December 12, 2008


We have our first regular "fan?". You decide. I think it is quite ironic that this "porky" refuses to discuss "every" post I make. Too tired porky from your other blog?


Porky said...

"We have our first regular "fan?". "
Using the royal pronoun, are you?

"You decide."
Decide what?

"I think it is quite ironic that this "porky" refuses to discuss "every" post I make."
Why is it ironic for me to comment on some but not all? After all, you dont comment on all of Glenns posts- is that "ironic"? Are you sure you know what ironic means?
Face it, new friend- why would the feminists waste their time with you when they can go for the well written and entertaining sites like Feministing and Alas? Unless you gain another 20 iq points and greatly increase the size of your vocabulary your work as a blogger will be consigned to oblivion.

Rj said...

If you're not sucking man's dick, anything outside of that is misandry.

Glenn's Cult? said...

I generally commented on all of Glenn's posts which put at risk a mother's inalienable right to raise the chidlren. After all, most creatures human and otherwise are raised by the mother. Why should this be any different and why should a mother be looked at like she has 3 horns on her head when she tries (usually in vain) to defend against an abusive man?

As far as increasing my vocabulary, I need do nothing but continue as I am. All I need is Glenn's follwoers and others around the internet to provide me with their drivel and I will have a blog. You see I am a woman and I am proud of what knowledge and expertise I possess. I do not need to impress anyone.

It still amazes me that because I do not use big words or I use words repeatedly that means I have a low IQ. We shall not discuss my education because it will be much higher than that of many on Sacks' site. It might not be up there with some but I am educated and I am intelligent. I am smart enough to see that many men on Glenn's site hate the idea of paying child support and want to remove a woman as a child's mother. They want to claim ownership of children and wife as long as it suits them. When it no longer suits them they are outta here.