March 31, 2009

mca and the Salem witch trials? Hoooboy this one's a doozy, makes me about woozy....

8 Says:

March 31st, 2009 at 1:48 pm
I believe the witch burnings in early American history, in Salem Massachusetts, we're started by two young girls that we're accusing older women of "witchery". And in the mass hysteria that accompanied these accusations, people we're burned at the stake.
The question is, is there anyone man enough to start to hold women/girls accountable for their lies, when they lie to the law enforcement community, or do we continue our spiral into mass hysteria??

Ah yes mca, history does indeed state it was several young girls who acted out and started the hysteria in Salem. But who finished it?

THE MEN!!!!!

Men hurting themselves?

Stan Says:

March 31st, 2009 at 1:04 pm
Sad situation.

The injure-yourself theme is fairly common with women. Mostly to hurt a male, to make it look like "he" did it.

I have not heard about a male harming himself in order to frame a female as perpetrator.


Well Stan I can tell you from my years as an advocate and also as a former victim that yes men do hurt themselves, intentionally so they can get the women in trouble. My own abusive ex did this. I watched him and so did our children. In fact that is what saved me from sure jail time - one of the little buggers (sadly the one who when visiting dear ol dad gets the comments - dam I thought I divorced that beeyotch, but she comes back every other weekend). Ladies we have been challenged I believce. Has your ex ever hurt himself, or done something to make it appear he was the victim rather than you? Please comment below, send yoru friends to comment as well. I will turn anonymous commenting back on to protect your identity. And Stan your comment goes to the flush-o-matic as well.


The KING himself is concerned?!?!?!?!?

2) That being said, Yoshida looks so small and frail that I'm a bit concerned about her ability to handle sharp comebackers. Hopefully she's got good reflexes.

2) She throws a sidearm knuckleball--very rare. The only one I ever heard of doing that was Dan Quisenberry, who only used it for a couple years and it wasn't his main pitch. If she can actually throw this pitch, she may be very durable, considering that the knuckleball takes far less out of your arm than other pitches, and the sidearm motion is more natural than the conventional overhand motion. From the video above, there seems to be very little stress on her arm.

3) One thing that I think will be difficult for her is hitting. Pitchers aren't expected to hit much, but they do have to do it a little. Does anybody know if the Japanese leagues use the Designated Hitter rule? That would increase her chances.

Oh Sackypoo, she is just oh so small and oh so frail, we must protect the little womyn....PLEASE!!!!!! Women can do whatever they want, whenever they want. If a woman wants to be POTUS, then she by god has the right to try to do so. If she wants to care for her children by being a SAHM, then she can do that too. WOMEN do not need tubs o' lard like you to protect us. Lose the knight in shining armor act. It does not become you at all.

Oh and learn how to number too.....

March 30, 2009

Legally Kidnapped......

Have you committed the crime of giving birth to a male who would eventually grow up to father a child? If so, I wanted to bring your attention to this particular blog post from Glens Cult.

Well LK, the particular grandmother of which I am speaking wants to steal the child away from his or her mother and this infant is only 10 weeks old. This is barely enough time for the child to be bonding with the mother. There is also no mention of whether the mother is breastfeeding the infant. Here is what La Leche League has to say about breastfeeding:

A mother and her baby should breastfeed for as long as they wish to breastfeed. The American Academy of Pediatrics currently (2005) recommends: "Pediatricians and parents should be aware that exclusive breastfeeding is sufficient to support optimal growth and development for approximately the first 6 months of life and provides continuing protection against diarrhea and respiratory tract infection. Breastfeeding should be continued for at least the first year of life and beyond for as long as mutually desired by mother and child." * As solids are introduced, usually around the middle of the first year, your baby will shift his primary source of nutrition from your milk to other foods.

All the benefits of human milk—including nutritional and health—continue for as long as your baby receives your milk. In fact, as your baby takes less human milk, these advantages are condensed into what milk is produced. Many of the health benefits of human milk are dose related, that is, the longer the baby receives human milk, the greater are the benefits.

They also have this to say about breastfeeding and visits away:

Breastfeeding is an important parenting and health choice for mothers and babies. But when parents separate or divorce, conflicts may arise between the mother's desire to continue breastfeeding and the father's plans for visitation. However, breastfeeding can be protected in family law cases without sacrificing the father's bond with his children. Babies need the love of both their parents, and it should be unnecessary for the courts to pick one relationship over the other, when both are so important.

So as you can see LK, forcing long periods of visitation/parenting time on a brand new baby who could possibly be breastfeeding is not a good idea. Yes the father should be allowed to bond with this child as (providing he is NOT ABUSIVE), but for this paternal grandmother to suggest she wants full custody of this child (in other words she wants to remove the child from his or her mother) is NOT right!!!!

I guess your blog - Legally Kidnapped - is not a misnomer after all, you truly do want to help people legally kidnap children.

March 29, 2009

JeanB must have a very low IQ or.... well I guess there really is NO excuse for her stupidity

First TF who is one of the cult followers (and a regular one at that since he has been featured here before) makes remarks about a woman's appearance. Again this is one of the signs/symptoms of a controlling and angry man (verbal abuse). Second he is on an angry MRA/FR blog forum (sign #2). We must watch for further comments and see if sign #3 exists (wife accused me of abuse and stole my house, my car, my kids, and my money). If sign #3 exists then Petunia can just about guarantee he is an abusive person. Only way to figure this fact out quicker would be to deduce TF's identity and then do a search for his court records. Petunia doesn't waste her time on that though. Before deducing several of the cult members' identities she always guessed correctly as to their nature.

Well after TF insult Marcia Pappas, JeanB then gets into the fray by throwing out insults as only a woman colluder can. She appears to be insulting herself while all the while she is insulting Ms. Pappas.

Well JeanB, you say you are overweight due to being in your 40's and having had how many children? One? Well I have had multiple children (close to the octomom before the babies arrived) and I am not fat, not considered overweight and I am alsio in my 40's. In fact as a mom to an overweight child, feel the insults you are putting out to anyone who is overweight. Having children a long time ago does not make you overweight. Being over a certain age does not make you overweight. You become overweight when your metabolism slows down, when you do not eat properly and when you do not get the right combinations of food, vitamins and exercise.

So take your veiled insults and shove them where the sun don't shine (or better yet - send them down the drain in our flush-o-matic).

TF Says:

March 29th, 2009 at 9:49 pm
I've met Pappas and she is a very obese feminist who at my last meeting took and standing in front of me fed her fat face with three cream filled doughnuts from those provided by the fathers group at a legislative meeting. Her problem with men is her extreme obesity. Men are not responsible for her obesity.
Obesity is not an excuse for misandry and Pappas' cadre of feminist psychopath bimbos deserve no respect. Pappas is the poster child for a NOW feminist and the reason for their misandry..

JeanB Says:

March 29th, 2009 at 10:05 pm
#14, TF, as much as I am busting out laughing right now, shame on you for picking on the poor woman for her disorder. That’s what obesity is, yes? And we know that disorders are never one’s own fault.

And before anyone jumps all over me, I am about 25 or so pounds heavier than I should be. And yes, it is my own fault. But hey, I have a kid and am over 40. Such is life.


More from Gunner Retired.....

Gunner Retired Says:

March 29th, 2009 at 8:31 pm
.......Gunner Retired

PS: And innocent mens lives will continue to be devastated over mere accusations... and why shouldn't they? Review the Desiree Nall case in Florida.

Gunner why don't you discuss the 2 murder suicides in Miami and the most recent one in Orange City - this one not only were there multiple victims, one of the victims of the MAN who shot and killed people including himself - he decided to ambush the police who were coming to check on him at the insistence of his ex-wife. The ex-wife in fact who had previously asked for RO's on two separate occasions. Hmmm makes me wonder exactly what was going on there.

So yes Gunner Retired aka Gunn Retarded, let's talk about Florida you DUMAS!!!!

License to Kill? Not likely.....

IG Says:

March 29th, 2009 at 9:11 am
You could have the nicest husband and kill him in cold blood and just say "domestic violence" and walk.

Yep, the courts pretty much give them a liscense to kill....

So IG explain to me then why a woman who was abused (numerous people testified about this and this was during the time when abuse was NOT recognized) was tried for a murder that she did not commit - her husband committed this murder - was found guilty and was thrown in jail for 29 years!!!! Click Here to read more about Connie Keel.

Hating women

Mr. Glass Says:

March 21st, 2009 at 10:09 am
Hating women is an honorable and viable political act...

And we wonder why these men say women are ANGRY? If you were targeted like this wouldn't you be angry as well?

Grandmother wants to STEAL a 10 week old baby from the mother

My son is ther father of a 10 week old baby girl. We filed a petition to establish paternity . She had until 2/23 to respond to the papers served to her on 1/29. On 3/9 our attorney filed for a default hearing. On 3/9 their attorney filed a response of denial. After speaking the attorneys agreed that both parties should get together and resolve this out of court. My son is asking for standard Texas visitation with overnight visits. He still lives at home while attending technical college and would not even be alone with the child. The mother also lives at home with her mother, her two brothers, her gransparents and three cousins. Baby makes 10 in the house but I have been told that dosen't matter. The baby sleeps in a crib in the living room. This is also the room the mother and her mother sleep in in the same bed. I worry about her crib being under a window. We have a much safter environment for her but do not want to take her away from her mom. WE just want the time he deserves. The meeting that was going to take place this week never happened. Their attorney never retunred the calls from ours.My son is sending child support weekly and has not seen his daughter since she was 12 days old and that visit was for about 5 minutes tunil the mother told he he had no rights to the baby. Our attorney says next step if they will not talk is to file for a temp order. That could take up to 20 days. My son is distraught about missing so much of his daughters early life. WE don't even know if she is growing okay. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas that could help us?

I have only one suggestion for you Grandma from HELL.....GET OUT OF YOUR SON'S LIFE!!!!! You had your time at being a mother, leave being a mother to (drumroll folks) THE MOTHER!!!!

2+2=4 not 5 you DUMAS!!!!!

Tex Says:

March 5th, 2009 at 4:34 pm
"This is one factor why women are so touchy about equal custody. Once the children are removed as a crutch there is no reason why they should not have to walk the walk just like the men have had to do for eternity."

Actually this is the main factor. Bring up equal custody and what's the first thing that happens? A fem immediately screams that men just want to pay less child support.

Meaning, clearly, that women just want to receive more.

If the "types" of women who are in your life are like this, then I feel very badly for you. Now with that being said, child support is about giving the child (as closely as possible) the same lifestyle enjoyed by the child when the couple was still together. A child who lived in a million dollar home should not have to be living in a studio apartment simply because the father is too selfish to support said child. Also in your little world, I do not know where an area where it is possible for a mother and the children to live on what a father is court ordered to pay in child support. Should the child suffer simply because mom or dad (whoever the case may be) couldn't keep their clothes on? Or because they decided to no longer live together as man and wife? Or (as in most cases of child support revolt) the man is abusive, controlling and feels "that bitch should not get MY MONEY?" "That bitch" will not "get" your money indefinitely (unless of course you decide to revolt). At some point she will cease to benefit indirectly from the payments made to support a child. So get over yourself already. Most of you MRA's are such a whiny little bunch - my 5 yr old is more mature than you are.....

Judge using his power on the bench incorrectly?

[2] Even for law-related organizations, a judge should consider whether the membership and purposes of the organization, or the nature of the judge’s participation in or association with the organization, would conflict with the judge’s obligation to refrain from activities that reflect adversely upon a judge’s independence, integrity, and impartiality.

RULE 1.2: Promoting Confidence in the Judiciary

A judge shall act at all times in a manner that promotes public confidence in the independence,* integrity,* and impartiality* of the judiciary, and shall avoid impropriety and the appearance of impropriety.

Now how is it possible for a judge to perform fully under these rules of ethics when they give father's rights speeches to auditoriums filled with men. This same judge refuses (or maybe just hasn't done so yet) to give these same speeches to mothers, instead this judge routinely removes children more and more from the mothers lives, handing over more and more control to - you guessed it - the controlling and abusive ex-husbands.

Now the abused mom who is directly under the auspices of this judge knows who she is and I apologize for how long it took to post this. I sincerely hope that this judge will be removed from her case soon and her parenting time with her chidlren will be restored in an unsupervised manner.


Another jealous stepmonster

2ndWife Too Says:

March 5th, 2009 at 1:45 pm
When my sisters had kids, they told me how hard it was to be a SAHM. Even my sister who lived in Dubai with a live-in maid/nanny LOL. When I got pregnant, and had twin boys, I was terrified of how hard it would be, based on my sisters accounts. Well, what I found out is that staying home, even with twins, is not near as hard as working full-time. When my husband related to his co-workers that I admitted staying home to raise kids was easier (and more fun), they were incredulous "she actually admits that?!" It is also so ful-filling to be able to see your kids change every day when they are young. I didn't get to stay home full-time long (becaue of all the $$$ sent to 1st wife who has kids in junior high and still doesn't work). Women who stay at home and don't appreciate what they have, and the option to have it, are spoiled and ungrateful.

Need I add anything more to this hate-filled spew from a "supposed" second wife? Only one thing comes to mind -

More quotes from a rambling bygone pro-pedophile

miles Says:

March 5th, 2009 at 1:39 pm
"The fundamental mistake of the feminist movement was to take the female
area of sacrifice, raising the children, and call that sacrifice,
and take the male area of sacrifice, raising money, and call that power."
- Warren Farrell

Tsk tsk tsk.....miles is still quoting the pro-paedophilia ramblings of one Warren Farrell. miles, miles, miles.....Warren Farrell is so passe...He loves little girls (and I mean little GIRLS). Quoting him is only going to get you eye rolls, statements like "oh not more of that garbage, and in the way of accomplishing anything - you will make ZERO progress. There are a multitude of websites and blogs out there today who know the truth of your little GOD - Warren Farrell. The Myth Of Male Power? Not likely.... Try more like "How Men Can Rape Their Daughters".......

Ahhh poor baby took him 20 minutes to write his hate filled speech (and even then he could not spell nor use proper grammar)

Danny Says:

March 5th, 2009 at 12:00 pm
So women are wish dads would share in child/house care so they can get out of the house and away from the kids for a change. Men wish women would share in outside work so they could stay at home and with the kids for a change.

It's amazed me how stay at home moms are praised for choosing to sacrifice their careers and outside lives to take care of child and home and working moms are praised for choosing to sacrifice time with their children and be the breadwinner while simultaneously scorning stay at home dads for not being real men by choosing not to work and are scorned for choosing to make mom to stay home while they go out into the world to enjoy the easy life.

The hypocricy of that sentence twisted me up so bad it took me almost 20 minutes to get it typed correctly.

DISCLAIMER: Petunia has no fingers only hooves with which to type so grammer and typographical errors abound on this site. What is Danny's excuse? The entire second paragraph in his vermin hate-filled speech against women is exactly ONE sentence. ONE!!! I truly hope one day he lets on to at least his general location so I know where to avoid living. I want my child to grow up to be able to use proper grammar and writing styles (hooves be damned lol at least we Petunias try our very best).

Laurie can join the list of colluders (or otherwise known as child support haters - except when they are on the receiving end)

Laurie Says:

March 5th, 2009 at 1:28 pm
I would have LOVED to be able to stay at home with my daughter, but it's simply not financially feasible for my husband and I (of course he pays a large chunk of change in CS, so that doesn't help any). We need both incomes and luckily enough, my mom watches our daugher for free.

Last year, my parents went on vacation so I took the week off to stay with our daughter. Let me tell you...any woman that says being a SAHM is equally or more difficult that working outside of the home is quite simply...FULL OF IT! Like Glenn's as difficult as you make it. I am admittedly one of those "clean freaks", who likes everything to be clean and in it's place, and I found that spending only a bit of time every day doing just basic straightening up, and maybe a load or two of laundry, stopping at the grocery store, that I still had PLENTY of time to spend with our daughter and I also had a fair amount of time for myself as well. Around 5:00 I would start dinner and by the time my husband came home @ 6:30, the house was clean, our daughter bathed and in her PJ's and dinner was on the table. Sorry ladies, but I just don't consider that work. And even if I did, it doesn't hold a candle to the amount of work my husband does six days a week. It's funny too because when I've told that story to some SAHM's that I know, they got all offended and I was letting their little secret out of the bag.

Okay Lauuuurieeeeeee (sorry doing my best to show MY contempt and sarcasm towards this "person" while at the same time keeping it somewhat in check), one must ask several million dollar questions here:

1. Does your dear hubby (who was mentioned once directly and several times indirectly about his "HUGE" cs obligation) - does he contribute at all towards household duties? Does he do dishes? Cook supper? Mow the lawn? What is the division of household duties in your household?
2. What is the age of your LONE child? You mention "daughter" yet you fail to mention her age and if there are other children in the household. One child is much easier to care for than 2, 3, or more. The age of a child is also a factor, as young infants require some attention, toddlers require constant supervision, older toddlers require slightly less and the level of supervision of said schildren declines as these children get older.
3. One must wonder over the level of hostility towards the previous spouse of you husband. Do you display this animosity towards her in her presence? That is is keeping with "friendly" parenting yes siree.
4. At 6:30 your child is in pj's? If she is a young child that might be all well and good, but at 6:30 your child is ready for bed? What time does she have to socialize with anyone (again no age of daughter was given so we cannot go on anything here). I know my school aged child would pitch a fit to be having to take a bath and be in pj's by 6:30pm. She is still over at friends' houses or she has friends over here.

Being a stay at home mom or being a working mom are both challenging tasks. I refuse to get into a debate with you, my sole purpose is to call you out as the woman hater you truly are.

More hatred of women in general and stay at home moms specifically

Dave Says:

March 5th, 2009 at 11:53 am
Thanks for setting these people straight, Glenn.

Anyone who thinks that the typical stay-at-home parent works harder than the typical parent who works in the real world is living in a fantasy land. Especially if the working parent is earning enough to support the other parent and enable them to stay at home.

Here we have yet another "man" (and note I use that term loosely) who wants to peretuate the myth that a SAHM does nothing but sit on the couch, eat bonbons, watch Oprah, and get fat on the "mans" money. Another one for the flush-matic.


Women are incapable according to David M. (or mysogyny untapped?)

David M. Says:

March 6th, 2009 at 11:58 am
So easy a man can do it.

Yes we all know how many great inventions women have come up with???

We know how great women are at changing the oil, tuning up the car, plunging toilets, lighting the pilot light in the heater, fixing the air conditioner... enough said.

How much more blatant can we get than this?

Moms killing themselves? Not likely - dads are beating us to the punch...

These are some of the headlines which greeted Parenting Magazine’s new “Mad at Dad” survey which found that 31% of mothers get “little or no help” with childcare and 46% of mothers “get irate with their husbands once a week or more.” The New York Times called the survey “disturbing,” while a Washington Post columnist announced that mothers are “literally killing themselves.”

This was lifted from Glenn Sacks website ( - I will not directly link you will have to work to go to his site. My point over this post and Sacks' misinformation is simply this. One need only look at the recent headlines to see that while women work hard, men are actually killing women (and children, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and basically anyone who gets in their way).

In Florida there has been one murder/suicide carried out by a man every week for the last month. People excuse these murders by blaming the economy or anything so we do not have to truly look at the cause of the problem (angry and controlling men). I have to point out that one of these men (the most recent perp of a murder/suicide) decided to try to take out a police officer (he did not succeed with that task thankfully) as well as his girlfriend, her son, and himself. The news reports state that he was in the midst of a foreclosure. Then we have those same reporters go on to discuss the arsenal this man had in his possession and the lethality and cost of those weapons. One of the weapons in this man's arsenal was a 50 caliber ammo and weapon.

One of the local news shows did a recent story on all of the weapons that Langford had at his disposal and by selling these weapons, any "financial" issues that plagued this man could have been dispatched quickly. According to this local news show, a 50 caliber assault rifle can cost anywhere from 2,000 to 12,000 dollars. This was only one of numerous handguns, rifles, and weaponry at this monster's disposal. To see the weapons available to this man click HERE and watch the video.

You can also learn by going through Orlando Senntinel's website coverage of this case that Langford's ex-wife sought dv injunctions on two separate occasions.

Petunia deduces this was not a man ravaged by guilt over financial issues, she believes this was another man who was not able to control his victims any longer.

And in short order we now have more victims to add to the statistics of dv.

March 22, 2009

Blogging and blogging

I have been lurking and reading, reading and lurking. I now have a slew of posts ready for you my gentle reader (more in fact than I can finish and publish in a year - and then I will be given new material). As I sit and read some of the unbelievable comments on Sucks' site, I wonder if these men truly believe this. Then I look back at my marriage from hell, and the things my ex-husband said, and I sigh and think - yep they truly believe this. What sort of monster would believe these things? I am not a psychologist or a psychiatrist so I will leave the diagnosis to the professionals. My only job here is to show these MRA/FR types in their true color. Show what disgusting pigs they really are. With that said, prepare to be inundated. These guys (and gals) just do not know how to shut the hell up.

Abuser Database?

62 Says:

March 18th, 2009 at 5:36 pm
There should be a database for all these women that smack, hit we can stay far, far, away from them.

As well, there should be a database of all men who have beaten or abused their wives or children in any way so WE can be protected from the likes of you.....

March 20, 2009


I do not think anything else needs to be added here. Oh except for one thing.....

I must add to all of you PAS supporters, to all of you who simply believe a man when he cries and whines the blues about how much his ex-wife lies about his abuse, or even better to those men who say you did not abuse us when you most assuredly did, to all of you and to those who do not care what happens to abused women and the children they are trying to protect, to all of you men who use this to further degrade and paralyze a woman so she will never stand up to your abuse


March 14, 2009

LK what koolaid are you drinking?

You know sweetie, I don't necessarily condone that sort of behavior, but I do respect the attention that f4j has brought to the fathers rights/family court issue.

Civil disobedience is a last resort and people like you are the cause by turning men into monsters, simply because you had a bad one. You know the old saying, "one bad apple spoils the whole bunch."

You know - first and foremost - someone who calls me "sweetie" and in the manner of which you did, automatically goes on moderation. You then go on to justify the F4J movement and the superheroes climbing on bridges, buildings and even private residences? You justify the F4J threats to kidnap Tony Blair's son? You justify countless men rebelling against court mandated support for children? You rebel against a woman's right to live free from ALL abuse?

Okay that comment goes here:


UPDATE: And why is it that I and the others who have been in my shoes before - are the ones who make these men be the way they are? Why is it okay for you to point your crooked little nag fingers at me for "turning men into freaks" when quite probably they were already freaks? Even Glenn Sacks their fearless leader calls some of them loonies......

JeanB - pay attention please.... Oh I forgot you belong over there you can't....

Wow. The "Mother and Father" added to "Father Only" is still less than the "Mother Only." So, how do they figure it is usually the father who hurts or murders these children?

This study does not account for time spent by each abuser with the child. In mother abuse cases, the mother typically spends more time with the child. In father abuse cases this is not true. If we factor in the time spent by each perpetrator with the child and accounted for that in these figures, you would see the father abuse percentages skyrocket. Just simple math, not rocket science... Do you understand now?

Guess not you will still spout the tired old statistics, and all the supposed bad stories on men, the dead broke stories, the lies, the propaganda that MEN have created. So go back to your little commune.

I am a FEMINIST and I am DAMN proud to say it!!!!

Why is it that Geraldo the only one to possibly get this?

Why is it that Geraldo is the only one who gets this? Why is it that Geraldo the only reporter in this world wide circus that see the true picture? Watch and wait until you hit about 1:45 left in the video to see what I mean....

March 13, 2009

Eleanor Roosevelt

A woman is like a tea bag. You never know how strong she is until she gets into hot water.
Eleanor Roosevelt

And she is hip too :-)

March 10, 2009

Good dads

In going back through my blog I realize many might come to believe that I hate men. This could not be further from the truth. I love all "good" people. My brother, while not a father, is a great role model to my children. he has expanded their horizons and introduced them to things they might not have ever done with just myself and their bio-dad. In the daycare (which I might add is run by a man) they attend, they have him as a role model as well as other men who work there. Men are awesome if they think of the children. Women are awesome if they think of the children.

But this is where my issue comes to play. It is those men and those women who do NOT think of the children. How plain this is when you read the many websites and blogs available out there saying men are bad, women are bad and each site has its own little (or big) following. I am simply saying that people who use junk science to further abuse someone (and the statistics say women are largely the victims of domestic abuse, men are largely the perps of sexual abuse), we must stop pointing fingers and start coming up with tools to better see abuse. Get rid of junk science, call it what it is.

Gee whiz - can they make up their minds now?

First the MRA/FR groups say that women are evil and try to tear up and destroy families. Then they condemn them because they want to keep a family together. Click Petunia to check out the latest ramblings on the CULT, and click here to get the full story. Unbelievably there are even some on that news site that are condemning this mother as well.....for keeping her family together....

Clive Boustred

Now I would be afraid if I was a court clerk and some strange man was coming in with numerous motions (or even just one) and acting in this fashion. You never know what is going to happen in a courtroom. Even with security people are able to sneak weapons into these offices, people can even be shot at while the perpetrator is not even in the courthouse (Darren Mack). So these clerks (IMO rightly so) had this man removed. Just watch the video and then we will dissect the "fan" (aka cultist) comments below the vid.


...To Clive, I can only say, America and its masses have betrayed you. Invest your resources into an escape, grab your children and go into hiding......


They day man is a evicted form his home, looses his right as a father and is trampled upon by the state is the day that man has the responsability to kill those who subjugate him


The cockroaches don't like being videoed, do they!?!? Did you see that dumb cop, using the stance that he was taught at the Academy, to intimidate this man from seeking justice? Is this JUSTICE in Communist California? Why does a father have to get permission from the State to see his own son? Where are the MEN in that state? They should storm that building with guns blazing! That's right, you all heard what I said. It's the only way to take back this country, brute force!


I trust patriots will deal with those criminals in due course. And I expect it to happen sooner than expected - although not soon enough for many.

Now folks what is wrong with these posts? They are all apparently men, they are all threatening acts of violence or illegal acts. And I will say it again - THESE ARE THE MEN WHO WANT TO RAISE OUR NEXT GENERATION?!?!?!?!?!?

March 9, 2009

Good dads?

These are the men folks who are these good dads who want responsibility for the children of the next generation......

Keep reading there will be more on this

Watch this video

"A lot of mothers can be vindictive bitches..."

"Social services decides to honor a restraining order that the 'so-called' mother...."

"Marital Rape is on the rise....all the wife has to do is say just before she leaves to her new accuse a man....of rape....."

"There are people out there ready to put a bullet in a few judges' head, more than a few..."

Nothing more needs to be said here.....

Just watch this news clip - nothing more needs to be said. The men on Sacks' website sadly are very similar to this man in their thought processes and ideas. Will one of our senators end up with egg on their face due to a man like this?

March 7, 2009

Louise Uccio and your comments

I let the first one slide through since you were civil. While you were mostly civil in your second one, that one is staying right where it is. Sadly you have to believe what you believe. If your children are being brainwashed against you, that is abuse - no need to add a label to it. You say men and women are equally guilty of this, well the courts do not see it that way. I know of a lady who has suffered many losses in her life. Her abusive husband while in the midst of a divorce said some sick things to their children. One of the children was effected deeply by this, not allowing the mother near. It was proven in court that the dad had said these things (witnessed by CPS and many others), yet NOTHING was done to the father. The judge in that case simply told the mother she had best stop denying visitation to the father or she would be in jail - he did not take kindly to mothers alienating the children from the father.

So with that said (and again that was one of the worst cases I know of - there are thousands more. PAS is JUNK SCIENCE!!! Brainwashing, telling lies about the other parent to the child - IA ABUSE. Call it what it is. BUT!!!!!! If the parent who says there is brainwashing happening was abusive, then it is not abuse - it is SPEAKING THE TRUTH. Using junk science to further your own agenda is only playing into the abusers hands. So unless you have something to contribute with helping those who have been victimized - go back to NANCM or Glenn Sacks (since you like to frequent his blog and you can count on not being banned from there). Guess what? You are banned from here. Anyone who furthers the PAS agenda is not welcome here. We are attempting to discover ways to show how the court whores profit from taking children away from the protective parent (generally speaking - the mother), how to better assist the victims of domestic violence, and above all else - work towards children's rights - IE: THE BEST INTERESTS OF THE CHILD!

March 6, 2009

Now this one is even worse - Custodial Dad denies mother the ability to feed herself?

This one comes from a previously showcased "wonderful dad". Delanddale welcome back to my world. Here you will not find the good ol' boys who will pat you on the back and sympathize with you. Here you will get the no holds barred view from Petunia. Petunia thinks you are one lucky man that she is not near you to come sit on you, or snort and drool all over your nice clean suits you bought with the blood money you call child support. Petunia would also love to slurp up all that booze you are buying too (what can she say she is a boozer - she had to be to fit into the good ol' boys club). What has really not settled in Petunia's snout very well is the fact that you would like to deny this woman who is unemployed (like many Americans right now) the ability to purchase food so she can EAT!!!! As an eater too (you see Petunia also lovessssssssssss to eat), taking food away from someone ranks up there pretty high.

The only thing that makes Petunia any madder is when a dad uses junk science to take a child away from the mother. Now wondering reader, you may ask - what is this "junk science" you speak of Petunia? Well Petunia answers her gentle and ever so kind readers, that "junk science" is Parental Alienation Syndrome aka PAS. So dear old dad hunts down momma like a deer in a car's headlights and rams it to her in court, then he wants to deny her the ability to feed herself, and gets mad at his brother in law because BIL refused to call the police on his ex-sister in law for driving on a suspended license - at the UNEMPLOYMENT office? Men are constantly claiming women do this to them and it is wrong, yet here we have a MAN who wants to do this to the mother of his child(ren)? Petunia is not happy no sireee!!!!! Now tell me Delanddale, did you use PAS and cry and whine to the courts about how mean momma was, your children (let's not forget about the chattel law these men want to see come back into vogue) did not want to see you, were god forbid afraid of you? But okay let's see - now the kids live with you, I am sure from your "tone" that your kids are not in the dark as to child support (because again PAS is not used against dads - only moms, so you have no fear that she will claim alienation) and dear mom who at one time you promised to honor and cherish - is now a worthless piece of garbage? She doesn't even deserve to eat?

Read below gentle readers

I would like how many fathers who are eligible financially to receive food stamps, but can't get them because they owe child support? I ask this because if a woman owes child support she can still get this assistance that also blocks her from having to pay for the support she owes. So is it the same for fathers?

I just found out that my Ex must have gotten sanction lifted and is now collecting. I found this out after speaking to someone at our local Child Support Enforcement office and I am pissed. Now all that is left is for her to get busted for driving with no drivers license which is another thing that the local authorities have not done yet. Which brings to mind a resentment I have with my sisters husband.

He saw her the other day and id not call the law on her. In fact she was coming out of the unemployment office probably turning in some report on the work she claims she looked for but never really did. I know her so well because she did the same thing when we were together. Either way the government need to change it's rules or try to do a much deeper investigation on most applicants who apply for assistance, Especially the ones who have already violated their rules and have been busted before by lying to them.


Some of these men want your pity? NOT!!!

Poor, poor Markypoo. He is mad at the IRS because they only recognize that ONE person has ONE home (as it should be). They say that a child has a custodial or primary home and a non-custodial (or secondary home). My question is this: Why is this such a huge ordeal for a man, yet hundreds of thousands of women are being forcibly removed from their children's lives in the name os PAS and that means nothing? read more of Mark's little complaint below:

I found out something I didn't know. I have shared parenting.I talked to IRS for about 45 minutes the other day. The revenue service that keeps track of all of our income does not acknowledge shared, joint or any other false terms. They told me it is either Custodial or non-custodial. I told them shared but she is considered residential. They told me again we don't know any other terminology than custodial. In his words your state calls custodial, residential.
Another way of falsely pacifying us men.

Mark Ohio

Spam?!?!?!? OR Have you missed lil ol' me?

Well I have been super busy this week, brainstorming with my sisters, working, being a great mom to the kiddoes... I have also been cybersleuthing and more. I knew I should have been a PI in another life...well maybe my next life :-)

Now onto today's business at hand. This would be ironic if it weren't so dam funny. I had been on Glenn's email list for quite a while under another email addy, however due to stalking issues by my ex, I had long ago abandoned that email. I however am in possession of his latest tripe over the fiasco by Conway selectman Crow Dickinson's comments regarding domestic violence - he in fact stated that women will use dv as a tool in divorce. His exact comment follows:

"There are a lot of women who use (domestic violence) as a gimmick in divorce proceedings," Selectman Crow Dickinson said in explaining his vote. "All they have to do is call the police and get the person thrown out. If I call the police and say you're abusing me, they'd have to believe me. I wish people would split up and be more polite about it."

Now what is so ironic about this (and hence the reason for the title of this article), is that I want to send out a commendation for Yahoo. Seems Yahoo believes that Glenn Sacks' newsletter is spam!!!! The proof (as they say) is in the pudding and a picture speaks a thousand words. Just see below:

Now I suppose those poor picked on Loonies (as Glenn Calls them) will come up with a reason for this. I am on many mother's groups and seldom does one hit my Spam folder, not on Yahoo, not in Gmail. Now if we could just work on those three little letters (PAS) and have Yahoo declare those Spam as well, abused mothers and children will be safe. Hmmmmmm...............


March 2, 2009

Moderation????? Hmmmmmmm............

A comment left that may or may not be approved on a fellow blogger's website:

I consider your site essentially no better than a hate crime against children and fathers. You will go down in history as a nut case. Your moderation alone shows you work to prevent the trusth from getting out for some sick motive.

Now why is it not okay for us to moderate our blogs and protect the sometimes very fragile abuse victims who may frequent our sites? Now I am not one of those fragile victims, I am mor in line with a fed-up victim. I am tired of being re-victimized every chance they get. And seriously "Anonymous" (one must wonder about those so afraid to even give a handle - as to what your motives are. May I also point out on Sacks' website, the moderation in place. I managed to "get around" the blocks he had in place against me, only to be deleted. His first excuse? No valid email. One must wonder what his second excuse will be since I GAVE a valid email address at this go-around?

I will not hold my breath awaiting his answer :-)

Now as for this lowly piece of dog doo, come out come out wherever you are. Oh gee I forgot, you can't because you are HIDING (behind that magical word - ANONYMOUS!!!!! The question with you (not Sacks - I am done with him for the moment) is what are YOU hiding from?

Another one for our woman wall of shame.....

While it is admirable that Ms. Tami has decided to post about the terrible nature of abuse and the victims, it is also decidedly ironic that she NEVER makes a post about a man who is doing the abusing. You can do a search on any website and type in murder suicide and what do your wondering eyes behold? MEN!!!!! Okay tami p you know who you are - I will not give you a link here and I hope you find this.

I have followed most of the FR movement (starting many moons ago) and have seen this name pop up quite frequently. The one time I did not make the connection was when she joined in on an argument for shared parenting on a nationwide publication. I think the information discovered tonight might very well leap frog ms. tami right to head queen of colluders.