December 20, 2008

To those wrongfully convicted of crimes........ heart and prayers go out to you. Our system of CRIMINAL justice is not foolproof and there will be some who go to jail that should not. There should be compensation and these situations should be looked at thoroughly. This however, DOES NOT equate to ALL men are punished ALL OF THE TIME. Men in prison/jail are notorious for saying they are innocent. This does NOT equate to all being wrongly convicted. And as I explain in my opinions below over and over, men and women should have to support thier children. However, the commenter on Sacks' website does not seem to fell this way. Post below and you may draw your own conclusion based on his opinions:

Kelly M. Bray Says:

December 20th, 2008 at 8:01 pm
"Society demands someone pay for this crime." Change that to.... "Society demands someone pay for this kid." To society as long as some man fills the doesn't matter which one, any one will do.

Now how one goes from someone must pay for this crime to someone must pay for this kid is beyond me. This also goes to show that MRAs are against child support and will use any means necessary to end all child support.

Then you have this:

TF Says:

December 20th, 2008 at 7:17 pm
MC, It is isn't the jurors; it's the DA and the judge, who both prefer a plea bargain. The scum wouldn't give a plea bargain; what a disgusting man; he deserves punishment for not accepting a plea bargain; he certainly won't receive proper treatment from either of us.

Prosecutors and judges must give a fair trial in criminal court. To do otherwise means an eventual appeal, whether by the convicted person or by an agency. There are many of these agencies available to criminals who have been wrongly convicted, especially those convicted of heinous crimes.

I might also add that the wrongful convictions are not as widespread as led to believe. We SEE these cases more often simply because they are SENSATIONAL. The media loves SENSATIONAL. One need only look at Britney Spears, Casey Anthony, Susan Smith to see this fact. These are mothers who are not acting like mothers. Why do we not see the likes of Cosimo Capitiano or Ying Moua or even Darren Mack in the same light as the women above? The answer is simple. Women are not expected to do bad things to their children. So when one does something bad or it is alleged that she has done something bad (as is the case in Casey Anthony - as she has not been found guilty of anything yet except in the press) we are horrified, shocked. It is SENSATIONAL!!!!! We want to hear more even as we sit and continue to be more horrified. But why does this not happen when men do something like this? Why is it that men are given front page status for a day or so and then they are relegated to page B status after it wears off? Because MEN do these things much more often than women and we are immune to this fact. It is no longer SENSATIONAL to see a man kill his wife, his children or himself in this context.

This is why we have the issues with domestic violence, child sexual abuse, and child abuse in our lives. This is why we see children, women and yes sometimes even men being killed or hurt daily. because we are immune when a man commits these acts. We need to lose this immunity and start becoming SHOCKED when we see this. We need to stand up and SHOUt - THIS IS WRONG!!!! We need to help the victims. And sadly the victims are mostly women and children.

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