July 30, 2009

We might get the makings for an omelette very soon

It seems that "certain" mens rights bloggers have egg on their face. Not once but twice in as many days. First as mentioned on this awesome blog "Rights For Mothers" HERE, this MRA/FR blogger also had posted (quite prematurely in fact) that the wife of boxer Arturro Gatti had been charged with his murder. Now it seems to me, that maybe just maybe, this "certain" MRA/FR blogger should really wait before spouting off...... Or he could continue typing and give us the onions, mushrooms, cheese, tomatoes, and peppers for some really decent omelettes. Wonder which he will choose?

I sure would much rather see the veggies, eggs than the pants down as suggested above :-) That is a scary thought......

July 27, 2009

Read about this grandmother - now a fugitive because of her boyfriend's drugs

British Grandmother Wanted in France

(July 27) -- Deborah Dark, 45, has been a fugitive in France for 20 years -- without knowing it.
The grandmother from London has lost her job and gone into debt after discovering her criminal status when she attempted to travel internationally and landed in police custody.........

What is this world coming to when a woman cannot even visit her sick father because of something her BOYFRIEND did over 20 years ago?

July 24, 2009

Do you want to borrow my calculator RF?

Are you sure you do not need to borrow my calculator to help you "do the math?" I have several extras laying around, I can send one to you. Seriously....

Okay readers, before you think Petunia is completely off her rocker (well the MRA's already think I am lol) this is why I ask that question of dear Bobby. It seems he cannot "do math."

He says that w well to do woman who makes £50,000 a year will get £8,000, whereas a woman who makes £12,000 will only receive £4,500. Okay as pointed out by several of GS readers, the math does not fly on this one. Are all women supposed to receive the same benefit for having a child? Is there no reward for having a high earner job/career? The math works out to the high wage earner receiving approximately 16 percent of her wages in benefits, the low wage earner will receive 37.5 percent of her earners. Well looks to me like the math does not add up, the low wage earner will receive almost half where the high earner will receieve close to one fourth. Seems someone needs to start using a calculator rather than their fingers and toes. Maybe then the math would add up better. <smiles>

Call To Readers: How has Feminism helped scoiety?

Poor poor Attila..... Cannot think of a single reason feminism has helped society? I can think of many reasons (below his post):

Attila L. Vinczer Says:

July 22nd, 2009 at 10:03 am
I recall very clearly when this album came out. All the guys knew that this was about a false claim that Michael Jackson got a girl pregnant! Even in the early eighties we knew women trapped men. No clue about child support as I learned about that some 25 years later! At the time I don't think any of us knew the phrase "paternity fraud".

Nor did we know the dangerous path feminists were paving for men while we were chasing girls. I think had we been informed, we would definitely have done something about it.

I believe it is very important to enlighten boys at as an early age as possible about the truth and serious dangers and obstacles they face with respect to the bias that has been created by feminists against men. Whether our current bias has been created by radical or mild feminists is inconsequential.

I have asked this question many times. What good has feminism bestowed on our collective society (Not just for women!) ? I would like to know how has feminism helped society? I have yet to have a female give any insight into this and I think I know why.

Perhaps B.A.M could enlighten us.

First I must address this statement by Attila: "I believe it is very important to enlighten boys at as an early age as possible about the truth and serious dangers and obstacles they face with respect to the bias that has been created by feminists against men." Way to go Attila. I truly feel for your boys (yes readers - that is plural more than one boy) who will move into adulthood with a severe distrust and possibly even hatred for women (one only need read your comments about your ex-wife in particular and women in general to see what you are teaching those boys). But now to see how feminism has helped society. One way society has been helped by feminism (both egnders) has been the decline in the stigmatism of being a child sexual assault victim. Back in the 1950's - 1970's and before then, an underage sexual assault victim by a parent or person in authority does not fear the stigmatism in the ways they did 40-50 years ago. Incest and child sexual abuse were unheard of back then, simply because it was not reported. And this was not because it was not happening, it is because there was a huge stigma assigned to being a child who reported this. While this still exists to some degree today, it is not near as bad as it was then.

Also back 50 years ago women seldom worked outside the home, to do so was a slap in a man's face that he was not good enough to support his family. Some of this load has been removed from the man by the woman, and until this recession hit, families benefitted from this dual employment family. There are other ways in which society has benefitted but I will leave those to my readers.

So please share here readers. How do YOU think feminism has benefitted society?

I guess you do not need to be a doctor/psychologist/psychiatrist to make up a medical term

Yep folks you heard that right. Straight from Attila's mouth!!! We have what is alleged to be the origination of HAP (lesser known sibling of PAS/PA). HAP for those wondering is short for Hostile Aggressive Parenting. PAS is dying a not quick enough slow death, and we have all these quacks jumping in with "new" terms, terms that are basically the same thing. The best one to day is Malicious Mother Syndrome. But hey, at least with this one they (meaning FR/MRA's) are COMPLETELY honest about their motives. They feel it is all about the mothers and it is all the mothers fault these divorces are happening, and if only the mother would ... (fill in the blank).

Well Petunia has a doctorate in life (just ask anyone who knows her), so I have decided to make my own syndrome.

Frothing Father's Syndrome.....

This is evidenced by a woman who has filed a restraining order for abuse against the man. The man then loudly proclaims his innocence to all, eventually taking his case to the internet. It is also evidenced by those men who are not divorced, but who perpetuate the myth of the denied father. There have been several worst case scenarios out there. Those who create a website going to the extreme of saying the wife stole the kids and more. The men (and sometimes misguided women) who suffer from FFS will frequent men's blogs and forums. They will dress up like superheros and even climb cranes or bridges in order to call attention to their plight.

Some of the lesser problems of this syndrome also include prolonged litigation over issues that have been resolved, the rerfusal to pay child support 0 even to the extent of going to jail for the principle of non-payment (citing slavery, debtor's prisons, etc). There are so many aspects of this syndrome/disease that Petunia has determined that a cure is not possible. Medication will not solve this issue. Therapy never works. Petunia is seeking sponsors for inclusion of this in the DSM. As we all learned from PAS and now HAP and MMS, peer review is NOT required. I simply have to publish this pften enough and it will be taken at face value.

WHAT? You mean that there is no such thing? Say it isn't so!!!!

Anyway, read Attila's words of wisdom for more information on the "creation" of HAP:

Attila L. Vinczer Says:

July 23rd, 2009 at 3:03 pm
Thank you Bat Girl for pointing Lacy and others to an excellent web site at:http://www.paawareness.org/ .

I would like to take this opportunity to mention that it was Vernon Beck, founder of www.CanadaCourtWatch.com and www.familyservices.com who coined the term HAP, Hostile Aggressive Parenting that can be found on his site free of charge here,
http://www.familyconflictservices.com/General1/RecommendationsHostile-AggressiveParenting.pdf . Ms. Sarvy Emo, founder of PAAO built on Vern’s original material about HAP.

July 23, 2009

Woman hate/Man hate?

Now this is quite ironic. Over "there" you will on ocassion see a post about a comic strip and how that comic strip is anti-male displaying hatred or bias towards men. Feminists (much like myself) have yet to fall into that trap. But I just thought I would show you an example of woman bashing in a comic. The only difference with mens rights activists and feminists regarding these cartoons? Men get their panties in a knot over them. Feminists can laugh at them and themselves. I know I can.

Anyway, here is the link to the cartoon. Hope you enjoy it like I did!

Oh and note to the "offended" MRA's..... GET OVER YOURSELF!!!!

July 22, 2009

Take children away from good moms simply because they are POOR?????

Yep folks you read this right. razor wants to take children away from moms whose only "crime" is poverty.

razor Says:

July 22nd, 2009 at 8:02 am

Why should anyone be allowed to have custody of a child if they cannot afford to do so? Why is LW complaining about lack of support and how poor she is? What if the father DIED? She would be in exactly the same boat but with noone to whine about.

Actually razor, she would be able to get Scoial Security for the chidlren. While it would probably not be as much as she was ordered receive for them through child support, it would be more than what she gets now, which is zero.

Truth about Trusts

Eric Morris Says:

July 21st, 2009 at 6:05 pm
A trust would require an Executor and filing documents with the state court system. These are public record and could be easily tracked down by authorities. It would be virtually impossible for a state investigator to not find the assets.

The "requirement of employment" could be included in a trust fund document, but trusts that use that are rarer than hen's teeth, most trusts only have limits "about coming of age" , "reserves", or "payment schedules".

Actually Eric Morris, you really should do your homework about trusts funds. There are trust funds which are protected by any creditor, until the money is paid out. He can then protect it by having a joint tenants in entirety account with his current wife. There are ways to get around everything if you play the law. With a tenants in the entriety bank account with his wife, generally nobody is allowed to attach the bank account. So the trust is protected, the money received from the trust is protected. This is entriely plausible.

July 20, 2009

Women mean nothing in Ohio

Ohio Bill Would Include Father's Right's in Abortion Decision-Making Process

An Ohio lawmaker has re-introduced legislation that would include a father's rights in the abortion decision-making process. Under Roe v. Wade, fathers are left out of the equation when a woman considers whether or not to have an abortion that would end the life of their child.

I really have no comments on this. This would be a huge blow to victims rights, womens rights and would make some FR/MRA types very happy as evidenced by the pure joy in the original article. Imagine if you can the horror of the victim of incest or rape when she attempts to secure an abortion for whatever reason, and she is told, I am sorry we must have the alleged father appear and give his "permission"?

Quentin and guns

This is how Quentie "controls" people:

In the Marines we had a jerk tailgaiting me pretty bad while driving my hummer. I finally got pissed and told the gunner to rotate the TOW system on him. You could see strait through the dummy round showing it is empty and it takes 60yds for it to even arm if you did fire but the fucker almost wrecked hammeing his brakes so hard to finally back off! I miss heavy guns and explosives! They make people MUCH more polite! LOL

Need I say more? Oh one thing only..... Did he control his home in this fasion?

I am now bored with Quentie

It is interesting that she spent all that time "researching" me and never found anything of interest that she could attack. I did ask her why she was taking so long and pointed out she has a serious problem with claiming many yhings by men are control items yet she refused a reasonable post with independent research and attacked me for questioning why she didn't allow it therefore using the exact same kinds of control she complains about all over her blog.

I found many interesting things about you Quentie. I simply am bored with you now since you are like so many of the other MRA's. You were "falsely" (cough gag snort puke) accused of abuse in one form or another, you have spent your life making sure that this is removed from your record, and when it was not you simply joined up with other "allegedly" falsely accused men who are ordered to pay support. You do everything in your power to take children away from a perfectly fit mother and when you cannot, you make her unfit with your schemes and court actions. I have seen your dockets (yes plural, there was more than one). I feel for your ex-wife, and more importantly I feel for your kids. What will your daughter do when her friends come to her and say, hey I saw you dressed up as Batgirl? But "loving" fathers like you don't think that far ahead.

So talk about me all you want Quentie...It hurts me NONE. I lived with someone just like YOU. I was married to someone just like YOU. I have not visited SYG or any of those men's websites in weeks. Why do you come visit me every day? I should also ask Attila that question as well. What is it that I do that "bothers" you so much?

I won't hold my breath waiting for that little tidbit....

July 19, 2009

Father/Daughter Batman? or would it be Batman and Batkid? Calling Quentie......

Now what kind of man (father) would expose his child in this fashion? Well maybe fashion is not that proper of a choice of word?

Can you explain Quentie????????

Atilla wants a time machine back to 1918 or even before

Simply read this clear and convincing proof of how much Atilla HATES, DESPISES women. He wants to keep us loked up, not allowed to have a voice. I wonder if he expects his children to be seen and not heard as well. Actually I know the answer to that question... He expects his children (notice the male form of that pronoun - they are HIS not THEIRS) to only speak when he says they can. Like in forced interviews so he can show how awful his ex (their MOTHER btw) is. Anyway that is another post (yep Atilla I want you to keep coming back so just hold your horses, you will enjoy it when it comes out). Here is his most recent anti-woman vomit:

Attila L. Vinczer Says:

July 18th, 2009 at 8:36 pm
I think the day women got the right to vote is the day the slippery slope of injustice against males began! Clearly women abuse power and authority without batting an eye or feeling any sense of remorse.........


So Atilla, am I to assume this means you would like to go back to when women could NOT vote? Never mind, I know you will just upchuck more hatred at us - the gentle gender.

July 2, 2009

TWAT Bob - who is he?

Well I promised you and I deliver on my promises. Now prepare to be amused, disgusted and more lmao!!!!! You may have noticed that I highlighted over several posts the anti-woman hate speech of TWAT Bob. I know you may have wondered as well as me - OMG Petunia, is this woman hater close to me? Do I need to worry about my family being exposed to this character? Is he part of my family. Well Petunia hopes to lay those worries and fears to rest. TWAT Bob exposed at your servcie. I recently searched for TWAT Bob and thanks to his massive internet tracks, Petunia has some "stuff" to share with you.

First I wonder if "The Secret Naturist Society" knows of TWAT Bob's beliefs? From their website:

A naturist loves to enjoy the many splendours of the great outdoors without being hampered by wearing clothing. The secret naturist does so as well, yet adds the element of stealth from other human eyes. The secret naturist has been with us for many years but few people are even aware of their existence. This is most probably due to the secretive and furtive nature, keeping well concealed within the cover of dense woodland or even under cover of darkness, and only venturing out when confident of being alone and not being observed. It is also believed that the secret naturist could, in fact, be relatively common through out the all parts of the world but a distinct lack of official sightings and reports prevents any firm guess at the true numbers.

The availability of the internet has proven by far to be the best way of learning about the secret naturist. By communicating using electronic means such as community forums, anonymity can be assured yet ideas and tales, hints & tips and other information can be shared freely without any risk of discovery.

This website, The Secret Naturist Society, takes an in-depth look at the elusive and often cunning world and lifestyle of the secret naturist. It draws on many sources and includes contributions from active secret naturists, historical literature and also on the webmasters own experiences of many years of secret naturism. Many sources have been difficult to substantiate and some could be said to be the stuff of legends, though it is said a legend is often based on real facts somewhere in the mists of time.

Aims & Directives

Most websites have a specific purpose and The Secret Naturist Society is no different. It's main purpose is to act as an information resource on the subject of secret naturism and also to be a contact point for secret naturists themselves who wish to communicate their experiences and ideas to others.

Since the site was first launched in October 1999, the original very secretive approach has changed slightly over the years as the site developed, changed hands, and grew. The inspiration for this site sprang from a book called The Nudist Way by David Martin, which is generally about nude rambling in the countryside. It could almost be described as a companion guide to The Secret Naturist Society and has a more open and less secretive approach than this website. This led to wondering, perhaps there is a better way of doing things, out in the open, almost going public as it were but still holding to the general principles of the secret naturist.

In light of this we’ve decided to be more open and honest about our secret naturist activities and to make less use of secret, secluded locations and to come out into the open. Instead of hiding or slipping away when approached by non-naturists, an approach of contact and discussion will be implemented if the situation allows.

This website will continue to be as originally intended, about secret naturism but will also encourage a more open approach to nudity. However, this does not mean that social nudity or "normal" naturism is the ultimate goal, secret naturism will always be the main aim and objective of this website.

The Secret Naturist Society is nurtured by individuals around the world with the common interest of being naked in the great outdoors and the Societies prime directives and aims are set out below.

The prime directives of the Society are:

- to achieve total nudity in everyday locations.
- to remain undiscovered at all times.

The principle aims of the Society are:

- to provide a friendly and open forum to share thoughts, experiences, feelings and tips on the subject of secret naturism.
- to provide support and encouragement to both new and experienced secret naturists who wish to develop their secret naturist skills further.
- to push the boundaries of secret naturism to the highest level possible yet still keeping within the prime directives.
- to develop new skills, methods and other ways and means of achieving safe total nudity.

If any or all of the above apeals to you, please take this opportunity to join the Secret Naturist Society. Registration is totally free and is only required to ensure a safe, friendly environment for all our members. A valid email address is required in order to recieve your personal password to gain access to this site, and to retrieve it in the future should you forget your password. Your email address will be used for no other purpose and will not end up on some spammers mailing list.

Posted on Monday, June 30






Or how about this screenshot:

Bob has a Flickr as well.

Let's not forget the infamous Stand Your Ground website either. Posts made by Bob: 172 and he is generally available between the hours of 9am and 12 noon. Hmm makes one think - does TWAT Bob have a job? Oh yeah he is "retired" lol. Guess that leaves him plenty of time to expose himself huh? And what does Bob contribute to Stand Your Ground?


Posts: 172

Re: Unbelievable dinner conversation
« Reply #35 on: January 29, 2008, 08:48:27 PM »


Quote from: Rusty Shackleford on January 29, 2008, 05:57:30 PM
what the fuck does OJ have to do with anything in the first place
why bring him up at all

OJ Stood his ground and ended up with custody of his minor children. He should be a model to us all.



Catch more of The World According to Bob at: http://bobstruth.blogspot.com

It's time for men to retake our natural and age old leadership position.

And what else does TWAT Bob have to say on Stand Your Ground?

Links to the most outrageous:

OJ Comment

OJ Comment

Child Comment

About Daughters Comment

Another OJ Comment

Complete List of TWAT Bob Comments

Okay I am growing weary of SYG. Let's move to something else interesting about TWAT Bob.

TWAT Bob may still and at one time belonged to AUM (American Union of Men).


From the main page of AUM:

This is a discussion area for all issues pertaining to the Men's Movement, with special emphasis on Anti-Feminism, Masculism, Brotherhood . The moderator is the founder of the American Union of Men (AUM) with an orientation that is masculist, religious, and politically liberal on non feminist issues. We have no delusions about the evil nature of feminism. Anything resembling feminism is quickly put on moderated status. Legitimate feminist critiques are welcomed, but need to be tightly controlled due to the nature of the list. Please feel free to join and participate or just read about the issues. Tom Smith (QIM) President of the American Union of Men (AUM) Yahoo Profile: http://profiles.yahoo.com/qim PHOTO ON RIGHT of Phil Hendrie, comic genius on the radio from 7-10PM, and Ann Coulter, conservative talking head.

YAWN!!!!! AUM is more of the same ol' same ol' spews from disturbed individuals. Let's move on....

Now for the good stuff lol. Bob apprently has issues.... He can't seem to find a woman..... See his "ad" HERE.


I am sure you get the picture here. In case you want more woman hate go to google and type in bobx23456. 23,700 results await you!!!!

Enjoy? have fun with this little expose and have a great day!!!!

UPDATE: OMG My poor poor readers!!!!!! I realized I left out the most important part!!!! Where oh where in this big huge world does TWAT Bob lay his head? Look no further gentle readers, Petunia is here to save the day:



Be wary Spookane Washington residents!!!!!

TWAT Bob at it again - this time blaming moms for single mothers

Bob said...
Note to anonymous:
We will never know how many because fathers no longer have any legal rights to decide about our children at all.

Before feminism ruined it, we once had an common arrangement for men to take care of women who were the mothers of our children. It was called "marriage." Feminism destroyed marriage. The failure of young women to find a husband to take care of her child is the fruit of feminist hate. A young pregnant single female has only her evil hate mongering mothers to blame.

June 23, 2009 5:27 AM

Bob did you ever stop to think that maybe there is another reason for single moms. Man in jail perhaps? Man has died or been killed? MAN IS NO GOOD? I guess all evils in this world are to be blamed on woman in Bob's eyes. He once was amusing but now Petunia feels sorry for Bob. Stay tuned for more on Bob. Apparently law enforcement has discovered his little corner of the world. (Petunia rocks back and forth on her heels whistling looking around to see who just might be responsible for that). NO!!!! Petunia will take full credit for that!!!! Enough of standing in the background, looking to the man for "PERMISSION" to act. I am an adult and am fully capable of making a decision and acting. Watch yourself BOB!!!! Petunia is watching you. And she will call again should the need arise.