June 30, 2009

Dad who beats mom will not beat children?

An alienator may assume that if a parent had been physically abusive with him or her, it follows that the parent will assault the child. This assumption is not always true.

I guess Stuart does not read reports by the American Psychological Association, specifically the report entitled Violence in the Family: Report of the American Psychological Association Presidential Task Force on Violence and the Family written in 1996 which states:

•40 to 60 percent of men who abuse their wife or girlfriend also abuse their children

I don't know about Stuart, but I do not think I would be risking any child with 40-60% odds. Would you?

Don't these men understand that you can't abuse a woman without abusing her children?

Don't these men understand that you can't abuse a woman without abusing her children?

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Twitter is fun :-)

Wow Twitter is so fun. I never knew people could be so hate-filled on there. Like this guy:

jedhreskowhy are you following me on Twitter? to gather info? Fuck you. Glenn is a good guy. You are building hate that will backfire politically

I think I will be posting many more hate filled comments from twitter!!!

Oh nearly forgot to answer his question. I am following anyone who has information on Family Law, the Family Law Court system and anybody who follows those people. So sorry you can delete me from following but I can still read your drivel (or non-drivel, depending on who you are) and analyze said postings for disbursement here.

New look to follow

I am bored with my old look and decided I needed a look more fitting. I have fiddled around in paintshop and came up with this look. It might be temporary, or it might be permanent. Also be on the lookout for a new poll. It will start July 1 and run until July 31. I plan to publish the results so we need survey takers. I am also going to be creating a survey dealing with domestic violence and the effects on you and your children. So be looking for that one too.

June 28, 2009

My daily amusements (yes that is plural - there is more than one)

This will be a short post :-) You my gentle readers must be wondering - Petunia is amused? Why, we never knew pigs could be amused.... Before I go further, I must make sure that I utilize correct spelling and my use of the "English alphabet" is also correct. You see in my haste I hav made many spelling errors and typos or so it has been called to my attention as such. I rightly don't care one way or the other if my spelling is right. I manage to get my point across well enough to ensure that father's rights nutjobs visit my website daily (and you "men" - cough snort gag puke - know who you are) understand what I am typing. This is just another way to minimize women using my website to do so.

With that out of the way...now on to Petunia's amusements :-) Attila, poor poor Attila....He certainly has it bad for me. He visits here several times a day. His searches for himself nearly topped the list of search terms (the TWAT Bob hero is now higher), and he certainly is paranoidal about the BADASS blogger team. And yes Attila, it is a TEAM of bloggers. TEAM as in moe than one person. And we number more two or three also. We have satirical blogs, in your face blogs, factual blogs, and editorial blogs. We are everywhere. In fact look in the face of the next woman you see walking down the street. Think she is not a BADASS? Think again....she could very well be one of us. She could be one of our many visitors. Or she just might be a woman who has no idea BADASS even exists... You will never know. But I have you pondering that situation, don't I?

Get ready Fellow BADASSes!!!!

Attila, as I promised Quentin0352, I will post on YOU later. Now when that later will be, only time will tell....

And hello Quentin0352....I should send Attila to your posts. He is so set on showing how awful my usage of the "English alphabet" is, I am sure he would be just as distraught with your spelling errors and typos. Probably not, but one can hope can't they?

Now I must know (not that you will tell me) why you continue to lie to your fellow "men" (cough snort gag puke) on Stand Your Ground? You made one post on my blog. Not that I care, I generally tire easily of you MRA types. But why lie? I HAVE done research on your issues. All in good time, Quentie, all in good time....

So there you have it my faithful followers. Daily amusement of Petunia......

Sentencing discounts for women?

There are several studies that have found that, when men and women with equal criminal histories are charged with the same crime, men get the more severe sentence. One such study found that sex played the greatest role in sentencing disparities - even greater than race. That's the female sentencing discount.

This the latest from the MRA's... So Petunia has done her own research on this issue. She came up with some rather interesting tidbits to share.


Gendered Justice
Domestic Homicide and the Death Penalty
Jill Theresa Messing
School of Social Work, Arizona State University, Phoenix, Jill.Messing@asu.edu

John W. Heeren

Department of Sociology, California State University, San Bernardino, jheeren@csusb.edu

This research examines a newspaper sample of men and women who killed multiple people in a single domestic altercation during the years 1993 to 2002. As all these perpetrators of multiple domestic homicide are eligible to be capitally tried, differences in capital sentencing are examined using bivariate statistics and descriptive, case-oriented analyses. Women who kill their children using a knife or firearm are disproportionately sentenced to death, whereas men who kill in the context of a separation are granted leniency in regard to the death penalty. The interaction between the gender of the offender and the crime committed is discussed.

Or how about this one:


Going easy on men who kill partners
Monday, May 14, 2007 Tania Tetlow

Everette Simpson married three times, and three times he murdered his wife. Simpson stabbed his first wife 16 times with a butcher knife and then served nine years in prison. He stabbed his second wife with a hatchet, was allowed to plead guilty to manslaughter and served 11 years before being paroled. Last month in Slidell, Simpson beat his third wife and her brother to death and then set the house on fire to conceal the murders. He died in the fire, so at least he won't be released and marry again.

Sheriff Jack Strain asked how a "monster" like this could have been free to kill again. The answer is simple -- the national average sentence for men who kill their female partners is two to six years in prison. Criminal justice systems and juries do not, on average, treat the murder of women by their husbands terribly seriously.

In contrast, women who kill their male partners are sentenced to an average of 15 years, three times as much as male defendants, despite the fact that many of these women killed in self-defense.

Women in abusive relationships find themselves trapped. They know that the system will not, or sometimes cannot, protect them from husbands who promise to track them down and kill them. Ashley Ruffins was stabbed to death last year after the police in both Orleans and Jefferson parishes failed to answer her repeated begging to enforce a protective order. Even when the police respond immediately, as they did in Mandeville last month, they could not protect Adrienne McGee from being shot down in the middle of the street in broad daylight.

But if these women try to save their own lives, fight back and end up killing their batterers, they often face life sentences in prison. Their children are effectively orphaned. Three recent New Orleans trials, all held in the same month, illustrate this fact:...

I also found numerous "men's websites" claiming women receive a sentencing discount versus men. I guess we are back at "he said, she said" again. Sadly the only winner in that scenario in today's world is the one with the money. So I guess that would be the man.....

Offended_dad - you mean you will act normal and continue your hatred?

Offended_Dad Says:

June 26th, 2009 at 3:01 pm
Not only should she avoid punishment for murder, but she should be getting stimulus money as well!

I'm glad she's out - let's make a spectacle of it, "Onion"-style. Hell, I'll bet if we started a campaign promoting it (women have no responsibility when they murder), we can demand it as necessary to teh patriarchy, and that women *should* be treated like retards and imbecilles by the court system. Hopefully, in some perverse way, because MRA's are promoting some actual sexism, they'll campaign for some actual equality.

So what will be different OD? You MRA's already believe this and say this every chance you get, so what will be different? Oh I get it, you will now do it in complete mainstream media...... I see how it is. Well how 'bout I start? You moniker is Offended_Dad or OD for short? How about I start calling you OBSCENE_DAD?

Oh but I digress, that is not allowed becuase that is man-hate..... Woman-hate on the other hand is completely acceptable.

Men only and women only colleges

john Says:

June 24th, 2009 at 7:20 pm
men are at the back of the bus......hey why do women have 30 women only colleges and men have 3...is that fair?

How quickly john forgets that only a few short decades ago, all colleges were men only and women were NOT allowed to attend, even if they paid up completely.

Truth is shown in their own words (or if you have money and deny that money to your ex-wife you can torture her)

John Boy Says:

June 24th, 2009 at 7:46 pm
I am lucky in that I had enough money during both of my daughter's custody evaluations that I could afford to pick an evaluator. As was explained to me by both of the attorneys I hired that if my ex-wife and I could not agree to an evaluator or did not have the scratch to get a good one that we would be subject to the luck of the draw.

In my situation, my wife was / and again is accusing me of false DV. The last thing I wanted was a quack or closet feminist who would automatically assume that I must be either guilty or worse, a man (unfortunately that is the same to some people). During all three legal bouts I have had, we always look for the most competent and respected evaluators or MFT types for a couple of reasons. First, we want someone who has seen enough cases to see through the ruse. Second, we want someone whos opinion will carry alot of weight in front of a judge.

The first custody evaluation when badly for my ex-wife and so I got to keep custody. Unfortunately, that did not seem to stop her. Robert, you are right to say that these people are surrogate parrents. God help you if you get a lousy one.

You see where John Boy went into this prepared. His lawyer used the tricks of the court whores and told John Boy to hire a GAL/Evaluator and of course I am sure that good lawyer that he was, he had many father friendly evaluators lined up with their hands out. MONEY, MONEY, MONEY!!!! Show me the money. John Boy did and was able to get out of an abuse allegation.

Children do not sue - only adults do on their behalf?

Attila L. Vinczer Says:

June 26th, 2009 at 9:37 am
A 12 year old girl does not sue, an adult does in their name. In divorce adults, and it seem women are the primary culprits, will stoop to any level and utilize any angle in court and otherwise to achieve their selfish objectives. This was true with the Canadian father who was sued in Quebec and this one in this case. It is women driving this stupidity that are hurting children and others, but that means little to some incredulously vindictive women with spite as potent as cyanide! Very dangerous! Very poisonous!


Attila, Attila, Attila - how misinformed you are.... Children can and do sue for many things. Do you recall one huge example of this is the child in Florida who sued both of his birth parents for divorce. Daddy realized this was the best thing for child after years of fighting over this issue, helping bio-mom continue this on. Even after bio-dad's rights were termintaed, he continued to help bio-mom. This was a child abused by both bio-mom and bio-dad. Child had been in foster care for many years and all he wanted was a chance to live as the legal natural child of his foster parents. He was the one to sue, the foster parents were not.

So yes children can and do sue, Attila.

Thanks again for speaking about something which you obviously know very little, so I can again feature you here, and so you can flock to my site even more. I sure do enjopy seeing you pop up on my visitor list :-)

June 27, 2009

God has an angel

Farrah Fawcettt died early Thursday and went straight to Heaven. When she arrived she was met (appropriately for an Angel) by God who said due to the good life she had led she could have 1 wish. After some thought, Farrah advised God that her wish was "for all children on earth to be safe." Mysteriously Michael Jackson was dead one hour later.

June 22, 2009

Senator Bayh calling YOU out

Petunia gets very unhappy when she hears of someone ignoring abused mothers and children. She gets really angry when she hears Senators who should be thinking of ALL people, not just the fathers.


Senator Bayh, maybe if you did something about all the violent men, you would find less divorce, fewer cingle mothers, and more dads doing the responsible thing.

So, Senator Bayh, my challenge to you is this - start listening to the pleas of the abused women and children. We are out there and we are shouting. YOU ARE IGNORING US!!!! Listen to us for a moment..... The chidlren who will care for you and I tomorrow in our old age are depending on you to do the right thing for abused women and children.....

PS Senator Bayh, where was your Mother's Day message? Oh yeah that's right!!!! You never created one. I guess you are showing YOUR true colors where womena nd mothers are concerned (cough gag puke). I hope the Hoosiers you speak so fondly of decide to send you back home with your tail between your leg. READERS IN INDIANA - DO NOT - I REPEAT - DO NOT RE-ELECT SENATOR BAYH!!!!!

June 21, 2009

Just a thought on corruption

Father;s rights activists claim they are targetted by vindictive ex-wives, they claim the courts are corrupt (they are just not in the way these men say), they claim women are more violent than men. They "CLAIM" a bunch of things. But thanks to a very dear friend of mine, I have come to see the light. Both groups (protective mothers and father's rights activists) claim corruption. When these FR's steal custody away from fit and protective mothers, when they batter and abuse these moms and children, where is the voice for the4se victims? When the ultimate judge sees these men, women, and chidlren, there will be no corruption and no federal funding, and no ability to bribe the judge. Sorry dads (and I use that term loosely), you will eventually face the music. Don't know whether you will like what this judge has to say. I am sure you will be sitting with ol' Slewfoot complaining to him about the corruption of that judge also. Wonder if there are any computers and high speed internet coffee bars so you can create a blog from there?

Shat Turd Men are upset over walk a mile

It is too bad you did not live in the deep South in the United States in the 1950's. You could have had a "Walk a mile in their sheets" to combat all the violence Blacks did to Whites. Then we could have used all the money collected from it to buy more rope to lynch more Blacks.

This is essentially what it is like for thousands of your readers reading this today. These readers are those in abusive relationships and who are denied the very services this walk raises money for. They are denied these services because they are.....MALE.

There is an enormous amount of unbiased research throughout the Free World that shows men are abused as often as are women in domestic settings but they can get no help. Of course we have "intimate partner abuse" to mask the fact that often this type of abuse is women beating men. But....(be very quite) we sure do not want anyone to know that do we...lets make men feel guilty for assaulting their female partners fist with their face.

Unbiased evidence is available upon request.

This is in response to this article:

Walk A Mile In Her Shoes in Bowman

BOWMANVILLE -- Gentlemen, it's not too late to don your favourite pair of women's shoes and take to the streets.

The first-ever Walk A Mile in Her Shoes event, to raise awareness about violence against women, is set for Saturday in downtown Bowmanville, as part of the Fabulous Fifties Festival.

The event is organized by Bowmanville' s Bethesda House, a women's shelter and outreach centre. The organization paired with a similar group in Northumberland and ordered a number of pairs of ruby-red stilettos, specially sized for men's feet, to be worn during events in both areas.

But, stilettos aren't a requirement of entry: participants may wear low heels or even women's slippers, or even carry a pair of women's shoes during the walk, said Bethesda executive director Jaki MacKinnon.

Northumberland' s recent event brought out 45 walkers and raised $20,000. Already, 76 walkers have signed up to participate in Bowmanville.

Registrations will still be accepted the day of the event, and some shoes will be available for rental, at a cost of $10.

"The only downside to not calling us in advance to register is if the walker needs to rent shoes from us," Ms. MacKinnon said. "If they don't call us to reserve the size they need before that morning, we may not have their size left."

Sign-in runs from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. at the west end of Bowmanville' s downtown, at King and Scugog streets. The walk runs from there to Durham MPP John O'Toole's office at 75 King St. E.

And this is his whiny ass drivel to all the other poor poor (cough gag snort) abused men on his group:


What? Raising money from the public for the shelter industry using figures from manipulated and false data on Fathers Day Weekend? What a Slap in the Face for Fathers everywhere. Especially the falsely accused ones and the ones in jail as a result of same ! Outrageous !

Wah wah wah, cry me a river so I can build you a bridge.....Or should I send the world's smallest violin to you that is pre-programmed to play "My Heart Bleeds For You", or would you like some cheese with that? (I was told they outgrow the temper tantrums, guess I was told wrong).....

Woman on woman violence is okay in FR activist's eyes

Father's rights activists say women are more violent than men. It appears that in THIS situation they are correct:
Oh Steve, I dont know how I can saY THAnk you (I wish I had other words. ou are a good man. Worrying over Sean was bad enpough bujt now I hazve my husbancd to worry of. Had an accident in Wisc last Friday spent 4 days there and now he is home in a hospital in La Grange, very serious. I write to Sean every day. I love my adopted son more then my life. If I ever met Gloria, I woul;d wring her neck, well time for bed. Love you Nannette

I guess it is okay for NANNETTE CARLSON to threaten violence against another woman. But she is a father's rights activist, so it stands to reason she would be violent as it has been proven that most FR activists are violent or have some sort of violent history. Why else would their ex-wives be seeking restraining orders against them?

Father's Day is done for another year...

And out of respect for those good dads out there (not the ones whining on various blogs, message boards, and email groups around the world) I can now resume my life's calling. I will now post as many "Bad father" posts as I can. I will go at this with a vengeance only equalled by theirs when they were abusing their wives and chidlren. You see it will take that type of determination to stop these pigs from hurting us more.

June 20, 2009

Conspicuously ABSENT tomorrow (Father's Day History)

Petunia will be ABSENT from posting tomorrow to recognize the good dads out there. She will return promptly at 12:01 am EST June 22nd to resume the job at hand, exposing the BAD dads out there. For now a little history lesson for all of us who had ever wondered - what is the origin of Father's Day?


Father's Day, contrary to popular misconception, was not established as a holiday in order to help greeting card manufacturers sell more cards.

In fact when a "father's day" was first proposed there were no Father's Day cards!

Mrs. John B. Dodd, of Washington, first proposed the idea of a "father's day" in 1909. Mrs. Dodd wanted a special day to honor her father, William Smart. William Smart, a Civil War veteran, was widowed when his wife (Mrs. Dodd's mother) died in childbirth with their sixth child. Mr. Smart was left to raise the newborn and his other five children by himself on a rural farm in eastern Washington state. It was after Mrs. Dodd became an adult that she realized the strength and selflessness her father had shown in raising his children as a single parent.

The first Father's Day was observed on June 19, 1910 in Spokane Washington.

At about the same time in various towns and cities across American other people were beginning to celebrate a "father's day.".

In 1924 President Calvin Coolidge supported the idea of a national Father's Day. Finally in 1966 President Lyndon Johnson signed a presidential proclamation declaring the 3rd Sunday of June as Father's Day.

Father's Day has become a day to not only honor your father, but all men who act as a father figure. Stepfathers, uncles, grandfathers, and adult male friends are all honored on Father's Day.

I hope everyone enjoyed this little 'history' lesson and please browse through my older posts and come back Monday morning at 12:01 AM sharp for more 'tidbits' on the lovely men who are being terrorized by women like me (snort snort).

Mother's Day/Father's Day History continued....

Many father's rights activists will complain and say they do not get the recognitiojn they deserve as "wonderful" (cough gag snort) fathers. In my research of both Mother's Day and Father's Day histories, Mother's Day was created as a formal holiday AFTER Father's Day. So it seems to me that these fathers were thought of before mothers. Petunia thinks the only thing that will make FR's happy is a permanent removal of these mothers and women they detest so badly from everyone's life. Too bad guys, you failed when you abused us so badly, we thought we might die, but we are tougher than you thought. And now we are away from you and we will get even stronger. To all GOOD mothers and to all GOOD fathers, be wise and strong for your children. They are our future. For those parents of less than stellar reputation - GROW THE HELL UP!!!!!

Enjoy my next post on Father's Day and as explained in that post, I will see you bright and early Monday morning. Have a great weekend all!!!

Randi James Guest Post: Between a Rock and a Hard Place: The System Sends Mixed Messages to Abuse Victims

Between a Rock and a Hard Place: The System Sends Mixed Messages to Abuse Victims

Do you stay, or do you leave?

If you haven't been a victim of abuse, or a victim of the legal system, you may not be able to understand why this is even posed as a question.

Of course you should leave!

I mean, who deserves to get beat up and/or sexually assaulted in their own home...regularly...or even occasionally. Even as careful as you could try to be to make sure everything is perfect, so as not to anger your abuser, SOMETHING always sets him off...sooner or later. He is a time bomb. You are his target.

What does it mean to be a target?

When you are a target, all of your abuser's anger is directed toward you, specifically. Typically, he doesn't pull the same shit towards those who he considers his equals, or more powerful than he. This is about power. He needs you like capitalism needs slaves. He uses you so that he can feel better about his shortcomings. He doesn't know how to feel good without you.

But he is a good father. He doesn't beat the kids.

You're right. Good fathers don't beat their kids...But nor do they beat up on women to whom they are temporarily, or permanently committed. Getting beat in front of your children doesn't exactly send the kids a good message. In fact, they are put in limbo because your kids will either

A) Side with your abuser because he is more powerful and gets what he wants, or
B) Side with you in attempt to protect you...But let me break that down a little more
1) In protecting you, your children become targets, and the moment will come when they take blows for you
2) In choosing to side with you or not, your children will mimic the behaviors they have seen and normalize them.

Is this what you want?

I hope not because if some outsider reports what is going on in your household, CPS will come knocking and your kids may be gone before you ever get a chance to ask questions. You will be charged with neglect, endangering your children, or failure to protect.


Because everyone on the outside thinks you should have just left. You are the mother. If you didn't leave, you must be an accessory to the abuse.

What mother allows her children to get abused?

And what mother lets her children watch as she gets abused?

You must be a bad mother. You don't deserve to have children. If you're lucky, maybe your relatives will do you a favor and step in and raise your children for you. If not, foster care will do a great job...because it is indeed a job when they are getting paid.

Maybe you have a chance though, if you would just leave.

That seems like the best idea. Leave.


Are you going to tell your abuser in advance, or are you going to sneak out in the middle of the night?

Remember, he needs you...is he going to agree to all of this?

Who the fuck do you think you are leaving him, and taking his children?

He owns you. He's paying the bills. He's the reason you can stay home and take care of his children.

If you go, you have reason to be fearful. Get a lawyer and a restraining order. But, back up a little. The lawyer says, if you take out a restraining order, in the near future, the judge in family court could use it against you. He (the judge and your abuser) may say this was part of your vindictive scheme to get the kids and the money and the house and the car. Restraining orders don't prevent you from being harmed though anyway, because you still have to rely on law enforcement to act.

Get the restraining order anyway.

You'll have record of what you tried to do, in case the news opts to report it upon your "tragic" death. But you can't put the kids on the restraining order...Silly woman! You know fathers have rights!

In fact they have so many rights that if your abuser happens to get locked up, Responsible Fatherhood money will ensure that he has the means to transition back into his caretaking, father-role (don't roll your eyes, we know you were doing the caretaking, but you're not important and this is politics).

Go ahead and report the entire history of abuse.

You do have pictures, right? You mean to tell me in all these years that you have been getting assaulted, you weren't taking pictures of your injuries and saving them in a secret location?

Did you at least tell the doctor? Is there anything in your medical record?

Where are your vaginal tears, bruises, scars?

In talking to police without evidence (or with it), your case will seem suspicious. It will be your word, against your abuser's. Your local DA will be hesitant to take the case...well, hesitant is an overstatement because he may not even acknowledge you. DA's only take cases they can win. DA's aren't interested in intrafamilial abuse reports in the midst of divorce...

You have bad timing. You should have reported this before you were trying to separate. Oh, whoops, I forgot, they would have charged you, too!

Maybe you can work things out peacefully without involving the court.

When was the last time you worked things out "peacefully" with an abuser?

In good conscience, you allow your abuser to continue to have a relationship with the children he didn't abuse, well, directly abuse (or at least you think so). I don't know if you are really doing him a favor, or rather doing as the court would order you to do so, because you do know that the court will order you to do it, right (ask Ms. Leichtenberg and also ask the Paul family...family, because Monica Paul happens to be deceased)? Father's rights.

I know, I know. Yes, you have been abused, but now, yes, yes, you will be court ordered to continue to have a relationship with your abuser because kids deserve both parents. If you try to resist, they will call in the child custody evaluators and Guardians ad Litem and they will say things you would never imagine...because you ARE crazy, aren't you?

What mother would keep a father away from his children?

You know your abuser best

You know that when he makes threats, he can carry them through. You know if you don't meet his demands, you and your children will suffer. But if you try to protect yourself and the children, you risk losing custody to your abuser. And why would you want to put your kids in that situation? They don't want to live with him and if they do live with him, you already know how their lives will turn out. They will be like lost souls.

Sacrifice yourself...like Jesus Christ. Maybe you were put on earth to suffer for the sins of others.

You were supposed to be omniscient--to know that this man you chose would end up being an abuser.

You were supposed to be omnipresent--to know that this man would abuse your children while you were away at work, or school, or while he was away with the kids.

You were supposed to be omnipotent--to protect yourself and your children and to be able to hide and simultaneously remain visible, and to be able to leave your abuser, but let him remain in your life.

How do you want to die?

What do you want the news to say about you when you are murdered?

That you were nice? No, they won't say that! The neighbors and other members of the community will say how nice your abuser was. He was a family man. He played with the kids in the yard.

Everyone will be so shocked and sad that this happened. No one knew that you and your children were getting your asses kicked on a regular.

Your family may've thought you were crazy, or a bad mom, so they may've distanced themselves from you a long time ago. In fact, they may have ADORED your abuser.

Your children's friends will not come forward. They are children--either they won't tell anyway, or their parents won't let them.

You know who else might know? The teachers. But teachers are so busy disciplining and teaching to the test...and besides, it's too late for them to come forward now.

You see what you get for pretending and ignoring and trying to keep the family together? No credit.

Maybe the media will pull your court record and note that you tried to get a restraining order, but you didn't show up. More than likely, they will relay gossip about how you were having an affair and how you were always provoking your abuser. Because violence is mutual. Girls hit, too.

Didn't you know in advance that he was easily provoked? You should have checked his criminal record, or asked his ex.

Maybe your children will die, too. But everyone will talk about how tragic it was and how innocent they are. They, not you, because you had to have done something to make a nice guy want to kill you.

Or maybe you wanted to be killed, because who stays with an abuser anyway?

June 13, 2009

Occasional dad doing wrong?

Nick S Says:

June 9th, 2009 at 10:29 am
" Not long ago, a deranged Melbourne man threw his daughter off a bridge, killing her. Anti-father activists immediately seized on the tragedy to claim that the shared parenting law places children in the nefarious clutches of brutal dads."

Because the odd father is a psycho, this means that most fathers should have less contact with their children. It makes perfect sense to me. I can't see what the problem is.

Nick, Nick, Nick......

You must be under a rock or something dude....Do you not read the papers or watch tv news? Hundreds of thousands of stories of bad dads - dads killing the whole family and then themselves, dads abusing kids, dads abusing moms, dads comitting many many wrongs. Close your bb (bad breath) mouth, read a paper or watch some tv news, and then brush those stank teeth and then you can speak.

Not to be nasty or anything ya kno dude, but dang think before you speak. You might ctually appear intelligent.

Poor poor poor Twat Bob wants to go in a women's locker room

End unequal laws currently allowing female reporters in men's sports team locker rooms but not men reporters in women's sports team locker rooms.

Poor poor TWAT Bob....He wants to see naked women and can't get a girlfriend so he wants be a poser and get into women's locker rooms. News flash for ya TWAT Bob.......Men allow women in men's locker rooms

TWAT Bob wants to let us see him urinate

No commentary need here folks (Petunia still rolling on the floor thinking good God where does TWAT Bob live so I can AVOID this spectacle)

End laws criminalizing men for public urination on rural roadsides and other suitable places. Normal men's body functions are neither obscene nor offensive.

TWAT Bob on sexual offender lists

Now this is one of my favorites folks (NOT!!!!):

End the so-called "sexual offender" reporting lists, which serve primarily as hate propaganda against men. They constitute cruel and unusual punishment and have no demonstrated value in deterring any future crime. Sex crimes have lower recidivism rates than other crimes. These lists and the life long publication of the names of men are unmitigated misandry.

The sexual offender database is not only used to allow people to view sexual offenders in their area, it is also used as a tool for law enforcement. But I guess since TWAT Bob views law enforcement as "blue gun thugs" this is of no consequence to him. Readers, I figured this one would be the most enjoyable (??) for you to read, so have at TWAT Bob.

TWAT Bob on the rape shield law

End so called "rape shield" laws that take away the fundamental and constitutional right of American citizens to confront and question witnesses against them in a court of law.

TWAT Bob do you even understand what the rape shield law is?

From Wikipedia:

A rape shield law in the United States of America and Canada is a law that limits a defendant's ability to cross-examine rape complainants about their past sexual behaviour. The term also refers to a law that prohibits the publication of the identity of an alleged rape victim.

This does not say that an alleged rapist does not have the right to cross examine - it only means that her past sexual behavior is not allowed. Just because she is a virgin or she was sexually active (even at one time being sexually active with the alleged perpetrator) does not mean that she gave permission for this encounter to occur.

The rape shield law also offers protection for a victim.

My advice to any alleged rapists out there in regards to the supposed unfairness of the rape shield law? Keep the dang shit in your pants and you won;t have to worry about a shield law.

(shaking head at TWAT Bob's ignorance and plain out stupidity)

More of TWAT Bob on crime and reporting of crime

Allow discrimination lawsuits and punitive settlements for biased media coverage. Numerical unbalance by the media is de facto evidence of discrimination sufficient to prove discrimination and justify punitive class action damage awards.

TWAT Bob, how is it discrimination to report the true stories of crimes that occur? It has been proven that men do commit more of the crimes. I guess in TWAT Bob's world if a man rapes a woman we should go out and find some woman who committed a crime in order to balance the reporting. So I can see how this will go. We have 10 male alleged perpetrators, we will need to find 10 female ones. So I now see the news covering women (maybe even young girls) shoplifting or writing a bad check in order to get that "fair and balance3d" reporting TWAT Bob so desires. Yeah TWAT Bob keep up the good work there. What a waste of time THAT ONE will be :-)

June 4, 2009

TWAT Bob on crime

Balance reporting of crime to eliminate the current over reporting of crimes committed by men and under reporting of crimes committed by women.

Yo TWAT Bob over here!!!!! TWAT BOBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB!!!!!! Can you hear me? TWAT BOBBBBBBBBBBBBB!!!!!!! OVER HERE!!!!

Well now that I have your attention!

Did you ever in a million years ever think that maybe just maybe the reason for the vast amount of male criminals reported versus the female criminals is because quite possibly - there are MORE male criminals?

And do not feed the horse manure line that women do not get tv coverage when they are bad. Casey Anthony, Susan Smith anyone? MASSIVE coverage - books, movies.... What else can I say?

And lets not forget that men are NOT criminal to TWAT Bob because a man is allowed to do what he wants - it is hius right after all - HE IS THE MAN!!!!!

TWAT Bob and the water cooler

End the hostile work environments for men created by so-called "sexual harassment" laws. Acknowledge the fundamental rights of free speech and social contacts among adults in work as well as other social situations.

TWAT Bob wants to chase his secretary around (you know that sexretary who wears the micro mini skirt and the 6 inch stilettos) and pinch her butt, hug her, pat her on the butt, who knows maybe if he is lucky he will get some. TWAT Bob wants to have some fun with the women he works with (and maybe even FOR). Shucks TWAT Bob is probably from that era when men could chase the womena round and those who played the game got raises and promtions and those who didn't - got fired.....

TWAT Bob on rape

End the criminalization of normal men's sexual behavior. Repeal all laws making men's sexuality, exposure, penetration, etc., into a criminal act unless there is demonstrable physical harm to a victim. Release and pardon all men who have been arrested for "statutory rape," "date rape," "spousal rape," "pornography," "soliciting a prostitute," and other weasel worded versions thereof.

So men should be allowed to put it wherever they want TWAT Bob? Women just need to bite the big one (well maybe not bite it) and take it like a woman? Young girls who are 14 or 15 being seduced by a 25/30/40 year old man who have little world knowledge who think the man loves them.... Are those rapists (and yes if it walks like a duck, looks like a duck and acts like a duck it dam sure is a DUCK) who have been convicted of raping an under age girl should be set free? How underage is too underage TWAT Bob?

TWAT Bob on children

Recognize that when an adulterous wife bears the bastard child of another man she has broken her former marriage and formed another marriage. When a husband finds out through DNA testing or otherwise that his wife's child is not his, he may declare the marriage ended by the wife's adultery. In this event he should retain full custody of his children and ownership of all of the community property including rings, jewelry, or other gifts that she was given as his wife. An adulteress with a bastard child should be able to take only her clothing, toiletries, and her bastard(s).

Gotta love this one folks. The chidlren in this scenario are related (even if only through the mother) and TWAT Bob says to seperate the chidlren and make the woman leave with the "bastard" child. The other children are pure I guess and in his mind should not be corrupted by this child.


Oh and I must ask this one TWAT Bob. What if the man is the one to have an adulterous relationship and bears a child out of wedlock? What happens to that child? Is that child also a bastard child as you say the other child is?


End sexist propaganda about DV. All DV awareness programs must show as many men victims as female victims, and as many female batterers as men batterers. End police or court interference with a husband's legitimate control of his family and household.

This has two parts so two paragraphs (sorry typing out loud). First I really like the - you must show men as equal victims. They are NOT equal victims you moron. There are not even as many male victims as female victims. (shaking head in amazement that people actually believe what forms in their own pea brains).

And again here we are back to the MAN's absolute right to CONTROL his family and household. Even if that means keeping the little woman in line with a little smack or two? What if she won;t listen to you then? Do you break a few ribs/ How about bashing her head in? A few black eyes never really hurt anyone now did they? (again rolling eyes wondering how this TWAT Bob ever made it past 5th grade).....


Adopt laws that recognize and protect men's equal rights to family planning and all other decisions affecting our future children, including decisions about abortion, abandonment and adoption of our children.

I am confused here TWAT Bob....Are you saying here that if a woman decides or is unable to safely give birth (ie she might have complications, she has children already, she is not ready for children, or she would require a surgical birth - which requires medications and an invasive procedure) taht a man should be able to overide her decision for an abortion and FORCE her to go through a pregnancy and childbirth. All simply because he said she must do so? Are you getting this folks?

June 2, 2009

pat says - inventors sonja?

pat Says:

June 2nd, 2009 at 2:41 am
...Sonja, name ten major inventions by women from the last 10,000 years. The woman's innovation ought to be independent of her husbands initial work. I'll give you a start: Kevlar, Liquid Paper, windshield wiper, ....

Randi Altschul - Virgie Ammons - Betsy Ancker-Johnson - Mary Anderson - Virginia Apgar - Barbara Askins - Patricia E. Bath - Miriam E. Benjamin - Patricia Billings - Katherine Blodgett - Bessie Blount - Sarah Boone - Rachel Fuller Brown - Josephine Garis Cochran - Martha J. Coston - Dianne Croteau - Marie Curie - Marion Donovan - Gertrude Belle Elion - Edith Flanigen - Helen Free - Sally Fox - Frances Gabe - Lillian Gilbreth - Sarah E. Goode - Bette Nesmith Graham - Temple Grandin - KK Gregory - Ruth Handler - Joycelyn Harrison - Elizabeth Lee Hazen - Beulah Henry - Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin - Krisztina Holly - Erna Schneider Hoover - Grace Hopper - Mary Phelps Jacob - Amanda Theodosia Jones - Marjorie Stewart Joyner - Anna Keichline - Mary Kies - Gabriele Knecht - Margaret Knight - Stephanie Louise Kwolek - Hedy Lamarr - Ada Lovelace - Sybilla Masters - Ann Moore - Krysta Morlan - Lyda Newman - Julie Newmar - Ellen Ochoa - Alice H Parker - Betty Rozier - Valerie Thomas - Ann Tsukamoto - Harriet Tubman - Lisa Vallino - Madame Walker - Mary Walton - Carol Wior

Need I say anything more? And I could add this as well


In 1809, Mary Dixon Kies received the first U. S. patent issued to a woman. Kies, a Connecticut native, invented a process for weaving straw with silk or thread. First Lady Dolley Madison praised her for boosting the nation’s hat industry. Unfortunately, the patent file was destroyed in the great Patent Office fire in 1836.

Until about 1840, only 20 other U.S. patents were issued to women. The inventions related to apparel, tools, cook stoves, and fire places. Patents are the proof of "ownership" of an invention and only the inventor(s) can apply for a patent. In the past, women were not allowed equal rights of property ownership (patents are a form of intellectual property) and many women patented their inventions under their husband's or father's names. In the past, women were also prevented from receiving the higher education necessary for inventing. (Unfortunately, some countries in the world today still deny women equal rights and an equal education.)

We will never know all the women who deserve credit for their creative labor, as the Patent and Trademark Office does not require gender, racial, or ethnic identification in patent or trademark applications. Through diligent research and a few educated guesses, we can identify trends in patenting by women. Here are a few highlights of recent statistical analysis to ponder, to celebrate, and to give reason to encourage girls and women to pursue science-, math-, and technology-based courses and careers.

  • The women inventor patent share of annually granted U.S. origin patents rose from 2.6 percent in 1977 to 10.3 percent in 1998.
  • The majority of the U.S. origin woman-inventor patents are in the chemical technologies.
  • In 1996, 11.2 percent of the U.S. origin patent grants which were owned by the Federal Government at the time of grant included a woman inventor.
  • In the past 20 years, about 83 percent of the U.S. origin patent grants to women were for utility patents, 16.5 percent for design patents, and 0.5 for plant patents.
  • About 35 percent of the U.S. origin women inventors patents granted during the 1977 to 1996 period originated from California, New York, or New Jersey.

    Today, hundreds of thousands of women apply for and receive a patent every year. So the real answer to the question "how many women inventors are there?" is more than you can count and growing. About 20% of all inventors are currently female and that number should quickly rise to 50% over the next generation.

  • Stick that in your pipe, pat, and smoke it. Might be better than what you are smoking right now. Who knows maybe you will actually see how loony you sound and come around. But I digress, I know this is not possible with all that koolaid you drink. And of course your answer will be - well they didn;t invent anything that really means anything. Everything makes the world go around. There is nothing too little or not enough to not mean something. But you hate women so we mean nothing to you, like many of your brothers.

    More From TWAT Bob

    Recognize the husband and father's traditional role as head of the household. End all forms of government interference, criticism, review, and police or judicial oversight of a husband's decisions regarding his wife, children and household.

    Bob demands that he be allowed to tell his wife and children what to do and they must do it - no matter what. After all he is the man. Did you do the "man" exercise from my last post? Still not buying this snake oil? Well then I guess you are not learning quick enough for TWAT Bob and you must be punished. Much like the blue gun thugs he speaks of frequently in his loon ramblings. And just look at TWAT Bob's words - HIS wife, HIS children, HIS household. And since he did not say this - I will add it - I am sure it is not far behind. It is also HIS car, HIS house, HIS money (even if the wife works also - what is his is his and what is hers is his).

    More of TWAT Bob's demands

    The basic human rights of children include their right of access to both of their parents. All divorce decrees must consider the child's rights as a primary concern. The child's interest can not be heard in "family" court or any other court when the child is not represented by adequate legal counsel. A court decision for custody by either parent violates the child's inalienable human right to the other parent.

    I guess TWAT Bob will want a child to go to a parent who has harmed the child. Oh wait that only applies in the fringe loons mind if that parent has a wanger hanging between his legs. If the alleged perp of the child abuse is female then by all means cut off all contact. After all THEY ARE MEN. So repeat after me...




    Now are you sufficiently brainwashed? No? Well then keep doing it until you believe this crap they peddle.

    Apples and Oranges here frankfurt

    It'll be interesting to compare this case with the strikingly similar case of Arthur Freeman in Australia. Freeman, who was plainly having mental difficulties at the time, threw his daughter Darcey off a bridge in Melbourne, killing her. That tragedy was immediately seized on by anti-father advocates to attempt to repeal amendments to the Family Law Act that promote equally shared parenting. The theory seemed to be that, because Arthur Freeman apparently was, all fathers are dangerous to their children.

    I wonder if the Stott-Smith logic will be used in this country to argue against mothers having equal parenting arrangements with fathers. Why do I doubt it?

    First and foremost before I forget lets give the obligatory link for Fair Use Protection (I do not recommend visiting however). http://glennsacks.com/blog/?p=3780 There's your link guys :-)

    Freeman had equal rights to his children despite several allegations of abuse. The facts are not all in on this case so don't be counting anything just quite yet. What this woman did was incomprehensible and EXTREMELY wrong - I want to clarify my position on that before some raving loon FR/MRA says I am supporting her.

    And while I am at it, I wonder why in all these posts about all these bad moms (oh and there are literally thousands of them if you listen to these loons) why do they never mention an FR going off unless it is to give sympathy?

    pclem@xxxx.com - A man of MANY words

    Clements watched through the windshield of his Ford Escort as XXXXXXXX entered the house, gave Clements' ex-wife's boyfriend a friendly kiss hello and went off to her room to get the Nintendo.
    When XXXXXXX climbed back into the car, Clements was silent.
    Then he turned toward her.
    "I was hurt," he said. "You never want to hug me, your father, and here you'd go inside and kiss a perfect stranger.."
    XXXXXXX didn't say anything.
    She just stared.

    Now Paulie are you not engaging in what you men are so fond of throwing into the fray - PAS aka Parental Alienation Syndrome? Shouldn't your child be allowed to form bonds with whomever she chooses? Or are you still trying to CONTROL everything like you did when she was a baby?

    Lots of things bother Clements.
    Like the older XXXXX is, the less happy she seems to be about giving up weekends to spend time with him.

    Paulie this usually happens when children get older especially when they hit their teen years. My own niece and nephew begged to come to my house when they were 6, 7, 8, 9 years old. They are now teens and aunt is the furthest thing from their mind (generally, although they still like to visit - just not as much). The same holds true for all children. They NEED to form their own relationships with others, they NEED to make friends and socialize.

    The lawyers -- there's a subject that really makes him mad. Clements has had four lawyers, he says. One even "turned feminist" on him, as he puts it, and tried to persuade him to give his ex-wife $5,000 -- money that Clements says was rightfully his.
    Eventually, he says, he got rid of all his lawyers and went pro se, representing himself, drawing up the complaints and motions on his typewriter.
    In the past three years alone, he estimates, he has been in court six times, just on visitation and vacation issues.. In total, he has probably been there 24 times.

    Ahhhhh now we come to the truth of the matter. It is really the money now isn't it Paulie? All that child support you have to pay from those many and now non-existent jobs you have held and you are having to give to your ex to care for your child, that is what really angers you isn't it Paulie? Oh and lets not forget keeping that CONTROL you crave so desperately.

    He also says that he deserves split custody, even though he's not working. "I'm looking, OK? And I need to have that made clear. Because if someone picks up this article and reads that I'm deliberately avoiding work, I could be prosecuted. But I'm probably not looking as hard as I could if I had custody."

    And Paulie why do you "deserve" split custody? By your own admission here you are not looking as hard for a job as you should and could get in some sort of peril in fact for even admitting this? So is it really about your child or is about your precious wallet Paulie?

    "There are no government grants at this point given to men's groups," he complains.

    One only need do a search and you will find a fatherhood website (several in fact) and many of these deny services to non-custodial mothers. And when the abuse a woman receives abates, the shelters must give her less services in order to provide for the never ending stream of newly abused. These shelters are also understaffed, many times relying on volunteers in order to perform every day services. This does not fly Paulie....

    As XXXXX grew, Clements remembers casting himself in the role of her protector, her educator. He remembers that when it was bath time, he was the only one who was allowed to wash her hair because he alone knew how to keep soap out of her eyes.

    I am sorry but can we say CONTROL here? Really nothing more needs to be said...

    It is hard to say precisely when things started falling apart in the Clements marriage. Eight years later, Paul Clements is still sorting it out. OK, he says. There was no money.
    He had held a variety of jobs -- taxi driver, newspaper carrier, a $6.95- per-hour junior scheduler at a Worcester factory, a $19,000-a-year job in inventory analysis and control. But none of the jobs worked out. Clements says it wasn't his fault.
    XXXXXX says that he quit some of them.
    "He couldn't ever support us," she complains, adding that she was forced to work three jobs, while Clements stayed home with XXXXXXXX.

    Paulie, you do not understand why she left you? Can you say irresponsible because you could not keep a job even though you had a child to support (plus you took on two additional children)? Can we say CONTROL because you were the only one who cold do anything right as far as the child was concerned? Petunia could say quite a bit more but she would hold her tongue.

    Clements moved back in with his father, a factory machine repairman and assembly worker, and his mother, who worked in a doll plant.

    So typical of the MRA/FR - move back with mommy and daddy so YOU can look like the victim. Do it also so you can avoid RESPONSIBILITY. Do you get mommy and daddy to pay your child support when you quit or get laid off from yet another job?

    Clements was ordered to pay $40 a week -- an amount that he says was later upped to $76 a week -- when the state's child support guidelines took effect.

    40 dollars a week that was then changed to 76 a week? This is hardly enough to pay for child care in today's world - let alone a child's share of housing and food. You are such a victim here Paulie.

    When XXXXX turned 11, Clements lost yet another job -- this one a roughly $200-a-week assistant shipper/receiver job at a local factory, he says -- and he wasn't able to continue paying child support.

    And Paulie, what did you do to lose this job? And how many are we up to now? (rolls eyes)

    Clements was notified about the change in visitation by mail. After reading the letter from the Worcester County Court, he says, he poured himself a whiskey. He had a second. He drank half a bottle but couldn't get drunk.
    He went down to his basement intending to clean it up, and started heaving two-by-fours. His anger was building.

    Now we are starting to see some more of the truth. Could it be the judge in your case Paulie sees your potential for anger? How much would it take for you to go from throwing around 2 by 4's to throwing around your ex or your child if they do something to anger you?

    There is much more but I think Petunia has shown you enough to form your own opinion. Paulie is a typical FR/MRA. (now let me screw my eyes up and get red in the face and start huffing so I can play the part)

    WHAT?!?!?!? You mean I actually have to be responsible and pay for my child? I cannot let someone else do this? Well I want custody then. I will take my child away from everything she knows and let her be raised by my elderly parents. That is clearly much better than having her grow up with her half siblings and mother in a somewhat "normal" family. You say this will not happen. Well then I will show you, I will quit jobs, I will NOT pay any child support. I will mooch off of my parents as long as they both live. You see I AM THE MAN. And because I AM THE MAN and because I AM A MAN period, you should all bow down and realize what a marvelous creature I am

    (removing fr mask now) Okay folks how was that? Pretty darn straight on the money - am I right or am I right?

    Have fun with this one readers.

    More evidence of TWAT BOB being the BOSS

    Recognize the husband and father's traditional role as head of the household. End all forms of government interference, criticism, review, and police or judicial oversight of a husband's decisions regarding his wife, children and household.

    So we are to take away thr right of a woman and/or a child to seek protection from the government from am abusive father's "discipline?"

    TWAT BOB wants to be the BOSS

    Support and recognize marriage as the age-old union of a man with one (or more in some cultures) women for the creation of children and family. The society has a legitimate purpose in supporting the production and education of the next generation, and marriage of a woman to a man is the way that society encourages and supports children families.

    Are you saying TWAT BOB, that women should be subservient to men? Seen and not heard? And what if we are "heard"? Do we then suffer the "consequences?"

    June 1, 2009

    The first of many TWAT BOB demands we will highlight

    Make schools safe for boy's natural rambunctiousness. Provide class and educational situations that allow movement, exercise, excitement and other natural boyish behavior. End discriminatory punishment of boys in schools for boyish behavior. End all discriminatory corporal punishment of boys.

    Are we to tell teachers in today's world who now have very little wiggle room as far as actual discipline in the classroom that they must now allow boys to roam free in the classroom, all the while disrupting the other chidlren who are there to learn? And are these same boys engage in this free roam behavior you allude to so freely to not be disciplined for this disruptive behavior? Also what in your mind is "discriminatory corporal punishment" of boys? Is it when a boy decides he wil not listen to a request to sit down so the other children like Suzie Q, Petunia P, and Johnny Q can learn, the intended purpose of a CLASSROOM? Why don;t the parents allow for more play time for these children, rather than planting them in front of the boob tube upon arriving home? Rather than point fingers at teachers and administartors, why not look to the reason for the overt energy these "boys" possess? And harness that energy in a positive manner?

    Guess that would be too easy huh TWAT BOB?

    What do they want?

    My next few posts will be devoted to what the FR/MRM activists REALLY want. And Mz. Petunia hears your uirgency when asking, why Mz. Pigg whatever do you mean? Stay tuned as I take several of their (lets call them "amusing") requests and 'dissect' said "requests". Now as they say in Hollywood, let's roll!!!!

    To Georgia Girl and jeana!!!

    I must add in this little post that I think you are totally wonderful. Your strength in the face of arguing with the (cough gag puke snort) men over there is beyond words!!! And yes I posted this just to see the reaction) :-)