March 3, 2011

Recall Kurt Damrow?

It appears that some severely misguided folks are trying to "recall" Kurt Damrow in Michigan. Petunia must only feel sorry for these poor poor folks.

You ask if we have read the articles? DUH! What a question to ask. Now Petunia will ask one of you Mr. S. Did you know that newspaper reporters are only as good as their notes and their memories? Do you believe EVERYTHING you read in the papers? Really?

Now that is sad. National Enquirer is a "newspaper" so I am to assume this means you think everything stated in that "periodical" is nothing but the truth? Hmmm did not think so.

Now for Petunia's response to you Mr. S. We will NOT SHUT UP, GIVE UP, or GO AWAY!


Petunia questions why you are becoming involved in this case. Who do you know? Are you trying to run for office yourself? Nothing like a knock down drag out mud sling-fest to keep the good ol' boys blood boiling now is there? And if this judge has nothing to hide, then he would not notice the exposure he gets from small, yet vocal grass roots groups - now would he? Or maybe just maybe Judge Knoblock has something to hide? Now that would be just amazing wouldn't it - a family court professional with secrets? Gee golly wiz, now that there don;t happen every day ya'll now do it?