December 23, 2008

BMCC - Are they scared?

Read below and you decide:

Once again the Battered Mothers (BM) Conference is being held with its usual agenda of misinformation and hate. The importance of this event is that the individuals in that group send out disinformation to various police departments, judicial organization, legislative bodies, etc... and use the conference to validate their promoting of hate toward men. This is one of the groups that has harmed so many families (men, children, and women) with their "MAN BAD" propoganda. You may recall their very aggressive misinformation efforts in the very biased PBS movie "Breaking the Silence". Well they are at it again. They are shameless. A quick review of their speaker list will show it is devoid of any who may question their motives, agenda, or methods. A similarly quick review of the presentation topics makes it clear what the agenda is, attack men. The speakers are mainly those with a financial stake in the divorce industry maintaining the status quo. They run the gamut from shelter workers to attorneys and judges. I see no one on the speaker list who has done any significant peer reviewed research or paper on the issues of DV. I recognize several who spout well disproven hate. We need to begin to ask why there is no balance of presentation. We need to begin to address the many agencies that hear from this group to counter the propoganda with what our own government and university researchers know about DV. And, it is clearly not what the government and university researchers have concluded. BM has pushed the established Feminist Agenda in family policy that has nearly destroyed our culture, our families and even our country. They need to be called to task each time they try to present fiction as fact and hate as reason. BM's announcement on their conference can be found at http://www.battered motherscustodyco nference. org/ We need to begin to question them as to why they are not allowing a free exchange of facts, research and approaches to controlling DV. The group claims on its home page
"The Conference is neither financially supported by,
nor officially affiliated with,
any particular group, organization,

gender-based ideology,

he Conference is neither financially supported by,
nor officially affiliated with,
any particular group,


gender-based ideology,

or political agenda."

One quick look at the speakers list and their topics will tell you otherwise. A verbal disclaimer does not turn a skunk into a rose.

There is no button or address that I have found that will allow online contact or response to these individuals. However I did find a page of interest that will allow Exhibitors to display at the conference. I would hope that someone in that region could attend and possibly provide free material, such as one of Media RADAR's free brochures.

The sign up page for Exhibitors gives NOW chapters a discount. This clearly argues against the "not biased" statements on their main page.

We have another effort to paint good fathers bad and the worst of mothers as good. We need to begin to address this as firmly as we can.

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Rj said...

They sure do have a lot to say. I think this is their biggest threat. What amazes me though, is the fact that they talk about male-hate so much. What they continue to fail to acknowledge, IS THAT WE'RE TALKING ABOUT FUCKING BATTERERS. It's a technique called shifting the focus. It is a thinking error.