January 17, 2014

Divorce Corp Cast - Wendy Archer

Wendy Archer is the next "star" of Divorce Corp. Some preliminary research has show some very....shall we say....less than above board ties with those in the family court reform movement. As shown in this screenshot below, Ms. Archer has affiliated herself with John Aster of Australia.

Who is John Aster of Australia?

Perhaps this will help:

Family Court Crisis-Abusers Getting Custody!: The Secrecy Law Scandal; John Aster Exposed

John Aster is engaging in semantics, and as evidenced by comments from many on this article, you can see that one claims he is a pedophile. Another goes on to list the many things he has done besides what is stated in the original article and provides links to those as well.

Wendy Archer also believes in the debunked and unscientific theory of Parental Alienation/Parental Alienation Syndrome/PA/PAS. Many of those who claim that their child is being "alienated" by the other parent have tried and failed to get this syndrome included in the new DSM (Diagnostic Staistics Manual - the bible for psychiatrists and psychologists everywhere). Abused children are removed from protective and formerly abused mothers everyday at the rate of 58,000 per year and placed into the unsupervised care and contact of abusers. Does Ms. Archer want to be responsible for one of those 58,000 abused children?

wendy archer parental alienation - Bing

Divorce Corp Cast - Gloria Allred

Posted by Safe Kids International statement by Gloria Allred:
Statement by Gloria Allred indicating she was duped:
"I am not aware of anything that you have alleged [that Divorce Corp. is touting mandatory equal parenting and false allegations being common]. I have not yet seen the film,but I do think that the clip that they used of me in the trailer is out of context and is misleading as to what I believe.

Gloria Allred states that the clip used of her statement was taken out of context? I wonder if she meant that protective mothers are often unable to afford justice due to higher wage earner fathers?

You be the judge:

People can get as much justice as they can afford. Most people cannot afford justice.

Divorce Corp Movie Cast Expose

Here is a screenshot of the entire cast of Divorce Corp. I will be posting information available on the Internet about each one of the individuals on this list. As of right now we have one who has stated he was duped and is considering legal action and a second who stated she was taken out of context. How many more will come forward?

Gloria AllredSigrinur IngvarsootirKatherine Porter
Wendy ArcherPeter JamisonBonnie Russell
Alexandra BorgEva Marie JohnsdottirGlenn Sacks
Dennis BraunLara JuliusdottirRobert Saunders
Sue BrewingtonAndrew KarresDeb Scanlan
Mark ByronBob KellyRobert A. Schnider
Ulf CarlssonDr. Joe KenanBob Simms
Haskins ElenaDoug KepanisDeborah Singer
Hrefna FrioriksdottirBaltasar KormakerJeannie Suk
Emily GallupDanielle MalmquistLynn Toler
Sol GothardForrest MostenSorrell Trope
Steinunn GoubjartdottirStacey NappPeter M. Walzer
Art GraterJohn J. NazarianRichard Warshak
Margaret A. HagenMichael NewdowDennis Wasser
Jim HeitingGerald NissenbaumLaura Wasser
Jeanie HitnerMaureen O'HaganShelly Watters
Steve HitnerStefan OlafssonMarilyn York
David HoffmanDrew PinskyThomas Zampino

More about NCFathers and stompkinsnc (Susan Terrell Tompkins)

Notice below that we are on the website of one of our old favorite FReaks, Paul Elam of A Voice For Men. In the screenshot below you can see that Susan terell Tompkins is attributed with writing this article for AVfM.

If you click on one of the links in this article on AVfm, it will lead you back to one of the attack articles post by one stompkinsnc at http://ncfathers.wordpress.com (again we do not post links to female hate sites). You can see by the ablove screen shot and the two screenshots below that these are indeed identical articles.

If you check out these two screenshots you will send the final paragraph is also identical in both articles. It is the same article. On AVfm it is published by Susan Terrell Tompkins and on ncfathers it is published by stompkinsnc as shown in the first screenshot below.

Why is this important do you ask? I intend to show you how this blog owner has taken screenshots and with the intent to hurt women/mothers and their children, posted them without any forethought given for the intended purpose of causing harm. Just more of the FReaks and their same old games. I guess I should never have retired? Well I am back to stay. I take NO PRISONERS, FReaks!! Mess with me!

NC Fathers (Michael Sharron, Sharon Terrell Tompkins and stompkinsnc)

Notice that the person making this original post is asking a very valid question. I will be covering the stars of this movie in an upcoming post as well.

Yet you see in the numerous screenshots below that Michael Sharron refuses to address and in facts belittles any woman who attempts to question or defend another woman on this blog. In the words of Shakespeare, me think thou does protest too much Sharron.

You can see here by the screenshot of Sharron's facebook page that he lays claim to the group NCFathers. We will get into that shortly.

FReaks Alert!!!

I will be going through each and every comment on Divorce Corp website. Notice this one. Divorce Corp has stated a gender bias free zone in the movie but we see here the FReaks are already coming out of the woodworks.

Notice in this one the same person posting about "Children's Rights" is posting above about Father's Rights. Yet we see no "Mother's Rights"?

And nothing in the above graphic says anything at all about protection from abuse, protection from witnessing the abuse of mother by father or father by mother. We know why that is, but will not cover it in this post.

January 12, 2014

Retirement? Not for me after all...

Well I suppose retirement is not meant to be after all. It seems we have some more pesky FReaks (Fathers Rights Activists for those confused) and alimony reformers up to some tricks. Shall we say they are misleading the general public? Causing emotional devastation to all those who cross their paths? It is time for me to come out of retirement so I can shall we say, deal with these misfits? I will have more fun than splashing in ma little ol' mudhole. Now on with the games.