December 20, 2008

Glenn Getting pleasure?

Danny Says:

December 20th, 2008 at 11:16 pm
...and for being rapists (remember, all men are)
Oh no Glenn that's not ambiguous enough. These days the phrase is "all men are potential rapists". That way when men say something they can point to the "potential" as proof they don't mean all men actually are rapists.

He raped 3 women, and walked 3 times. Course, we never hear about those cases here.
While you busy "calling Glenn out" do me a favor. Go find this story or something similar to it on 3 feminist sites and find any post on here in which Glenn has expressed pleasure in a man getting away with hurting/killing a woman. And besides feminist sites give plenty of coverage about stories of men getting away with such crimes.

I have a link for you:

LINK or read below:

Several of The Family Place's financial contributors withdrew or reduced the financial gifts they planned for the end-of-the-year giving season. I don't say this with pleasure--I would have preferred that The Family Place do the right thing from the beginning rather than lose the funding they did.

Sacks had to know that if he pushed the right buttons and pushed hard enough he could create havoc. At a time when the economy is failing, people are being laid off and domestic violence is on a rise, he decides to take this action. And adds in there he does not say this with pleasure. Oh and btw I have some ocean front property in Arizona for ya too ;-)

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