December 16, 2008

Sexual abuse?

martin swash Says:

December 16th, 2008 at 6:39 am
The main problem with this latest theory is that the woman frequently makes false allegations of domestic violence. If it is not physical violence, a spiteful woman will then allege sexual abuse. She will be advised to say that by the local refuge. All this perjury will never be addressed. That is the problem.

We often gain insight into the true opinions and minds of thes emen by reading their comments. One must wonder if this one while not phsyically abusive was abusive in other forms? Was it found to be justified in family court? One must wonder. To many of these MRAs, sexual abuse from a husband to a wife is a non-existent thing because men have the right to do as they wish to their wives. They are after all married to them so of course whena woman raises issues of the treatment by her husband she should have no basis for that claim - they are married you know.

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