December 23, 2008

More "drivel" :-)

I can't believe it. You won't let a guy revel in the afterglow of a really good first hate-letter. Man give me a break, I was a virgin and now you embarass me. I will never be able to enjoy a good hate letter again. I think you may have just committed an actionable tort. Or is she the actionable old Tart? Oh well, either way, I'm shutting down for the night on this one. I think she is all upset about my addressing the upcoming Battered Mothers conference that has done so much harm to men and children. If so, I hope she begins to look a little closer at the BM movement. Later, Drive Safe

(another email from

and in response to this (notice the mention of the Battered Mothers Conference)

I am sure the BM movement refers to Bowel Movement right?

(posted again by another of our "friends"

and the response back from

Yes, the Battered Mothers Movement, Bowel Movement Movement, all the same ole, same ole. At least I think so, I seem to be having a little mental constipation for the moment.

In closing one must wonder why the mental constipation? Too busy drumming up ideas on how to further traumatize his ex?

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Rj said...

How can the BMCC harm children? I love how they always throw the children in there when they are referring to men.