December 31, 2008


Jeremy Swanson, our friend in Canada, caught a mole forwarding messages to a feminist agency. See below for the full story.
Paul Clements

Re: Why Women Lie About Rape...Thanks, Felicia!
This post signed by the above person was received on a well-known Canadian FR discussion board forum in Toronto and by investigating the trail it was soon realized that this discussion board was being monitored by at least one feminist-influenced Alpha Male type noted hereunder. This troll passed on the post about the Air Force study to a radical feminist group in Florida where the troll is resident and the following reply was received. Fortunately the Radfem forgot to remove the 'trail' and we have been able to uncover the 'Mole' on the listserve. This post is a way to illustrate what we are up against and what the 'other side' is prepared to do in order to discredit and manipulate the truth. Even our own Gender -the very men we fight for-are not averse to betraying their own it seems. At the present time, this mole is actively trying to recruit fathers and groups to allign with his feminazi group. All group leaders are urged to purge their membership lists of his name and email address.
The message below was sent to our Canadian brother, who had distributed a message entitled "Why Women Lie About Rape". Please note that the writer is a domestic violence industry insider. Funny, what? An anti domestic violence advocate threatening violence. Note that the email he is responding to was factual, and not at all threatening. A complaint (two actually) has been sent to Fort Lauderdale police chief, Frank Adderly. If you care to support those complaints the email address is:

From: Teddy Harrell, Jr []
Sent: Tuesday, December 23, 2008 1:14 PM
To: Jeremy Swanson
Cc: Felicia Mayer; Fathers Are Capable Too
Subject: Re: Offlist-RE: [fathers_are_capable_too] Why Women Lie About Rape...Thanks, Felicia!

Uh, Brother Jeremy? Are your insulting me? Are you insulting my intelligence?
I am a real brother and if you need to say something like this to me, to my face, Let's meet, mano-to mano. Don't use the barrier of the internet.
Let us meet face to face and really introduce ourselves to one another, like real (men?) do.
As far as what Felicia wrote. Facts are facts and before we place things out there, we should ensure the credibility of it all. My long-time friend Felicia surely did. I commend her and respect her research.
Sounds like you have a lot of hate for women, Jeremy and if that is the case, I (don't?) want any association with you, other than to ram those words down your throat, like a real man would.
Here I am, Jeremy, let me know.

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