December 31, 2008

Letter from an MRA about 'Santa Shooting' writes

To the editors,
Christmas time can be very emotional for many people. Suicides are extremely common at this time. However, when you provoke a person with injustice, tyranny, and oppression, cutting to the very heart of his life by taking away his children, his home, and his reputation, you can create a scene such as occured in Covina, CA Christmas Eve.
Bruce Pardo, obviously overwhelmed by the injustice heaped on him by the divorce courts, shot and killed his ex-wife, and seven other people, then set fire to the house. Three additional persons are still missing and presumed dead. Several more were injured, including at least two children.

Pardo was described as quiet and friendly by neighbors and co-workers. An all-around nice guy, the last person they would suspect of a rampage like this. Unfortunately, the injustices of the family courts, heaped upon most men in courts across the country, is more than sufficient to trigger such an explosive, emotional reaction. Our courts and legislatures really need to examine the facts, to see the persecution of men, and to make changes to alleviate the volatile emotional impact on them.

Paul M. Clements


Friendofanonymum said...

The Australian Family Movement had this to say on Fathers4Equality email forum about Bruce Pardo,and the moderators not only let the message be posted but also let messages through from other members supporting this stand proving that Fathers Rights groups condone violence and murder and blame the victim.

Australian Family Movement

"Here's a toast to Bruce Pardo. He was a man.

Many will speak badly of him.

A few will say that he was a victim.

All will say that it was an unfortunate situation.

But he was obviously a man who would not submit to injustice.

His actions bespeak a man who thought about his actions, who had things well planned including a "plan B" which eventuated with his suicide.

Bruce Pardo, you were a Man.

I salute you and raise my glass at your courage and honesty.

Hail, your Spirit, Bruce. May it energize others in your situation.

Goodbye, brother. "

Rj said...

holy crap.

Friendofanonymum said...

Holy Crap indeed!
The same poster Australian Family Movement also had this to say on another post, and by default endorsed by Fathers4Equality Australia.

"Shows the importance of the biological family unit.
In Natura, lions kill and sometimes even eat the offspring of the previous male of the pack.
Sometimes, on the other hand, other animals will adopt offspring of others as their own.
But horrible as it is, it seems natural that the biological urge in order to continue one's line is so strong that it will use whatever means necessary to do it, including destroying competitors' offspring..
If it's natural, then there is no inherent "badness" in it. It is what has kept us alive until now.
(If only nature were Politically Correct, this wouldn't happen)
This is a good wake up call to women to do more to maintain the original marriage and "get on" with the husband and father, instead of causing trouble.
A move to end the marriage and take up with another bloke might end in their kids getting killed.
That's a great message for everybody."

Rj said...

If men are such animals...why are we letting them freely roam??? LOL I mean, why don't we do what we do with other violent, rabid animals???

Friendofanonymum said...

These guys are the extreme. Luckily most aren't wanting to murder women and children.

It does appear though that the desire for violence and control is a prerequisite to becoming an active member of Mens Rights groups.