December 6, 2008

Last on Glenn's Rules

I just want to add one thing before I head off to homework land :-)

I could accept the ban if Glenn had stated something truthful like breaking rule number three, because I will admit to debating for days with his followers over points they were trying to make, and imo I broke every point with anecdotes from my own life. But I could see how I was harping over minor points. So Glenn, is that really the case? Admitting it won't make it go away (meaning this website). You are stuck with me for the long haul. I have the blog, the domain name will come next, and then the advertisement will follow. I have told a total of 10 people about this blog and my visits on my first day due to posting on 3 other blogs were through the roof. I plan to "carp" on this website until I turn blue in the face, because this is MY website and I can do what I want to do. I guess that flies in the face of everything MRAs believe, oh no!!! A woman who is doing what SHE wants to do when SHE wants to do it and how SHE wants to do it. The world is going to fall apart now, so watch out.

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