June 27, 2010

Parental Alienation and Malicious Mom Syndrome get CBS “Flashpoint” Attention by domestic violence RO violator mkg4583 aka Mark Godbey

Well apparently mkg4583 aka Mark Godbey/multiple restraining order violator (on probation even) has seen the show Flashpoint this past weekend. I watched it also and let me tell you, he is so off base it is not even funny.

First he says the mom conspired with her boyfriend to kidnap her children. It was not just the boyfriend markie poo. Oh and it was not the cops who used the PAS and Malicious Mom, it was Mom's lawyer and Mom. And if you had watched the show - actually watched it rather than revel in your fake hypothesis being pushed forward by the clueless network ABC, you would have seen that. But you are too much into trying to show how bad all mothers are rather than accept your shortcomings - those being you are so controlling and intimidating and WHATEVER ELSE YOU ARE, that your ex had to get MULTIPLE RO's against you - AND THEN YOU VIOLATE THOSE TO THE POINT OF BEING ON PROBATION. Now we protective mothers know that for a man to get placed on probation for a violation it must be pretty severe.

Anyways missing the whole point here (see what abusers do to Petunia's brain?)... The point is not only are you deluded and misinformed, so is ABC. Of course dear ol' dad stories, especially those where dad is denied his rights will sell in the anti-mother climate that exists in the world today. And you and the other woman and mother haters will be right there to push it along.

June 26, 2010

USER: JamesBWatson on Wikipedia and Wikipedia

Well well well.....

Apparently user: JamesBWatson does not like the AMPP (American/Australian Mothers Political Party). And here I thought that Wikipedia was an encyclopedia of sorts. Lets see..... I wonder if the Democratic Party is on Wikipedia?

Well gee golly wizzzzz..... What do I see HERE?

Hmmm how about the Republican Party of the US?

Well slap me silly and call me piggy.... what do my wondering eyes appear? YEP!!!! You guessed it!!!! Check this link out right here!

Okay so maybe those were not good examples.....

How about the Green Party? There's a brand new one and small at that (right now anyway)....

Well well well..... I guessed it right.... Just click your little ol' mousy right here and you will see the Green Party. Hmmmmm..... I wonder if I should check anymore links out today? Nah I think it would just be a complete waste of my time because obviously user: JamesBWatson and Wikipedia HATE mothers. Don't you know that you have a mother JamesBWatson? Creators of Wikipedia? No takes? Fine we will simply spread the word through our blogs where you cannot shut us up. In the words of one of these mothers -


June 25, 2010

The daughter did not steal the Mary Jane, but I know who did....

Robert Franklin writes of ONE woman (yes you read that right - just ONE woman) who abused her children. We protective mothers do not say that NO mother has ever abused her children. We simlpy say that when a moher who is protective like we are, and has an abusive ex partner (or ex husband) like we do, who have been abused, like we were and are - the courts should listen and should not force shared parenting down our children's throats. That is what we are saying.

So you want to know where the "abusers getting custody" group is - Robert Franlklin king high ass kisser of glenn cult fame? Right here. We NEVER say that women do not abuse. We do however say that when women bring in stories of abuse, your groups have screamed from the rooftops for so long that it takes an act of God for the courts to believe a woman has been abused. Look at Wyatt.... Look at Darcy Freeman.... Look at Jean Paul Lacombe.... How many more do I need to put out here. Found another blog today. Two children mentioned in that one. I wish the blogger would come back and post soon. I am starting to get a little worried because there have been no posts. Lets add her Emily and John to this mix too..... Anyone else want to join ranks?

So who is stealing the Mary Jane now? I have my own opinion about that one and it should not take a rocket scientist to figure this one out now should it?

Oh and Robert Franklin should you care to do so, you can go look at Dastardly Dads and see literally hundreds of stories of dads killing their children every day. Last count in just this last year we were up to over 80 fathers who killed their chidlren de to custody disputes with the mother - the old if I can't have them nobody will adage.

Why don't you write about that one RF? Or are you like we are - we miss many of these stories due to the sheer volume of men killing their children, men killing their wives, men killing their girlfriends, men killing just about anyone who stands in the way of his property (children, wife, girlfriend). Now when you get this through your thick skulls over there at glenn sucks (oppps glennsacks) dot com, the world might be a better place. Shared parenting does not work with an abuser. And trotting out the occasional story of the bad mom will not make up for the sheer volume of dastardly dads out there who are intent on hurting and even killing everyone who ever cared about him.

So put that in the Mary Jane pipe and smoke it.....

June 22, 2010

More evidence of where the FReaks priorities lie (not with the child - in case you thought otherwise)

Accordingly, I've 'lost' my case and I had the privilege of paying $1000 to her local lawyer, beside paying some $2500 to my jerk of a lawyer.

That's when I quit my well-paying job; I've figured that as long as I have money, they're going to do their best to detach as much of it off me as they can. After that nobody harrassed me...


Now what is neoteny saying here? Apparently he lost a case in family court and now to punish those who want to do best for the children he has quit his job. There that will show that bitch - she will get nothing from me. The kids you say? Ahhhh who cares - they will be fine and one day they will understand why they had to get their clothes from a second hand store and why they could not enroll in sports or go to after school activities, maybe this will explain to them when they are teens why they had to get an afterschool job in order to finance any extras they want - who cares if my ex has to have two jobs in order to support these kids. She should NOT have disobeyed me. The little bitch will learn her lesson now..... won't she?

June 20, 2010

Warning to ex-wife of Bob Norton from Mass

Calling out to the mother of the children and ex wife of Bob Norton of Mass. Your ex-husband plans to attempt to have you jailed so he may steal your children. Fair warning - you may want to find a father's rights group (aka FReaks) in order to ascertain what his next move may be. Or you could just keep an eye on him here.

My ex refused to turn over the children on Friday for my weekend.

I called police and gently insisted they file charges under 265 (26a) parental kidnapping.

Met with one cop at station and reviewed the law. He committed to file.

Later another, more enlightened cop came to do a safety check of kids. He spent 45 minutes inside the house and talked to the kids etc.

Told her he would be filing charges against her. Still not release of kids.

Last cop I talked to (about 2 months ago when she did same) said he would FORCE kids release from kidnapping. This guy say he “could not imagine how that would work”.


Long story short they agreed if the kids were not delivered later that night.

They claimed it is a misdemeanor and no arrest. That is not how I read this statute.

I will ask for the maximum fine ($1,000) and 30 days suspended sentence with probation for one year. Any reoccurrence = jail term immediately imposed.

To the ex Mrs. Norton - good luck to you. You are stuck with one of the worst FReaks out there.

How to legally hunt and stalk your ex-wife

Well it seems the FReaks are not done with their stupidity. Now they are passing on an email group instructions on how you can legally stalk your wife and if she goes into hiding in order to be safe from your beating this is what you must do:

Don Mathis wrote:
Bio Dad (and every noncustodial father) needs to know the license plate of the custodial mother's car.
If she moves, he can find out where the car is registered.
There are many other ways to find the mom's new address.

Don, the 14%er

Hmm Don the 14%er..... Did you in fact do this with your ex-wife after she left you? I hope that she is diligent and finds this post. Should be simple since I tag everything. Only be a matter of time and it will be found. Numbnuts.....

June 18, 2010

A little movie clip for your viewing (dis) pleasure....

This is a clip of a movie based on the true story of Tracy Thurman. In this clip you see a MAN who steals his son from the mother (Tracy) and terrorizes the child. This is after he has beaten her numerous times - including at least once when she was pregnant by kicking her in the stomach. Go to youtube.com to see the final result of his beatings, stalking, and reign of terror.

And this was back in the early 80's - FReaks were running rampant even back then.

Gonzeman wins MORON OF THE YEAR (possibly decade)

Gonzeman, now I know this must be difficult but geesh think you could at least type out what you want to say and read it not once, not twice, but three times? For those wondering huh? have a gander:

IF I'm ever in Florida, remind me to mind my own business, even if someone is calling for help.

Just to be clear, I called a friend who works in the Prosecutor's office of the State of Kentucky - she laughed and said that such exigent circumstances, where no flight with the child was obviously intended, would make the sheriff a laughingstock, after he was sued for false arrest.

How does it feel, Florida, to be dumber than a Redneck?

He also goes on to say this:

Criminal behavior starts with doing something wrong. Intent is needed.

And what is this is reference to you might ask? Apparently according to SYG commenter thedude0901, a 14 year old male was arrested for false imprisonment due to the fact he left a retail establishment with a younger female child. Perhaps hyper vigilance on the part of the arresting officers, probably will be thrown out due to the circumstances, who knows?

Sad point needed to be made here however is that Florida in the last few years has been a hotbed of child abduction and murder. Any parent who turns to find their child missing will naturally be more than alarmed. And according to the article on SYG, the 14 year old male is not small in fact he could pass for a young man, rather than a boy.

As for his second statement that is pretty much the logic of a 3 yr old. Most criminals in jail right now, especially those charged with crimes like murder will say - I did not mean to kill my victim.

So by Gonzeman's logic, these murderers should not be in jail? Ummm okay MOTY Gonzeman......

And this is an example of the type of man who wants equal custody?

God help our future, our children.....

Judge Lemkau, Glenn Sacks and other FReaks

Again I must say that we are making strides fellow protective parents. Even as the FReaks scramble and run, attempt to hide from the truth, it is still trickling out there.

So now I must play semantics yet again. What is the war cry for the most vocal of the FReaks out there? Say it with me - all at one time now:


Ummmmm okay then. Now to get on with this. Was Wyatt's death best for him? For his mom? How about the big brother left behind? Or the future siblings he might have had? What about the woman he might have eventually met and married? What about his children? Or his grandchildren? What about all those people whose lives he would have touched in some way? What about his extended family? What would he have grown up to be or do? Could he have had the secret to the cure for cancer or one of many debilitating diseases locked in his tiny mind waiting for him to grow up to be released? Would he have won a Nobel peace prize? Been POTUS?

Okay I think you get the point now. So where are Robert Franklin, Glenn Sacks, Ned Holstein, LK (Legally Kidnapped my ever present stalker), Terri Stoddard queen B of the purple vomit, Jen aka Biscuit Queen, Jeremy Swanson, Mark Godbey, dr e, Galt, Captain Courageous (Coward?), outdoors, Robert Gartner, DADZRITES, Monica of the Menstrual PAD fame, Trudy, Amy, Tara, Baskerville, Sue, Barbara, Bettina and all of the others?

Why don't you go to your blogs and websites, to National Examiner for the queen of the purple vomit and write about Wyatt? Why do you avoid him?

CHALLENGE you dimwits!!!!!

Write about the real victims.....

The children!!!!

June 17, 2010

More goose and gander stuff

Seems too that HE is writing about a mother who has allegedly made false allegations against a father. If this is the case then kudos to the courts for stopping it. But does HE ever write about fathers who make false allegations against mothers? Well, gentle readers, Petunia has been reading HIS blog for nearly 3 years now (and have gone back to his posts from the very beginning) and I cannot say I have ever read a post about a MOM who has had false allegations levied against her.

Well I have been lucky enough to have spoken to a mom who is living this right now. She has asked to remain anonymous due to her children's ages and I will respect that wish. Now for some of her story (I have paraphrased much of this due to length):

I have been a victim of family courts for nearly 3 decades. I was abused as a child and thrown into CPS state courts. I was not believed even though I provided evidence that would prove the abuse happened. I was told to go home and get along with the perp.

My children and I were again victimized by the state and one of my children was murdered by state foster care workers. These workers even had the audacity to show up when the decision was made to remove the breathing tubes in order to see if my child could breathe on her own or if she was indeed brain dead. In case you missed it she could NOT breathe on her own and she subsequently died.

Fast forward to now. Again my children and I are being victimized. Not only by the state, but also by a nasty abusive MAN. He has made numerous false allegations against not only me, but friends and members of my own family as well as numerous daycare providers and school officials. The school officials are apparently too afraid when the child says daddy is mean and scary, fears of daddy hurting the child are made - BY THE CHILD, and it is all ignored. CPS has told me that if one more call is placed then this child will be gone forever.

Now I know I am not perfect, but I did learn from my mistakes. I am a wonderful mother. When the father was confronted about the latest allegation, he stated he knew it was false but he would do it again.

Oh and lets add to the mix that this father is more concerned with how much money he has to pay to the mother for child support than what the child's wises are.

Thank you Petunia and all the other abused moms out there trying to be a voice for me and my children and the many other moms and kids out there. I cannot come forward. To do so would be suicide for me as a mother to my youngest child, at least right now.

Again some of this has been condensed due to the length of this conversation. I took excellent notes and had this mom repeat some of the comments above in order to get them down correctly. I apologize right now to this mom if I quoted her incorrectly.

So now I issue this challenge:

Why do we not see any MOM who have been falsely accused on HIS blog.

{smacks upside the head in the epitome of the duh moments}

It is because how can HE support FATHERS if he supports MOTHERS! Geesh Petunia, you woulda thunk you coulda learnded that by how. Here's yer sign!!!

June 16, 2010

Criticism of Dowd's recent op-ed piece

Apparently Dowd has written a piece which can be found HERE concerning a fantasy sex game which was dreamed up by some school aged children. Now to say these are children would be correct if we were to look at their actual "age", but any child who has thoughts of victimizing another child or adult, should be treated as an adult. Apparently these "boys" (thought pops into my head - boys will be boys - where have we heard that one before?) thought this game would be cool. Well it was discovered before any girls could be made into unwilling or unknown participants (THANKFULLY).

I guess that is not good enough for HIM though as he must belittle Dowd and MINIMIZE this "act" of these "boys". But does he finish with just that little piece?

OH NO!!!! He must go on to criticize beauty pageants (which have financed many college degrees) and a dance competition video which went viral. Now why is it okay for these "boys" and it can be "explained" when they attempt to sexually assault a female, yet for girls who enjoy an activity (because pageants and dance are activities) it is considered sexualization? Now before I could write about this, I had to do my research. I did find a very recent Miss America pageant winner who did compete in child beauty pageants. Xxxxx Xxxxxx, winner of Miss America in #### competed in child beauty pageants, just a few years before Jon Benet competed. Now is HE going to say that Miss Xxxxxx has issues? Was she sexualized as a child? Or did she simply do something she wanted to do and have her parents support her 100% in that endeavor? Hmmmmmm, you be the judge.

Well Mister what have you to say for yourself now? A very well-adjusted adult woman competed in child beauty pageants and she did not turn out sexualized. She turned out pretty darn great if you ask me.