December 31, 2008

More Yahoo hatred........... writes:

Stan...Shame On You...I pay you the utmost respect, a man of your intelligence having no clue why the e-mail is signed "Barf". I am much less intelligent than you, having much less experience and successes as you, but I clearly see the relationship between "Barf" and the message that "Pugbubbe" addressed to you. I see barf all over the message, and quite frankly, her message caused me to barf all over her message as well. I think "Barf" describes perfectly the content of the message that was sent to you and describes perfectly the person who authored the message! What you should be asking "Barf", is to produce and keep you updated with a list of the "women by the thousands in the United States today who are losing their children to abusive, molesting, battering fathers" Why do you not ask your friend to provide you with a complete list upon which she is relying for her statistics? Ask your friend to provide you a complete list of those who are attempting to get together to solve " these problems", and ask her to define what problem, she is referring to, and who declared it a problem. Can you not ask your friend to identify those fathers she is referring to and from what source she is referring, that keeps records on "infamous fathers who prefer pedophelia as a way of life and are upset", and against which "protective mothers" she is referring? Stan why do you seem to have such an attraction to this narrow minded feminist? Haven't you reminded her that it is "protective fathers" who battle against criminal minded and cold hearted females that fight for and promote abortion. A million murdered fetuses have been murdered not by protective mothers, but rather, it was protective fathers that led the challenges for a fetus not to be aborted without the father's consent. Did your good friend "Barf" ever hear of a father drowning his (5) children in a bathtub? Did your friend ever hear of a father strap his (2) children in a car seat in the back of the car and push the car into the lake and blame a black women with committing the crime? Did your friend ever hear of a father cutting the arms off of his small children and kill them? Well, I haven't either, but I have heard of female mothers doing this? Is this what your friend means when she uses the term protective? Stan, you should try choosing your friends more carefully

I can name hundreds of women who have been victimized in this very fashion. As a fact I and the chidl produced through my marriage are two of these very victims.

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