December 2, 2008

No cares over possible bankrupt agency

Yet another uncaring unfeeling individual:

Mister-M Says:

December 2nd, 2008 at 7:24 am
Just as an aside... even had "The Family Place" gone bankrupt as a result of the campaign's efforts - I would have felt no sorrow for the organization. The ads were offensive, misleading, and disgusting. Expressing that sentiment rationally is not "bullying" and if the persuasive efforts of the group resulted in financial catastrophe for "The Family Place" - I (for one) would have felt no guilt about it.

They did the wrong thing and then stood their ground in the face of the outrage. You deal with those consequences.

Frankly, I'm very proud of the way the entire campaign was handled and comparing it to an assault on a church (or similar) is just ridiculous.

Comments such as these from a person who is the author of this website are no wonder. Nothing more needs to be said here. We only have his unconfirmed word that his ex-wife is psycho (one of the MRAs favorite words BTW) and that she suffers from BPD. He is undertaking a course of action that the MRAs are screaming about from the rooftops: smearing someone's name without allowing them the opportunity to defend themselves.

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Anonymous said...

Of course his ex is psycho- can you imagine trying to exist with- THAT ? ! LOL. I hope he didn't spawn.