January 31, 2010


There will be a hearing on February 19, 2010 (2/19/2010) at the Sacramento Superior Court located at 3341 Power Inn Road, Sacramento, CA 95826, Department 128 beginning at 8:00 AM in which JANELLE BURRILL will be called as an “expert” witness (she was the reunification therapist that abused and traumatized my daughter!). Since she is a witness, we will have the opportunity to cross-examine her and SHRED her credibility!

WE NEED YOUR INPUT!!! If you would be willing to be a witness and testify to the abuse, fraud, and negligence you experienced with your OWN case with regard to Janelle Burrill, we would like to hear from you ASAP!!!

Together, if we can successfully debase Janelle Burrill’s credibility, it could set a legal precedence that would help debase her credibility with ALL cases. Lets FILL THE COURT WITH WITNESSES and work together to rid Sacramento of this menace!!!

Please contact me by email at yippyyea1@yahoo.com. Thank you!

January 20, 2010

Newsflash? Hmmmm Gunner Retired aka oldepharte aka Anon Ymous

So you have had a newsflash? Why don't I share that with our readers?

...She has made it plain she no longer desires to speak with or have any dealings with her mother and her brother.

...I am concerned that she have extended this to her maternal grandparents after discovering that I once sought her maternal grandfathers intervention to restrain my daughters mother and her ,malicious campaign... to which he responded "I got no dog in that hunt".

...Although I do look forward to, when he asks me "why is she not coming to see us this summer?", replying with "what, now you got a dog in the hunt???".

...Pardon me for indulging in vindictive fantasies!

Ummm gee wiz Gunner Retired aka oldepharte aka Anon Ymous........ sounds to me an awful like you are engaging in that PA/PAs you try to push so hard and fast. I guess it is okay when the shoe is on the other foot huh?

And readers - one last delicious tidbit:

Ask Me who is My hero... I'll tell you Erich Hartmann. (click name to visit wikipedia article)

January 17, 2010

Some FRA's are severely deluded and confused :-)

This is a rather long post so be prepared to spend some reading time here.

Click here to read Claudine's post on Jeremy Swanson (Swineson) with the actual content posted below (but go to her website anyway - the images are just too rich!!!)

Jeremy Swanson and the GOOD ole’ boys ‘Sound the ALARMS’. be afraid, be VERY afraid. We are Everywhere. We ARE Anonymoms.
January 15, 2010 — Claudine Dombrowski
Going to try and publish this post- had some really good ones but keep loosing them( must be the distasteful content my PC is allergic to)

Try again….

Some scary stuff below- grab a cup o joe and sit back and prepare to be educated- and yes be very afraid of the ‘cell’ terrorists who like to twist as do all oppressors. They fail to realize that humanity is evolving- and they just stay the same- and like all evolution they will soon be eaten out of existence- like the dinosaurs (no slam to the dinos) just is-

Just a lil update into this post by the big bad wolf—oh wait in Jeremy’s words;

“ particularly vicious militant fringe lunatic by the name of Claudine Dombrowski of Topeka Kansas.”

WOW~! Now is that ever a cry or what?? and coming from a mad man with illegal weapons charges….. read about Mr. Swanson then below read the ALARM that was sounded by the real ‘hate groups”

I do not need to do anymore than “expose’- and that is exactly what I am doing.

Anonymums" out of Australia are allied with various groups and all are linked to one particularly vicious militant fringe lunatic by the name of Claudine Dombrowski of Topeka Kansas.

With LOVE from OZ to OZ Muuuaaaaaaaaaahh!

Ahh Mr Swanson- you give me way to much credit- as you see it is a ‘WE’ not a one and WE are Everywhere. We are Anonymoms.


ohhh and do enjoy the track backs

And Swanson's (SWINESON'S) original antimisandry post here:

I received the following from Jeremy Swanson a Canadian FRA, and have no reason to doubt Mr. Swnason’s veracity.:
All activists and supporters. Canadian national US National and all International Activists. Whether you are on Facebook or not please remember that a certain "Blake Parker" is not a real person, but an "Anonymum" creation. If you have ‘him’ on your friend list, or are communicating via email you have anAnonymum stalker right in your immediate circle. "He/she (probably a female)" is a "friend"to "Ben Harper" also an Anonymum on Facebook.

"Anonymums" out of Australia are allied with various groups and all are linked to one particularly vicious militant fringe lunatic by the name of Claudine Dombrowski of Topeka Kansas.

Other related groups and individuals lnked together are "Mz Petunia Pigg" (AKA Randi James) http://twitter. com/MzPetuniaPig g FR naked (Fathers Rights Naked) "Angelfury"(AKA Claudine Dombrowski) http://www.AngelFur y.org, Glenns Cult. http://glennscult. blogspot. com and Justice 4 Mothers http://justice4moth ers.wordpress. com/ and Anonymums http://anonymums. blogspot. com/
Be very wary of all of these people and groups. They are ‘not your friends’. They are into disruptiion, slander and sabotage. People I do urge you to cut off and disconnect from contact if you are connected in any way with these people. And please warn others.

These are a group of radical feminists who stalk father’s rights activists and harrass them online as well as infiltrate among you and the groups you work with and then saboatage our efforts from within. Please take this very seriously. Cut them out of your links as quickly as you can and please warn others on your own lists.
From: Jeremy Swanson swanson@storm.ca

Yo SWINESON!!!! Get this through your thick damn skull. I am PETUNIA! Me here at http://glennscult.blogspot.com. I am NOT Randi James, nor am I Claudine Dombrowski. In case you have not heard the funder of Anonymums has passed and many, many others carry on her legacy. You see we are not just Anonymums - we are MOMS!!!! And we are sick and tired of abusive men stealing children from us. We WILL get the message to moms entering litigation with an abuser. And one need only look in any paper or turn on any tv news show to see that the number of men killing off most of or all of their families as if they were nothing more than a junk car to be sent to the auto graveyard has increased steadily over the years. In fact this year alone there was a new story (sometimes more than one) in the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK every day. EVERY DAMN DAY!!!!! What will it take for allegations of abuse to be taken seriously? What will it take for men who abuse to stop shifting blame from themselves where it truly lies to others (like the victim - the wife/mother)? Don't even bother to answer that you



We already know what YOUR answer is. And your answer and those of the other FRA's out there will eventually lead to the destruction of humankind as we know it today.

Are FRA's whiners? Lets examine this in detail (or not)

pjk Says:

January 16th, 2010 at 11:51 am
Woman protesting treatment of women = Nobel Prize candidate
Man protesting treatment of men = Pathetic whiner

Okay now, pjk assumes (and we know what happens when one ASS U MEs anything) that a male protesting equates to him being a whiner. Let's examine the male protesters throughout history. We can start with Martin Luther King. He protested (peacefully I might add which we will cover later) the unequal treatment of minorities. He asked for fair and equal TREATMENT of all. We can then examine the case of Rosa Parks (oops she was a woman so not a good example - no actually she is a GREAT example). Rosa Parks made one simple yet extremely poignant statement when she changed seats on the bus. Did she do it for women? Did she do it for black women? NO! She did it for all people! We can then look at Nelson Mandela. He worked for the good of ALL people as well, ending apartheid in South Africa. He was jailed for 27 years for his role in those protests. And one other protester to examine is Tom Hayden. Name not quite familiar to you? He was involved in the civil rights and war movements of the 1960's, animal rights movements today as well as actively involved in politics as well as maintaining a speaking career.

Now let's look at this and see what all of these protestors have in common. Welllllllll, there are men and women in this group. Mixture of races as well, so that is not what they have in common. Ages? Nope they are all different ages as well. Some of these activists were killed - some were not, some served jail time - some did not. So what do these activists have in common?


These activists/protestors were all protesting against unequal treatment of males AND females. Not just men!!! So could that be why FRA's are looked at as whiners when all the FACTS show that post-divorce men tend to do better than women? Post-divorce men tend to do better than the children?

Nah that wouldn't have anything at all to do with the price of tea in China because these mehnz are simply angry that they have to give that bitch any money. And if they are serious abusers, the simple fact alone that the woman is attempting to stand up for herself is against the grain anyways.

Well Petunia's message to these FRA WHINERS (and yes they are VERY MUCH whiners), get a clue, get a life, and love your child and RESPECT the mother of your children. Stop trying to dehumanize her. Quit being crybabies. Oh yeah and grow up. Some of our chidlren are more mature than you.

January 7, 2010

More on Steele - the "artist" and "author"

Okay so now if anyone who cares has been following this you can see that from my blog that Steele was arrested for spray painting all over the side of the courthouse building - "Steele Boys Rights Denide" (spelling error HIS) in Boston. The fathers rights movement is up in arms to protect their poor abused comrade in arms. First let's check out The Examiner and what is being said over there:
It seems Steele's wife wanted him to bring in most of the family income so she could continue to enjoy the stay-at-home parent lifestyle. Was that fair? Equal parenting adocates ask, "Shouldn't marriage be about give and take, compromise, co-parenting? Why couldn't Steele be the stay-at-home parent while he worked on his writing career?" One wonders what exactly prevented Mrs. Steele from stepping up and using her education to benefit her family.

I posted earlier why Mrs. Steele was staying home. They had two chidlren who were considered special needs children and Mr. Steele by all court records and accounts of those present at the court hearing was incapable and unwilling to accept that fact. (posted here).

Then we move onto the actual men involved in this thing and that is where it gets scary and amusing.

Part 1:

Judge Dineen decided to release Steele on Jan 12 pending receipt of $2800 in restitution being sent by his mother. There will be no probation either. Steele's case wasn't heard until about 10:20 and was moved ahead because there were four of us there support of Steele. As I witnessed Dineen's handling of the cases before his court, it struck me that he was a fair and compassionate judge. He proved that with his decision in the Steele case.

Now let's look at this statement. First Steele's MOTHER has to pay for his transgessions. Isn't that classic? Then there is no probation? I wonder if Joe Blow spray painting the courthouse would have been so lucky? Another instance of fathers being given every chance in the world to step up to the plate. And of course you have the ever present bloated heads of those who showed up (all FOUR of them) who truly believe that they influenced the court to move up Steele's hearing. Petunia thinks is it much more likely that the judge wanted these guys gone but hey I am no mind reader. Too bad these men claim to be just that.

We then move on to the scary here:

They had to get him out easy. If there was a trial, we could easily prove the abuse and criminal conduct of that court system. We could have supplied hundreds of victims of that corrupt court. I wonder if the state knew about us wanting to support this guy. I've always said it will take some kind of physical attack and subsequent trial to break up their RICO. I'm surprised they even want him to pay restitution. If he had conviction (balls), he would say no deal and force a trial against the state. It took a shooting of a judge to change things in Nevada.

Now does anyone see anything wrong with this?!?!?!?!?!? Is this person actually suggesting and condoning violence against others? And to clarify - the shooting of a judge also entailed the MURDER of the shooter's wife who was in the process of divorcing him. This person (the shooter) had joint custody. So much for the theory that joint custody solves everything.

You can even do a search for him and see so many misguided individuals who are actually defending him. If he had stuck around, if he had not ignored his son's special needs, if he had not decided on a whim to be a writer when he has 4 children to support, if, if, if, if, we could go on with the "ifs" all night. Fact of the matter is, the divorce judge was presented with the details of this case. She decided his divorce on the merits that both parties presented. If Steele was unhappy about the decision there are appeals and other LEGAL measuers he could have pursued. But the fact remains he did none of this and instead chose to become a martyr. Thankfully by the comments on the news articles he is not fooling everyone. Maybe there is hope yet.

January 4, 2010

They complain about women denying vistitation?

Offended Dad Says:

December 28th, 2009 at 5:42 pm
.... I was going to add - for all the crap my ex has pulled, she still has visitation, and has the next 9 days to try to poison my kids against me.

I'm really sick of the powers that be continuing to minimize and rationalize the crap she pulls.

So what would your answer be Offended Dad? Deny the mother visitations? But oh I forget - you are protecting the child and your relationship with him/her and their relationship with you. How silly of me to think that a MOTHER'S relationship with the child they nurtured while carrying inside of them FOR 9 MONTHS even matters. Silly silly Petunia......

January 2, 2010

Another take on shared parenting - from a MAN!!!

Need I say more? Thanks RightsForMother.com for sharing this video.

More TWAT Bob :-)

Hmmmmmm me thinks TWAT Bob must be in trouble. Why else would he post this message (note red highlighted sections):
Periodic Housekeeping Notice

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All original writing of Bob is protected under US and international copyright laws. No part of The World According to Bob may be reproduced, copied, e-mailed, or republished without permission. Permission is generally granted to republish an entire article in another venue provided that the credit is given to the author, the URL of The World According to Bob is included in the other publication, and Bob is notified of the publication.

Comments from readers are generally welcomed on The World According to Bob. Comments must be germane to the topic. If you wish to comment, make sure your comment is about the topic, and preferably adds information or reflective views about the topic. Bob is not the topic of this blog and comments about Bob are off topic. Comments which include ad-hominem insults or criticism of either Bob or one of the other comment authors will be deleted summarily. In addition, religion is not the topic of The World According To Bob, so comments which are primarily quotations of scripture are off topic and will be deleted.

To the feminazi who read The World According to Bob, I'm glad you are pissed off. I expect that you don't have the mental capacity to offer any comment other than the usual feminazi attack on the person. Too bad, toots. I get a laugh from your hisssy fit, and then it gets deleted.

To the blue gun thugs who read The World According to Bob, I'm glad you are pissed off. I expect that you don't have the mental capacity of swine. Your pathetic attempts at comments are sometimes published for laughs and public education.
Hmmmmm TAWT Bob......Are the police (blue gun thugs) closing in on you? Is that feminist blogger too much for you? I must LOL @ TWAT Bob!!!!!

hmmm a new commenter on HIS website?

John McLaughlin Says:

January 1st, 2010 at 11:44 pm
A major issue is not only does the media not think DV against men a big deal, neither do a lot of men themselves. For example, when Jasper was asked about the Elin and Tiger situation he stated, "make next time she should use a driver rather than a nine-iron". These statements run over and over on the media and it seems that even men believe DV against men is okay. When in fact, violence against men, women or whomever is never okay.

Now take this situation a step further into family court on the following business day. I guarantee there would be restraining orders and supervised visitation issues against the man, or even in the Tiger situation. This is why it is critical to not mess around when these allegations are made.

Take them seriously becuase they can affect your life in many respects. Make sure you find a good attorney who gets it, and will bring the right people together to prove or disprove whatever happened as quickly as possible. Make no mistake, these allegations are costly no matter how you slice it. Protecting yourself from the beginning, don't think the situation will just go away, because it won't. This applies to any victim of abuse and violence, male or female. Being a male only makes it more difficult because there are too many assumptions made from the beginning.

Let me know if I can assist.

John McLaughlin

Let's look at this comment piece by piece. John discusses the need for restraining orders and counseling and evaluations. Since he is posting on a male support forum (well actually it is a bash-females-who-are-uotspoken-and-do-not-agree-wth-us-males board but hey who wants to split hairs at this point). Going to their website one must wonder if this person posting is actually supportive of a female dv victim. This could very well be another example of the court personnel who muts be paid and then there is no guarantee of safety for the victims. Or do they truly do an un-biased eval?

It appears this poster is already biased against women and for men in his last sentence: "Being a male only makes it more difficult because there are too many assumptions made from the beginning." What does that mean? IMO (and again we live in 2010 and in a country where opinions are allowed by all - even women - sorry guys you can't shut us up) this tells me that a man who has been accused of dv should contact John asap after allegations are levied - even the main picture says it all - he said she said. How do you men think dv has been deemed a dirty little secret? Even in my own case (which thankfully is much better now than it was say 4 years ago) when the charge was dropped (not in criminal court either which is a dire mistake), every chance he got he would say he was found innocent. This is simply not true. There was a lack of evidence simply because all the evidence was not admitted. Medical documents proving beyond a doubt that injuries incurred were because of assaults and more. But I digress here.

www.bama.com. check it out. Tell me if YOU think this company would be fair to a female dv victim. I have my doubts simply because this person is posting on an anti-female message board.

more mc - story fits because.....

mc Says:

January 2nd, 2010 at 5:08 am
Looks to me like everyone trying to debunk this story is doing exactly what they criticize - pretending to be in the know.

Only this story is more credible than any offered up so far. Credible as in 'fits the known facts', and credible as in consistent with human behavior. The official story is so far out there that no-one believes a word of it, and Woods is maintaining a silence worthy of al-Queda. I don't think his face has been shown or his voice heard in public since the incident either.

The story fits the way THEY tell it simply because THEY want it to fit that way. Rather than speculating - why don't they either drop it which is Tiger's wish - or find out the REAL truth?