If anyone has a son, you have my blessing to name him Wyatt. It will not be frowned upon or show lack of respect. Just make sure you keep him close, love him everyday and raise him in a WHOLE, loving family. Those are the conditions. Again everyone respect this wish.

I’m sorry. We love all of you. Be with your family. Live out your lives, be happy. Do not dwell on what I have done. Move on with your lives and cherish every minute of it. HOLD AND LOVE YOUR FAMILY! PLEASE ITS MY FINAL WISH.

Please respect all my wishes and everything I have asked for in this letter.

We love all of you, We miss all of you, We are watching over all of you.

your broken hearted son, brother, friend, boyfriend,

Stephen Charles Garcia 12/21/1984 - 01/31/2010

& OUR son, our precious and beautiful baby boy with a heart of gold:

Wyatt James Arthur Garcia 04/04/2009 - 01/31/2010

He rips into "HIS" Katie - last I looked numbnuts she was a person - not someone to be OWNED. But damn I forgot all of you control freak asshat abusers like to do is control. She found someone who was not a CONTROL FREAK ASSHAT ABUSER like all the other father's rights men and women. That much is apparent. The old "If I can't have you - nobody will". Yeah - we victims live with that everyday in some form or another. Whether it comes from you disfiguring us so bad no other man woulld ever want to look at us, or if it comes in the form of false abuse allegations, or in the form of you taking our child away from us forever, or in any of the many ways you asshat abusers use to further victimize us. One things is plain and simple fact - YOU ARE ALL ASSHAT ABUSERS!!!!

I would tear Garcia to shreds but what would that accomplish? He is dead already so not like it would hurt him. So lets stop these others out there who want to put children in harms way. Lets keep the law in the best interest of the children, protect the true victims of dv (WOMEN AND CHILDREN) and men - you want shelters - BUILD THEM like we did. You want laws to protect you - you already have them. In fact you have been protected for over 200 years (most of you have anyway). Women and children are still not protected.

Challenge to the alleged control freak who wants to give parents like Bruce, Darren, and Stephen control, care and custody of children. Find 76 stories of women killing the children, and many others due to custody and child support court issues. Find me 76 of these who have either committed these crimes or been sentenced to the crimes of killing the child(ren) since the beginning of 2010. Can't find 76. Okay next challenge... Find the volume of cases as presented on Dastardly Dads of the killer men (men killing everyone from their own flesh and blood to innocent bystanders). At last count there were 2,307 stories stemming from June 24, 2009. Granted there are some additional, updated coverage posts - so I will give you 200 for those updated posts - hell I would even go as far as giving 307 - make it an even 2,000 stories of moms killing the children from June 24, 2009 to current date.


March 7, 2010

Another FR in the works - polluting a "Protective Parent" group?

Thisa post on Facebook discusses whether mothers can be violent. My associates and I all agree that mothers can indeed be violent - however it is at a much lower rate than that which is claimed by FR/MRA's. Here (LINK) you will read some posts by several people. It starts off with "Bill." He claims in his postings to be non-violent:

I am one of the most passive persons you ever met.

Earlier in this post he then discusses how he has "carried on" with his ex's new boyfriend and the things he plans "to do" to his ex:

I met her "new" boyfriend just about an hour ago at a nearby store. I walked up to him and offered to shake his hand "thanking him for taking the whore from me".
(Just HAS to mention what a whore this woman is to her current partner - and notice the next post)

He then said in front of Amber's daughter for me to get "the f#*k away!". I then said simply - "You will have your day! She will do to you just like she did to not only me, but to her other 5 live in boyfriends"
(The new boyfriend wisely does not want to have a confrontation so requests this "person" to stay away - yet only thing "this person" can do is mention how new boyfriend used the "F" word in front of a child - read above quote by "this person".)

I could tell he was shaking in his boots
("shaking in his boots"? Why? Did you make some sort of "promise" that is not being discussed on this post? Goes back again to the "I am non-violent" comment)

In fact in Michigan they have a Parenting Time Policy Handbook and one of the rules is that the parents are NOT supposed to drink in excess.... last night she was at the bar (as normal) getting drunk..
(She was "getting" drunk? And you know this how?????? Is she over 21? How about I show you a court order that I am in possession of which gives a father permission to drink whenever he wants (including when the child is there) even though proof was submitted about his severe alcoholism?)

Then...... we have a moment of coherent thought. Another commenter comes around and states what is running through my head reading the rants of this woman's ex:

What I mean to say is that there are better ways to solve the problem rather than trying to infere with her relationship. How do you know her current boyfriend won't do what you couldn't do for her? And how do you know that she's going out until late at night? Should she get a PPO on you. If I had an ex doing what you were doing I would certainly have no hesitating in getting one because what you are doing is considered domestic violence...

Yeah sounds to me lilke stalking and menacing behavior is happening with this one - but hey who am I to say - I am just a member of that hated "pigpen" group - don't really care about anything but myself anyways.

This guy then goes on to say this:

How do I know she is going out til late at night? Well she was when I was with her, and she still is as witnesses have told me that she goes out and wakes up the next morning with a hang over.
(This could read (which I believe to be more plausible): How do I know she is going out til late at night? Well she was when I was with her, and she still is as witnesses (I have requested to follow her) have told me that she goes out and wakes up the next morning with a hang over.)

You see when these men who are accustomed to behaving in this fashion have been told you cannot go within so many feet of your ex-wife/girlfriend, they just get someone else to do their dirty work.

And he goes on about how she got in his truck and followed him around. Now I wish sometimes I could follow the father of my children around. You see he pretty much does stupid things when it comes to the care of our children, nothing to say "abuse" just careless acts that put our children in harm's way. Neglectful actions and stupid thoughts. How about allowing a toddler to start a fire in a fireplace (teaching the use of matches/lighters? The child in question in this post is only 2 and quite possibly the mother wants to ensure his safety. Mothers will put themselves in harm's way if it means protecting their child (most mothers that is). Simply because this mother was willing to be around a man she has claimed to be abusive because he has possession of the child - does not negate her fear. She simply has put herself second as far as safety is concerned in order to protect the child she carried for almost 9 months and protect the child to whom she gave birth. You see mothers are like that numbnuts (this is to Bill the poster of the Mothers Are Violent thread).

Now the million dollar question is this:

Where is this drunk, slut, whore trash violent mother who is Bill's ex? Too bad she would probably never find this post. How about we hear BOTH sides of the story?

March 2, 2010

Stepmammamia - more stepMONSTER hate

You will truly love this line folks (note the highlighted parts):

Yes, it truly doesnt matter if the child support were set at $500 a month or $5.00 a month, she's still not going to pay.In our state, Child support can be reviewed any time there is a chance in circumstances that would result in a $50 change in support. She's still unemployed, she's still living in a what's changed? Nothing. At least for her

And where does this jewel come from you may ask? Right here: Stepping Stones

I think some REAL moms need to show her how much hatred she is giving the world and this poor child by being so angry at the biological mother.