December 25, 2010

Batterers 101: Another look at the power and control wheel

We are nearing the end of another year. There have been some victories for battered moms and their children. There have also been many more moms forced into this strange twilight existence known as non-custodial mommy. We made progress and we have been shoved down. I thought now would be a good time to point out that the holidays are the worst time for the victims, especially those victims of the father's rights crowd and their leaders, followers, and assorted cult gang members.

So we have here a lesson in Battering 101. We turn to the Power and Control wheel and focus on two of the wedges. The first is the using "Using Coercion and Threats" wedge and the second is the "Using Isolation" wedge. You may ask why I am going over this with you gentle reader. Many of you know the tactics, it is simply amazing it is not more apparent to others.

Now to connect the dots for you.

I was sent this image (as far as I know it is unaltered and you can check this information by dates and times if you feel so inclined. We have a well-known woman hater, father's rights advocates stating this:

Removing "friends" who associate with and promote a gender-biased (man-hating) unbalanced (disturbed) mothers rights advocate. The rest of us know that this has nothing to do with gender. CD, your hatred is counter-productive to real reform. But thanks for showing your true colors.

and directly below it, this:

I'll give people until Jan. 1 to disassociate from her before I cut them. This is warning #1.

Okay so first we have an "advocate" for "equality" and presumably peace telling people that they MUST remove 'CD' or they will be removed from her friends list. Now to me (forgive me if I am wrong) sounds a lot like isolation to me. IE: You either do not be friends with this person and only with people I deem to be okay, or I will take you off my friends list. So she is now isolating the people on her friends list from being friends with the mysterious 'CD' or they will no longer be allowed the privilege of being her friend.

Can we say COERCION/THREATS and ISOLATION? I wonder if we were to look back at many of the nasty things being said by this "advocate" whether we would indeed find more similarities to the Power and Control wheel? Does she engage in any other activities like this destined to make the P/C list?

Readers your call. Send me pics like this one below and what wedge of the wheel you think she is violating? I can think of another one just from this posting on Facebook alone, but I have had my fun tonight. YOUR TURN!!!!