December 4, 2008

Now this one is completely disgusting!!!!!

Nothing needs to be said here. What a hateful and angry poster :-( to insinuate that Cheryl and her siblings might not have just two fathers but quite possibly many, many others. How disgusting.... and how can he know this?

Scott66 Says:

December 4th, 2008 at 12:56 am
Cheryl, from your stories it is easy to recognize the type of woman your mother is. She is not the saint you think. Want proof? Have your six siblings and yourself paternity tested. You will discover some do not have the fathers your mother said they had.


Nelly Knowles said...

Cheryl justified domestic violence when committed by women- she deserved her treatment, and only an indecent person would disagree with that.

Glenn's Cult? said...

Actually Cheryl did not justify dv until after she was attacked on Sacks' website by Sacks' followers. She merely stated what happened to her mother and her mother's actions. Nowehere in her letter did I see her say she agreed with anything her mother did. It was not until there had been close to 100 posts (might have been more or less than that - I am not in the mood right now to go count each and every post) did she even attack back.

In my opinion it is only those with a distorted view who would think the followers at Sacks' site were justified in attacking Cheryl. I saw only one poster who did not attack, he was actually gracious, which coming from "that" site is actually quite refreshing - a breath of fresh air.