December 29, 2008

Another inductee into the hall of shame

No commentary needed - simply look for the bolded words.

TF Says:

December 23rd, 2008 at 6:09 pm
Let there be equality in the infrastructure jobs. Hand the 80lb. bag of cement to your female coworker to carry up the ramp. Make sure there is a woman out on the steel superstructure. If it's really cold, let your female coworker handle the outside part of the job because of her higher fat level. Shorter women will feel less cramped in the underground mine. Let the placement of persons in the underground mine correspond to their size. Make sure that 50% of the stay at home custodians are men and that the corresponding working women provide equal child support as required of men. They can see the kids every other weekend, so the stay att home fathers can get some time off.

Ooops I lied - I started bolding all the woman hating remarks and realized I would have to BOLD the entire paragraph!!!!!

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