December 4, 2008

News Feed about Dart ads

I realize that this is very difficult to see but the text of the disclaimer is not so timy that it cannot be read. And it should also be noted that the text with The Family Place's motto is 1/2 the size of the "disclaimer" text, yet the opposition was able to easily read it.


Rj said...

You see how one man swung that though:

"A Black man is going to kill his wife"

Like it REALLY said all of that from a picture. And I hate that he was speculating how we may hypothetically feel. Ignorant. I hope on all the rest of his days, he care this much about Black people.

Glenn's Cult? said...

He also assumed quite a bit about the fact of what her future husband's race would be as well. This to me says a lot about his beliefs. I don't know if I am over reacting to that or not though.

Rj said...

Well then, basically, it was ALL an assumption...and not even good ones...LOL

porky said...

"He also assumed quite a bit about the fact of what her future husband's race would be as well."
He probably went on the fact that when he meets a black woman who is narried she is usually married to a black man. He's playing the odds and he is right- when the child model grows up chances are she will marry a black man.

"This to me says a lot about his beliefs."
He believes what he sees, which means he would make a lousy feminist.

Glenn's Cult? said...

Again another MRA is pigeonholing and stereotyping women. She has the choice to marry anyone she wants to marry. For anyone to ASS U ME that her future husband will be black.

Anonymous said...

Playing the odds, yeah, that's accurate. Well, then the odds say that men commit more domestic violence, right?

He believes what he wants to see...sees only what he wants to believe