October 27, 2009

Paul Clements on DV and Rape

The federal gov't has prohibited the use of polygraph testing of supposed "victims" in all domestic violence cases. That's a violation of the due process right to confront witnesses against you. Ask your own attorney generals if this isn't so, and why it was not declared unconstitutional by YOUR state's supreme court.
Paul Clements

This is in regards to a requirement of the federal government to state goivernments that victims not be pressured into undergoing a polygraph in order for the prosecuting attorney to file charges. Now Paulie boy here thinks that he has the right to force someone to undergo this invasion. I wonder what else he feels is HIS right?

Child support - 2nd wife too (IE STEPMONSTER) gets her own post

2ndwife too Says:

October 26th, 2009 at 12:37 pm
mrcustodycoach says;
"Radical thinking, I know. I often wonder why, if money is the primary beneficial factor for the children, why we don't put the kids where the money is instead and let the wage earners keep what they earn."

That just makes too much common sense.

How about the simple fact that it is greedy stepmonsters like you 2nd wife, who want all of the man's money for themselves. Or maybe you were a terrible mother to your own child and see these children as your redemption? Or maybe you cannot have your own children and you want to steal these children? Nah, I think it is pretty much you are just an extremely GREEDY person.

Mike Hunter on child support (this one gets its own post due to the extreme hatred)

Mike Hunter Says:

October 25th, 2009 at 12:11 pm
"My ex makes 150K but will only pay 30 percent of first 75k for child support. Not enough to keep the kids at home with me home schooling."

Cry me a river. That comes out to $22,500 a year; much more then it costs to support a kid or two. I support a family of 3 on $17,500 a year, go to college full time, and actually have to work for my money instead of the government taking from someone and giving it to me. Not to mention that I have to pay taxes on the money I make unlike child support which is tax free. Also I bet Texas has a much lower cost of living then Florida.

I have to find a job to support them.

You mean you have to find a job to support yourself. Child support is not mommy support. How did you plan to obtain money to live if you have no job, and use child support for the children? The magical money tree in your back yard?

Also shouldn't you be required to support your children. Child support is suppose to cover 50% of the cost of raising a child. The custodial parent is responsible for paying for the other 50%. I'm willing to bet that the child support you receive covers a lot more then half of the cost of raising your children. If the child support gets spent on the children at all.

I do believe you're entitled to some financial support.

Why? She chose not to continue her education. She chose to stay at home instead of working. Why shouldn't be responsible for her decisions? If any other person would have chose not to continue their education, and not to advance their career they would still be expected to work.

Is there some reason that she can't work such as disability? If she wanted to find employment she could find a job somewhere to support herself. Jobs flipping burgers, cleaning toilets, or washing dishes aren't too hard to find. Why should she not be forced to be financially accountable for herself, and the children she elected to have; just like every male born in this country is.

Okay nothing like some real hatred right at first blow - "Cry me a river"?

Now again we come to choices and decisions. Terri and her husband made a choice as to what Terri would do if they had children and up until this point, they had been following that path. Now because her husband has made a choice without consulting anyone and with very little thought as to how this would affect the children, he is going to become a woman. Hmmm lets see if I have this right? Two people discussing how life will work in regards to homeschooling versus one person arbitrarily deciding to do something which will not only affect himself but many others? Yep I think I got that scenario right - PATRIARCHY and it is okay in this FR/MRA eyes.

And gotta love this one - child support is supposed to be 50%. Men constantly are saying oh but I buy them clothes, I buy them food, I do this or I do that when they are with me. They do not get the costs of raising a child. They do not see the day in day out costs. This woman might be lucky and find a job (in this economy people with excellent resumes are unemployed so good luck with that one). So she is going to be able to find a job to go along with the 22.5k PER YEAR that she might or might not get from him. Again this is what she MIGHT get.

And again in his closing statement he is de-focusing on the choice made by the husband and focusing on a choice that was in all likelihood made by both the wife and the husband and condemning her for it. Nothing like victim blame in all it's glory here.

On a side note - Mike please share where in Florida you live so when I vacation there with my family, I can avoid the obvious hate filled area in which you live. And I say that simply because you are walking about able to post on websites and nobody has seen fit to expose your hate? You have yet to commit a hate crime against anyone? And you expect a judge to give you some sort of parenting time with your children? What so you can perpetuate your hate? Give us another generation of haterz?

October 25, 2009

Celtic Druid do you blindly spend thousands without research?

If you do then I can see why you are now divorced. I would NEVER purchase something or hire a person spending thousands of dollars without knowing something about the product or the person I was to hire. Let's see - I am going to the car lot, I will walk up to the first car I see and say okay I will take it. No test drive, no research on any issues this car might have, no reading of any reviews. Do you get the picture here? This is defintely an UNintelligent person speaking. But then what do we expect - coming from a site such as antimisandry.com?

Celtic Druid says:
I've read some samples of this woman's aggressive blatherings, and it's apparent she's in need of some psychiatric help. Quickly!!

Just imagine as a man you innocently stumble upon her law firm in/on the yellow pages/internet. Do you think a feminist this clearly demented is going to do everything in her power to properly represent you? Especially against a woman?

You could clearly kiss your kids goodbye in custody court, and your property and assets being stripped in divorce court - whilst she maintains a semblance of a defence on your behalf. It's bad enough going up against the opposing counsel and the usual default gynocentric judge, but this completes a totally rigged system.

Shouldn't she be forced to make some sort of disclosure that she is a radical feminist, and as such is incapable of effectively representing you, as a man, in a court of law?

No, Gonzman, you are simply amazing (NOT!!!!!)

Gonzman says:
It's amazing how the nagging goes down if you (1) train a woman that if she does it, whatever she's nagging about gets pushed back and lowered in priority, if it is done at all, and (2) If she tries to hold ex back to manipulate you, you'll get it elsewhere.

Sometimes breaking them of this habit hurts, but it is for their own good.

Anything need to be added? Nope - think this says it all......

Why do they not take their own advice?

Siam says:
A dog is not considered a good dog because he is a good barker. A man is not considered a good man because he is a good talker.

So explain to me then Siam, why your fingers keep moving and why you keep spreading your hate everywhere?

Want some advice from Petunia? Quit moving yo dang fingers!!!!!

MRA opens mouth inserts foot

Cordell Walker says:
southwest has never been hijacked either, I dont think

How about these links DUMAS!!!!!






I stopped at five - I think that should be enough even though Google shows 24000 links for the search term southwest airlines hijack. Think (AND RESEARCH) before you speak.....(fill in the blank here)......

Breast Cancer Awareness and MRA's

Now this is not something I write about too frequently as I tend to stick to DV issues. However this is near and dear to my heart. I have several FEMALE relatives who have survived breast cancer. I truly do not believe they would have survived had they been diagnosed 40 years ago or even 20 years ago. They would have probably been left disfigured by the mastectomies that would have been ROUTINELY performed. But they survived, they are NOT disfigured, and I still have my wonderful aunts, sisters, and friends because of advances made in breast cancer research and awareness. So what do these MRA's have to say about research?

Gonzman says:
The damn Disease doesn't belong to you, ladies.

We never claimed it BELONGED to us. However if you look at the number of victims and split it down, breast cancer typically strikes almost 5 times as many women and there are almost 10 times as many female deaths of women due to breast cancer.

Mr. X says:
Breast cancer research is ultimately futile at this point. Over 40 years, billions of dollars and what do we know today we didn't know back then?

I am assuming here that you do not know anybody who has had breast cancer? You do not remember (or maybe you are too young and were too drunk or drugged up to remember what breast cancer meant for a woman (or even a man) in the 60's and 70's? It meant for women that they would forever be disfigured. Insurance would in most cases pay for a mastectomy, but they would NOT pay for reconstruction. So women were walking around lopsided and subjected to cruel stares. Sometimes even worse, the words that would follow would be inhumanely cruel. So yeah, Mr. X lets go back to chopping off women's breasts - that is the answer.

bluegrass says:
The problem with breast cancer research now is that it's basically sucking all of the cancer research dollars. That is, because there is sooo much money directed toward it, it's actually taking money AWAY from the study of other cancers.

Do you have figures on this? Point me to an OFFICIAL cancer research website which says they are losing money due to breast cancer sucking it all up? Didn't think so....

dr e says:
I know that NCI gives breast cancer a good deal more $ than they give prostate but I was wondering the other day about the "total" amount of money that goes to breast cancer which would include charitable contributions and govt funding. Anyone know?
If you researched the number of victims of breast cancer (both survivors and those who succumb to the disease) and those of protate cancer, and the fact that if men would simply set their pride aside and get the test done, those who succumb to breast cancer clearly outnumber those to prostate cancer. If the tests are done at the correct time rather than being full of pride due to the nature of the test, prognosis for prostate cancer is very good. In fact according to WHO, breast cancer deaths outnumber prostate cancer deaths nearly 3 to 1.

Mr. X says:
The price point is too high for the return on investment.

I guess the 1.3 MILLION women who will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year do not matter to Mr. X - as long as one of those women is not a friend or family member of his. Petunia thinks he might change his tune then - what do you readers think?

no2fembots says:
Support firearms rights! This is a Men's Rights Issue!!!

Ahhhhhhh Hah!!!! Now we are at the crux of the issue. NOW we are seeing the true light. MRA's want to have issues that are all about power and control. Because if you are holding a gun, then you are IN CONTROL. Mmm hmmmm......

Mr. X says:
I believe 5% to 10% of breast cancer patients are men. What's sad is these guys get no recognition.

Actually I covered it above. Male deaths to female deaths - more than 10 to one.

Okay I guess this about covers it.

October 20, 2009

Hmmmm no injury so it was not an assault and DV?

I would never defend what Monserrate did. His act of pulling Giraldo through the hallway was not appropriate behavior, even though it apparently did no injury to her.


This link is NOT clickable - I will not give those "male homo sapiens" any credit.

Ummm let me see if I have this right? This man was dragging a woman around and yanking her to and fro and because there is no injury to this woman - we are to say no harm no foul? Just be a good boy and don't do it again? Or hey how about this one - if you must do this again, then by all means make sure you are not caught on video. Yeah that one works, now how do we pass the news along? Oh I KNOW!!!!! We can just post it on GS website!!!! That works!!!! Or maybe how about SYG? How about AM? Oh any of those will work. Or maybe even The Patriarchy. Those women on there listen to us "big, strong, smarter than women" - REAL MEN!!!!! And REAL MEN can do these things.

menscollegeactivist.org what part of this do you NOT understand about this?

Man, it seems we have a couple of commentators here that have lost perspective. Both parties have sworn under oath, that the cut on the face was Accidental...what part of that do you not understand??

Okay MCA, so they both under oath said that it was an accident? What part do you not understand about this scenario? Senator explains to girlfriend that if she goes forward with her charges and tells the truth, then he stands to lose his job. So maybe just maybe they left out some details. Again, you DO NOT KNOW. YOU WERE NOT THERE DUMAS!!!!!!

So why don't you get a life and maybe get some counseling so you can be a better father to the children who you either abused or to whom you were such a pig they no longer want anything to do with you.

Or maybe you like raping women? Why don't you get help for that issue.

No you would much rather bitch about all the man hating women out there on all the blogs and forums you can find.

My world's smallest violin is ready and available for hire you doof.

October 13, 2009

Complaining about cartoons and commercials?!?!?!?!?

Janet Fellows Says:

October 12th, 2009 at 4:11 pm
And for those reading this cartoon who will say "It's only a joke". Reverse the genders and then see what you say , or see what your friends would say, especially if you put the 'idiot' in a skimpy bikini.

ClarenceOveur Says:

October 12th, 2009 at 7:58 pm
Speaking of women in politics. One of our California Senators (Barbara Botoxer) is up for re-election and may be running against Carly Fiorina. Senator Botoxer originally campagined on the fact that she was a woman ("It's About Time!"), and many women I know voted (and continue to vote) for her "because she's a woman". I hope Ms. Fiorina runs so that I may vote for her and, when asked why, respond "Because she's younger, blonder, and prettier!"

gwallan Says:

October 13th, 2009 at 12:54 am
Woman kicks man in crotch to sell insurance.

Get over it. It's just a joke.

Woman belts bloke over head with tyre iron.

Get over it. It's just a joke.

Woman rapes boy.

Get over it. It's just a harmless joke.

No worries guys. It's all just a big joke.

And what are they upset about? This cartoon which was published on September 30, 2009:

Shall we discuss the blond female jokes and the blond women jokes? How about the pregnant barefoot mom? How about we mention the fact that one of your own says he would vote for one woman in a race between two women, simply because one is younger, BLONDER, and prettier? The list can go on here fellows. Playing the "oh they are being mean to us cause we are men" card is getting slightly old.......

October 11, 2009

SYG - Ya Right! - Like a woman could do this

Posted at SYG on October 10, 2009 link:
Ya Right! - Like a woman could do this

Nice try Goldie-Locks but I don't think so

Head nurse spoke up - she said leave this one alone -I can tell right away he is Bad to the Bone

October 10, 2009

Teri Stoddard - 'Real' Play or 'Role' Play? Final Installment

Now I guess this little 'GAME' they were playing did not agree with someone. One must wonder what those emails were that were conveniently "deleted" from view? Things that make you go hmmmmmmm.................

Teri Stoddard - 'Real' Play or 'Role' Play? Part 10

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