December 23, 2008

One last email from patriotdad (long but worth - gag - the read)

I have only one thing to point out that is blatant in his description of Marks and the ensuing custody battle. She had on her side one of the most vocal of the false abuse excuse advocates, Dean Tong himself. If Dean Tong believes this woman (and he is agod-like character in the little minds of the MRAs), then should she not be believed? My answer to that: No because she is a woman and any time a woman opens her mouth (according to MRAs) they are obviously lying...... Yeah okay (more beach houses in Arizona for you here)

How many more tragedies like the death of David Eisenhauer will have to be played out before we get off our butts and address those who sell their male hate to the media, courts, police, etc... We have an opportunity to fight back. The Battered Mothers Sixth Annual Conference is coming up. We have an opportunity to legitimately discredit one of the larger perpetrators of the myths and lies that are used to destroy men like David and their children. A speaker at the upcoming “Battered Mothers” Conference is Wendy Murphy the self-proclaimed feminist and a Harvard Law Professor. The below excerpt was written by Michael P. Tremoglie in an article published in Mens News Daily describing some of Wendy‘s propensity for myth, lies, and falsehoods. “However, the most egregious example of anti-fatherhood bias was the statement of Wendy Murphy. She went so far to say she knows personally that men who abuse or rape their kids get custody of them in divorce cases because she tracks such cases. Of course, she did not cite any specific evidence. This is the same Wendy Murphy who filed a complaint against Harvard University alleging that the sexual assault policy violated Title IX. Why? Because the policy required students to provide evidence of sexual misconduct before administrators will investigate it. The US Department of Education dismissed the suit stating, “Harvard's new procedures cannot be unlawful, since the law does not prohibit the use of due process." Obviously, Murphy believes that men should not be permitted due process. One can only speculate the kind of “evidence” Murphy has concerning her claim. A Google search of the “abusive father’s obtaining custody claim” referred to a pilot study done by some organization called California Protective Parents Association and Mothers of Lost Children. A visit to these websites revealed only a self-selected survey as their research. Self-selected surveys are not very credible.

The lies told by the feminists about custody cases are similar to the feminist lies exposed by Christina Hoff Somers and others. If it were not for their willing accomplices in the liberal media these lies would be totally dismissed. However, the liberal media proves Orwell’s point that only educated people could believe a lie so stupid.

The fact is the former Playmate, Marks, had a four year affair with a wealthy married guy, became pregnant by him, and wanted him to divorce his wife and marry her. When he refused and terminated the affair, she refused to let him see his kids. It was only then he filed for custody.

Ayslworth is not a model father or husband – although he is certainly no worse than Jesse Jackson. However, Marks was and is manipulating her kids. She wanted a wealthy husband and went nuclear when she did not get one. She has demonstrated there is nothing she will not say or do to get what she wants from Aylsworth – her kids be damned. Why the Daily News, O’Reilly, and Wendy Murphy are advocating returning the kids to her is incomprehensible.

However, the bias against divorced fathers obtaining custody of their kids is nothing new. I recall twenty years ago being told by my attorney that even if my wife were a heroin addicted prostitute, she would still obtain custody of my two pre-school age children in court. He told me that fathers are never required to prove that they are better parents during custody cases, they are required to prove that the mother is unfit.

Although this has evolved somewhat during the years, nonetheless the presumption of custody is still with the mother. The case of Bridget Marks and the reaction by the media validates this.

If what Bridget Marks claims is true then fathers would be the first to help her get the kids. However, a female Family Court judge and several nonpartisan experts believe she is not telling the truth. Few believe Marx credible. Among them are liberal feminist, and conservative “pro-motherhood” journalists. “ Wouldn’t you expect more due diligence from a law professor before making a public spectacle of herself? And then there is Wendy Murphy’s entry into the Duke False Rape scandal. You guessed it, Wendy was not on the side of due process, facts, or law. She was out to lynch men. Does this sound like a conference to address DV or is it a female sociapath rally to promote man hate for career and profit and to heck with all the innocent children, men, and women destroyed for a little more profit and prestige? I am familiar with the consistent works and publications of most of the speakers at the BM Conference who have any list of credentials whatsoever. It looks more like a lynch mob than a group attempting any constructive effort to move the ball forward to reduce DV and protect our children and families. I can provide that info quite quickly and readily. Most of the speakers at the conference have already so badly and publicly damaged their own reputations in their own fields by their own writings and statements as to endanger the credibility of anyone else listed on the same agenda. Another example of the typical speaker at this event is Garland Waller. She has made a name for herself in the extreme feminist movement by continuing to spout a well disproven myth “male batterers who seek custody of their children succeed in getting it in 70% of contested cases. In addition, approximately 50% of men who abuse their female partners also abuse their children”. Battered Mothers even has this same well and repeatedly disproven falsehood about “male batterers” presented on at least one of its sign-up pages for this conference. If that is not a ‘red flag’ then nothing is. Stan


Rj said...

Wow. That was like a never ending post. They will never have anything good to say about anyone who has been a victim of d.v. or rape, until they have experienced it themselves. Attempting to discredit nearly EVERYONE at the BMCC is just like their efforts to say that d.v. is gender neutral, and that false allegations are running rampant. Nothing new. Never a part of the solution.

Mom said...

The crap these guys spew out is unbelievable! If they had to live it, they would believe, but they all assume women are lying, this can't be happening, BUT IT IS!

Anonymous said...

There is actually a lot of research out there on this, how batterers are getting custody of children. Very respected and well known researchers. Tons and tons of data on it...I have many research papers on this on my site... Keep up the great work, Glenn's Cult. These cavemen need to wake up to reality.