December 15, 2008

A commenter on my blog makes a comment that is so true

Many times we will read on many father's rights websites about men who are being treated savagely and inhumanely in family courts across the land. These posts often leave out material items. I am discussing a recent mens rights blog post. This blog post discusses a man who has been jailed over child support issues. He has issues which have caused him to be unable to pay support. Now if what happened to him is true, why did he not contact any mainstream newspapers or television reporters? If he did so please feel free to post the link here (only mainstream websites - not "mens rights" sites). His savior is also engaging in slightly less than stellar performance by publishing the ex-wife's personal information via their website. If this man wants to put his information on the Internet, then that is his prerogative. However his ex-wife should be able to pursue a case against him as well as this website for exposing her information in this fashion. There are ways to go about this and to publish documents with personal information without the approval of the person to which they pertain is against the law. Now I wonder if the "savior" site will black out the offending personal information, or if our site will be attacked yet again?

Also of mention is the fact that there were several cases against the man mentioned in this story, beginning in 2000.

I challenge all sites that contain links to this information to remove the offending "personal" information and black it out if these documents must be published.

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