December 16, 2008

Take the time to actually click links and investigate further please

AnonymousPamphleteer Says:

December 15th, 2008 at 1:01 am
Why should his ex-wife be required to stay with a man who is obviously defective? Spinal injuries, MS -- how can he be of any value to her?

I clicked the links offered and determined that the divorce preceeded the diagnosis of MS by at least 6-8 months. We do not know the grounds for divorce, we are not in this household and we are being given one side of the story. We have not heard from this woman, and we have only heard from the man. If this did indeed happen it is disgusting. However knowing about the criminal process as I do, medications are never allowed to be brought into the jails, and the pharmacy in the jail only has standard medications. Specialized meds (such as those for MS) might not have been available. I know this about meds and jails because I had a very close family friend who was jailed for a few days due of course to bad decisions on his part. He was on medication due to spinal injuries and other issues and he was not allowed to bring his medications to the jail, and while he was able to get some of the meds while incarcerated, he had to wiat until he could speak to a jail doctor which was the next day after being arrested. This is simply procedure because there is no way to determine if meds brought into the jail are being used for the intnded purpose. Jailers are not educated and cannot determine if drug a is actually drug a and not drug b. This is done to protect the jail population, the jailers, and the system. Otherwise people would be rbinging any nature of illegal substance into the jails, claiming it is for health issues. Anarchy will rule. Sadly this is how things work when someone is jailed.

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