July 19, 2013

Announcement for all Protective Mothers

Due to recent revelations by Janice Levinson and Lundy Bancroft of Protective Mother's Alliance, as a contributor to this blog, I hereby denounce JL, LB and PMA. I do not support either of them, the organization with which they are afilliated, and in fact do believe by Levinson's recent actions that both are needlessly and shamelessly throwing TRUE victims of horrendoes abuse under the proverbial bus. If you decide to align with either Levinson or Bancroft, please do so with caution. Also there have been several rumors regarding my identity. All published rumors that have been published to date are incorrect. I, Petunia am not affiliated in any way with AMPP other than having seen some of the stories of the mothers online. There have been unfounded rumors that I am Claudine and various others. I am not. Please proceed with caution when dealing with Levinson, Bancroft, Windsor, and anyone affiliated with PMA or Lawless America. Thank you.

May 4, 2013

Call to Action!!! Exploitation of elderly man by second wife and father's rights activist

Paetunia was emailed a link to a very sad Youtube video.

While I understand this man's plight seems absolutely horrific, Petunia would like to make several points. My first point is the title of this video. The uploader tries to make you the viewer believe that this man was just recently forced into alimony payments as a disabled, suffering from Alzheimer patient. The uploader would also like you to believe that she is stuck at home caring for him 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Watching the video and listening to the uploader, you can see that she does indeed get breaks from his care. When people get older, they do sometimes develop illnesses and problems. This is extremely sad.

But if you scroll down through the comments (and yes I commented on this video - not to the uploader but to one of the viewers who commented. Sadly you can tell that the person who commented is this man's grown daughter and grandson. They ask Linda to remove this video and replace it with something else. They do not try to take away her right to complain about her situation, they simply ask her to allow their father and grandfather to have some dignity in his last days. I am asking that each one of you view this video (or not, you do not need to do so as it is extremely sad and as much as I did not want to give it any bandwidth, I must in order to highlight his plight and that of his first family), and call 800-96-ABUSE (800-962-2873) and report Linda Morgan and give them the URL to this youtube video. Please get this man some protection. Who knows what kind of care this man is receiving (as you can see from the daughter's comment "Linda" was at the movies when daughter first saw the video) from Linda and if Linda is capable of producing this video and uploading it to youtube what else is she capable of.

I will be making an event for this online (Facebook) which will continue on indefinitely until this video is removed and Linda Morgan is investigated for abuse, neglect and exploitation of a disabled person.