December 16, 2008

Another one wants "accounting" of every cent of child support money

John D Says:

December 14th, 2008 at 4:58 pm
The fact that there are all these draconian jack-booted laws to squeeze every ounce of blood out of law-abiding fathers is a slap in the face if family courts/laws aren't going to go the extra step and mandate that custodial mothers are actually spending the money on the children.

Obviously when it comes to custodial mothers, the only detriment to not meeting their obligations (of spending CHILD support on the child, and obeying court-ordered visitation/access) is finger wagging, but when it comes to fathers not meeting their obligations (even when set artificially high) it's the lockup (and no meds too). This blows the theory out of the water that courts impose these strictures "for the children". Obviously it's "for the mom".

May I ask how a child support recipient is supposed to "show" taht every penny of support money is going to the child(ren)? Is she to set up seperate accounts with child support going in one and all other money going in another? Is she to divide down all bills in order to determine the child's portion? Is she to go so far as to figure out portions of each meal for the child and then figure out how much of the food bill is actually the child's portion? How far must the accounting go to satisfy father's need for power and control? How far must we go in order to satisfy his sense of entitlement?

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