December 6, 2008

So I fibbed I am going to write one more thing :-)

Okay so I told a little white lie and I am writing one more post. I am sincere about keeping this site going and fear writers block/redundnacy in my attempts to expose the "fringe" MRA - of which I believe several are regular visitors on Sacks' site. This is why I have created this site. So my readers I invite you to contribute. Email me with suggestions. I am super busy with that silly thing called life and want this to be the best it can be, so I need help. If you see a clearly female hate site - please email me a link. If you see a clearly mysogynistic post somewhere about women, lying women, men are dv victims more often, anything that we all know flies in the face of truth, please send it to me. I am up for suggestions as to how to make this site the first place for visits - BEFORE they hit up Sacks' site. If we can get to them before they are corrupted, we stand a chance. The women who go into family court with the belief that justice will prevail are the ones in harms way. We need to get to those women first - before the damage. Doing something right the first time around is easier than fixing something that is wrong.

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