September 11, 2011

Known Father's Rights activists

Well Whortie here and back again. My dear sweet cousin has been giving lil' ol' me internet researchin' lessons. Now that we are done with that it is time to move on and start with the real exposin'. So hang on to your hats darlins' cause this will be a wild ride. We will be posting these guys and gals one by one and hopefully when they crawl out of the walls like the cockroaches they are and hopefully the industrial strength bug spray I have will keep them at bay.

September 9, 2011

SAVE Elert: Bruised Barbie Photo Proceeds Shouldn't Discriminate OR Teri Stoddard again gets it wrong...

Whortie here reporting from the trenches...

Seems Stoddard again is up to her old games only this time she has some deep pockets to help her play them.

SAVE Elert: Bruised Barbie Photo Proceeds Shouldn't Discriminate

This is a photograph (
http://www.saveserv wp-content/ uploads/bruisedb arbie-300x207. png)
taken recently of television star Heather Morris (Brittany from "Glee")
engaged in mock domestic violence with a male model.

In a series of fashion photos, Tyler Shields shows a black-eyed Morris
dressed as Barbie, staring seductively into the camera, and later merrily
pressing a hot iron to her partner's crotch. The photos depict a
getting-what- he-deserves storyline that reinforces serious misconceptions
about domestic violence. Men are stereotyped as abusers, and Barbie
supposedly strikes a blow for victims everywhere.

The truth is that men are just as likely to be the victims of domestic
violence as women (although they are much less likely to report the crime)
and most of the time, domestic disputes result in mutual violence.
Predictably, reactions to the photos have focused only on the abuse to
Barbie: her assault of Ken has been ignored, even though it is the more
serious crime.

Rita Smith, director of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence
(NCADV), was asked about the photos, but it was as if she had seen a
different set of photos. "I don't know if Tyler is aware but I'm quite sure
there are plenty of women who have been abused by these kinds of household
appliances and children as well being hit with electrical cords," she told
E! News, disregarding male victims everywhere.

Even worse, nothing has been said about the photographer' s donation to an
advocacy group that disregards male victims of domestic violence. Shields
told the Daily Mail that he would donate the proceeds to Glamour magazine's
Tell Somebody campaign, which focuses exclusively on violence perpetrated
against women.

We want you to ask Shields, politely, to select a different beneficiary- one
that serves all victims, whether they are female or male, gay or straight-so
that proceeds from the sale of a photo making light of domestic violence
victims will not go to a project that stereotypes men as the only abusers.

Write to Tyler Shields: info@tylershields. com



Teri Stoddard, Program Director

Hmmmm still peddling your own statistics I see Ms. Stoddard?

Well Whortie and Petunia and those THOUSANDS of victims that Teri says do not exist are asking you the reader to wrote to the photographer as well and thank Shields for choosing such a wonderful benefactor in order to assist the TRUE victims of domestic violence. You can reach Tyler Shields at

September 3, 2011

Drunk dad charged with manslaughter; ran over and killed 2-year-old daughter with lawn mower (Lexington, Kentucky)

This poor little dear. I can only imagine how horrific her last moments were. And dear daddy REFUSED to submit to alcohol screening? Whortie wonders why oh why do these daddies have these little babies. A two year old no matter their gender belongs with mommy. And there is no mention of mommy in the original article? Where was mommy? Will they charge her as they always end up doing with failure to protect? Sometimes mommy can do nothing but sit back and pray.

I can only hope that this dear child's last moments were as painless as possible. And I hope this is one time they will hold daddy dearest accountable. Chances are not good though, daddy was NOT arrested - he was given a summons to appear. Wonder if he will even show up?

Father Charged With Manslaughter In Daughter's Death In Lawn Mower Incident
Posted: Sep 2, 2011 12:01 PM
Updated: Sep 2, 2011 12:38 PM

A Lexington father whose two-year old daughter fell off a riding lawn mowing he was operating and and was run over and killed by him has been charged with manslaughter.

Police who worked the case on Hillgate Drive back in May called it one of the most heartwrenching they'd ever seen. Police say Jackson McReynolds actions that day were reckless, and because they say he'd also been drinking, they've charged the 41-year old with manslaughter in the death of his daughter, Adelaide.

The citation, served to McReynolds on Monday says the girl was sitting in a child's chair on the top of the family's Zero Turn lawn mower when McReynolds made a turn and the child fell from the chair.

Court documents say before he could stop, McReynolds ran over his daughter before he even noticed that she wasn't in the seat.

Police say when they arrived, they noticed alcohol on McReynolds' breath. The part owner of Suggins Bar and Grill told investigators McReynolds, a Suggins employee, had consumed two one pint beers at work prior to coming home, but refused to submit to alcohol test after the incident.

After getting a search warrant, blood and urine were taken from McReynolds and came back with a blood alcohol level of .04. However a doctor at the state medical examiner's office said that McReynolds blood alcohol level at the time of the incident would have been closer to .115.

McReynolds was not arrested, but was served a summons to appear in court September 12.