December 15, 2008

Porky have fun part 2 :-)

Now this is so much fun!!!!

"Who can say how long that period of time may be? I will not speculate on that as he has often shown in the past to post do-good, nice posts only to go on attack mode and be relentless against women."
In other words, "Dont let the evidence get in the way of your opinion- he's still a bastard."

Now I NEVER said this. Porky is taking what I write and twisting it to serve his own "purpose." But again I suppose to each his own. I find it amusing that someone must take the time to call little ol' me out when all I am doing is showing a blog in another light. I did not realize my little blog would garner this much attention so as to warrant porky being created. Anyone up for a pig roast? ROFLMAO!!!!! Not here, thank you very much. Have fun porky, I have many people who have emailed me expressing their amusement at your "blog".

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