December 4, 2008

Reminder - what this blog is about

This is just a small reminder (not sure if I made it clear or not from the start) about why I created this blog. I am a victim of dv and in going through the divorce initiated by my then husband, I went online to research custody issues and domestic violence in order to protect myself and my child. In the course of my research I was horrified at what I discovered. Women were losing custody to abusive men on a daily basis all over the world!!! I researched my state statutes in order to determine how to best protect us, and was dismayed to discover that there was probably little protection. In the years since the finalization of my divorce I have discovered that to be true. Women who claim to be abused are basically ignored in Family Court. Women who claim that their children have been molested by their husbands are treated even worse.

I have had the privilege of meeting many people online who to some degree or other either agree or disagree with this statement. I was then given the dubious honor of being introduced to Sacks' website. I was warned against posting due to the abusive nature of many of his followers, but I said - oh they cannot be that bad. I had read some questionable posts, but still I gave the benefit of the doubt. I said to myself - self, if you just tell them what you have been through maybe they will see that not every woman is bad and not every woman uses dv as a tool to gain custody (which did me no good in my case even though the allegations were true - we just had little verifiable proof). I was attacked on Sacks' site, I posted on the Parade article about shared parenting and was attacked on there as well. I am sure the attacks on Sacks' site have been removed by now and teh Parade website is difficult to reach since Parade disabled the forum. That generated nearly 40 pages of comments when I was last there (I gave up on trying to give an opposing viewpoint - it was futile). Then I saw and was even more horrified. Women are sexualized at every turn, and here was a woman who was posting pictures of female anatomy on her site in order to induce men to join the FR's in their movement.

It went downhill from that point on. So when I was banned for alleged personal attacks on Sacks' site, I had been threatening to expose his followers for blatant misogyny, I did it. I made this blog. I hope to provide information to warn others who might think these people can be your friends (numerous sites online claim to be assisting Non-Custodial Mothers, yet they are simply a front for FRs (Father's Rights). So with all of this stated, enjoy the serious and sometimes humorous poke at Sacks and his followers.

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