August 31, 2010

Community service and back to court

Patrick McCabe ( on Community service:

Do you get to pick your own community service?

I did.

Consider this,

If you pick the right type of community service you will find there are babes
trolling for down trodden men at the right community service
locations, it could

be a lot of fun!!!!

Worked for me.

August 27, 2010

Original Post Link

Trolls Lawyers for Abuser WOS (waste of skin) Hal Richardson are cruising a lot of websites lately, thinking they belong to Claudine Dombrowski. Rest assured, she is sitting back while the rest of the world expresses outrage. I was the one writing notes at the January hearing in Topeka…oh there were a few of us. Here's a mighty fine video to enjoy, because I am nice like that.

Love, Nancy

PS (From Petunia): I am also not Nancy nor am I Claudine, so guess again. There are more than one of us, two of us, three of us.... You get the gist?

August 25, 2010

Eenie weenie minie mite - which Hoffman is on my site?

I feel like I should ask him to relax, maybe go for a swim (well if I had a pool), have a bite to eat, maybe grab a brewsky? He has been on my site now for 3 days and each time for several hours. The first day he was here for over 5 hours. Now today he is going to see what our visitors are saying about the good Doctor. Guess what Hoffman? You turn will be next. I will find links for rating you. Well both of you since I do not have a looking glass, I can only see your IP is stalking my site. Hope you are having fun! Toodle ooooo!

He said She said the latest

Well there have been comments received regarding the latest scuffle between Claudine Dombrowski and Halleck Richardson. These people "CLAIM" that Rikki does not want to see mom and has not for a long time. And we know this because you say so? We are saying she does not want to see mom and you say she does not. How about we get a completely new person - one who is not invested in this in order to steal money from a disabled woman - one who I might add is disabled because of the child's father Halleck Richardson? Why don't you - if you know so much about this case - have Rikki contact someone who is not in this to beat a woman down - unlike all the other professionals out there? Oh yeah maybe it is because this is not the case?

Whatever..... Halleck Richardson is a wife beater and worse, one need only look at his CONVICTION record to see that.

August 24, 2010


I will be adding new links here so if anyone would like to leave an APPROPRIATE remark for Dr Rodeheffer you may come to this link to check it out.

1. Albott & Assoc - David C Rodeheffer PHD - Topeka, KS - Psychologists

2. New link here when provided.

August 22, 2010

More on Claudine and allegedly corrupt doctor Rodeheffer

Click here to help more people avoid what has happened to Claudine and her daughter

You can go to this link above and help future generations avoid a psycho wannabe whose only interest is lining his pockets. Give one star across the board. If you find any other rating websites for David Rodeheffer, please share in the comment section. Remember keep this up, we need hundreds of ratings for this psycho wanna be so nobody will go to him.

Oh and Petunia has had some fun, here is a picture of David Rode a Heifer:

I wonder if he did?

Protest Glenns Sacks and Father's and Families at the Cincinnati Zoo

Father's and Families supporters will be at the Cincinnati Zoo on September 5th for a "Cheetah Run". I am asking all who live in Cincinnati or those close bring your signs and protest this blogger who would steal a child from a loving and caring mother, this blogger who would lie about an adult child (Jennifer Collins) and her experiences as a young child, and this blogger who only publishes untruths about family court.

If you do manage to get there please send pictures and let us know how it goes. I think this should be done wherever any of these unscrupulous fathers rights activists will be.

Robert Franklin - not too bright?

So he is quoting an article on some psychology website about a study concerning fathers and children. Here is his comment:

Sons who have fond childhood memories of their fathers are more likely to be emotionally stable in the face of day-to-day stresses, according to psychologists who studied hundreds of adults of all ages.

Well duh!!!! I think daughters who have the same thing will get the same benefit. And what about those sons who do not have that same great relationship with dad? What about those children whose fathers are abusive (and by looking at Dastardly Dads we see that bad dads are all too common)? I wonder who will do that study?

August 21, 2010

Judge David B Debenham is now CRIMINALIZING Motherhood

Judge David B Debenham, are you now going to criminalize motherhood? How would your mother feel about that? You allow a psycho doctor to testify to things that allegedly happened several years ago (what the hell else does HISTORICALLY mean?) and also give heresay testimony, but disallow the mother Claudine to cross examine these alleged witnesses? You also illegally STEAL her property? You create a gag order on her (but not on us and you will never gag us) and you will not allow her access to any documents in HER file, no transcripts are allowed?

Claudine testified that she did not place those documents online. Until you have solid proof that she did otherwise and she is allowed a TRIAL with a jury of her peers (oh yeah that is one jury I will sit on since I am one of her peers), you CANNOT do the things you have done.

So have your little fun. You can shut her up but you can't shut us up. NO! YOU CANNOT SHUT ME UP!


Oh and for my valued readers try this: dbdebenham at aol dot com.

And Judge David Debenham, you have been found guilty of crimes against the universe, specifically Claudine and her daughter.

Oh and PS Judge Debenham this is my OPINION and last I looked we live in a free country and I can have my opinion. My opinion is that you have stolen Claudine's daughter and not allowed them to have contact with each other. And as far as any other information provided on here, it is readily available on the internet, so enjoy all of your new friends.

August 20, 2010

Poor widdle JILL DYKES was a scaredy cat

Ahhh the poor poor widdle Jill Dykes was a scaredy cat. She thinks that there are many angry bloggers out there ready to attack her? I mean seriously why else did she leave court today after stabbing Claudine through the heart and not allowing Rikki to come home to her mom. How many moms out there have said no you cannot call your dad or no you cannot go visit him and NOT been threatened with Jail? I know LT was not only threatened with it but she was thrown in jail. Danielle Malmquist has also been thrown in jail.

Oh!!!!! I had a serious brain fart!!!! The pisshead JD was scared of little ol' Claudine? Nah you can't be serious Petunia. What could Claudine do even if she wanted to? Halleck Richardson has made damn sure she will never be able to work another day in her life, he has hired men to rape her, has hired women to beat her, and now he continues his abuse of her by now allowing a mother and daughter to have contact. He also has the criminal conviction record to prove all of this.

And let's not forget Don Hoffman and his snot nosed son Jason P. Hoffman. Hell has a special place for these two when they go.

And the winner of the day goes to the very UN esteemed Judge David Debenham. He is the one who yet again would not hold Daddy dearest responsible and allow Claudine and Rikki to reconnect as mother and daughter. And the pisser in all of this? He took Claudine's cell phone away from her. I guess the DYKES bitch thought Claudine would call all of her big bad ass blogger friends. Guess what DYKES? The Internet is more powerful than you, whinehead Hoffman, snot nosed brat Hoffman and woman-beater, wife raping child stealing Halleck Richardson and all the GAL's who want to side with widdle ol' scaredy cat Jill Dykes (Yes you Renee). We will prevail. You cannot keep this mother and daughter apart forever. Rikki will be 18 one day and then your little circus will go up in flames. But we shall continue to hope it does not take that long.

Oh and so you know Jill Dykes, I have a special little movie coming for you very soon. So you and your little buddies Hoffman and Hoffman should keep visiting. I can tell when you do and I will be watching beeyotch.

Only Jill Dykes wants to get Claudine, her daughter and everything else in between. Jill Dykes will not be happy until Halleck Richardson is successful in obliterating Claudine.

August 18, 2010

The Truth??????

Biscuit Queen signature line on SYG:

There are always two extremes....the truth lies in the middle.

Umm actually that saying goes:

There are three sides to every story, his, hers and the turth lies somewhere between.

And we on the side of protective mothers have found by speaking to the mothers and to the "now grown and abused by dad" children that the truth is actually closer to moms.

User Mens Rights Activist is not too bright himself

Yep, I heard she had a five year old daughter too. FOX News reported one of the sons was two years old and the other was 18 months old. Umm, so she was only pregnant 6 months with the second child?

Well do the math numbnuts:

Oldest child who is 2 could be 35 months old and still be 2, DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. And it is simply amazing that they have to pull up Susan Smith from 15 YEARS ago when we have daily articles of men killing their children. I wonder how much news this story will generate? Not near the publicity of Casey Anthony, I am sure, and probably tons more than that of Ronald Cummings. You see when a dad could be implicated in a child's murder the main stream media covers it up as quickly as they report on it. Why else would I (not a resident of South Carolina) be watching stories of the SC mother whose two sons went into a river at her hands? Because it is a mommy killing, not daddy, and because it is reminiscent of Smith.

But rather than get on a kick of mommy killing vs. daddy killing, I just wanted to show what nincompoops live on the fathers bitch boards. those that are simply incapable of using the one brain cell they have left.

This just popped into my head

In perusing the not so famous father's rights bitch boards, I found a post from dear old Quentin0352. Remember him? Thought so lol. Anyway what has dear old Quentin's panties in a wad this time?

Stories like this are killing my wife since we have been trying the IVF route with my being snipped. So far we have spent about $12,000 and no luck when she would be a GREAT mother while scum like this can have kids. Just pisses me off even more to see this kind of shit and that they will find an excuse for her having mental/emotional problems.

Did ya ever think maybe it is because YOU are not supposed to have any more children and now your poor wife who just might be a good mother (well she married you so I have to give her several strikes for that one) will be childless? Yeah I think of those things.

Bogus Facts and Bogus Arguments?

So why is it that the anti-dad crowd pretends that the rare instances in which fathers injure their children support the proposition that, as a matter of public policy, fathers generally should be suspect and fathers' parental rights truncated? Mothers injure more and, as the cases mentioned illustrate, every bit as brutally as the worst father.

and this as well:

It's long past time that we stopped using bogus facts and bogus arguments to continue to separate children from the fathers who love them.

I only have one comment for the statement above about bogus facts and bogus arguments:

Well Sacks, we are waiting!!!! When are YOU going to stop using bogis facts and misleading YOUR readers about the goings on of F&F? On Rights For Mothers, there was an article dated August 11th entitled "California Call To Action - Give Children a Voice in Court:

Looks like Glenn Sacks is wrong again. This is from the Center from Judicial Excellence (CJE), who is also helping parents, including father Jayraj Nair, in their criminal complaints against corrupt California custody evaluator Janelle Burrill, in a fashion similar to how AB 2475, which Fathers & Families claims is dead (it’s not), will help all parents get relief from such corrupt, biased individuals. {Read More}

I could also copy and paste every single story at Dastardly Dads but with nearly 3500 articles, that is simply not feasible. Not many of those articles are duplicate "dastardly dads" and you will find several from history databases. Wow! Dads have been killing the kids for this many years and we never knew? Nah, we knew but we are ignored.

Now it is time to ignore the purveyor of "bogus facts" and "bogus arguments" before our children are wiped off the face of the earth. Just watch this little video clip to get an understanding of why moms are as a rule - protective, and dads simply are not (again as a rule).

Dumbo's mom (who has no name) is locked away for simply wanting to protect her child. Are we going to outlaw motherhood as many of the FReaks and FRags would like? Stop outlawing motherhood and return children to their natural parent - the mother.