August 30, 2009

It's not what you know???????

ChrisPCD Says:

August 27th, 2009 at 4:18 pm
"Just because someone isn't convicted of something doesn't mean they're not guilty."

True. But it's not what you know, it's what you can prove. :)

This is PRECISELY how battering men get away with abuse!!!!! This is what must be stopped!!!!!

Oh and welcome to Petunia's lair ChrisPCD. I see this is your first time here (probably not your last). Oh and one side note to my favorite (gag puke cough) fr - have you found what you are looking for yet? You have been to my site more than everyone else combined nearly over the last week. If you are looking for something and cannot find it why not just email me you boobhead. Won't say your name but you know who I am talking about :-)

She is back!!!!

Ahh a voice of reason among the many quaks.

jeana Says:

August 27th, 2009 at 4:04 pm
There may not be enough evidence of domestic violence, but enough that the judge would rather be safe than sorry. Just because someone isn't convicted of something doesn't mean they're not guilty.

This is what PROTECTIVE MOTHERS have been saying all along. DV does hot happen in the open as shown in this video:

Domestic violence happens in secret - behind closed doors. Who sees it? Nobody except the victim and the perpetrator. Maybe the chidlren who generally are either too young to testify (unless the abuse escalates to murder) or too aligned with the abuser after years of being told their mother is stupid. Just search for Susan Still. Her 13 year old son was forced to video tape his father beating his mother. This is about the only time you will hear of abuse being corroborated. Any other time it is NEARLY ALWAYS a he said she said situation.

So jeana it is a welcome sight for sore eyes to see you back and posting again. Welcome back to the insanity!

The shift in NCM percentages?

Well here we have it again. RF again playing games with numbers when it suits him.
Cough. "The shift in favour of fathers...has occurred in America?" When? Did I fall asleep for 30 years? Just in case facts matter, U.S. Census Bureau data show that, in 1993, 84% of custodial parents were mothers. By 2005, that number had plummeted to...84%!

How many single parent homes existed in 1993 RF? And how many exist now in 2005? Hmmmmmmm makes one wonder. Lets take a quick break while I research these numbers

Still looking :-)

Still searching

Hang in there almost there


Click HERE to read the true statistics on single parents homes. According to this website there were 7 million single parent homes in 1990. So 84% of that is 5.88 million single mother led households. Now this is not specified as to single mom because she has always been single or because she is divorced - just single mother led households. And according to this website 13.5 million single parent households. Now this would equate to 11.34 million.

This site also says this: The proportion of single mother families grew to 26% and single father families grew to 5% by 2000 (from 12% and 1% respectively in 1970). Single mother led households doubled over this time period where the single father led households grew at a rate of 5 times. So a 100% increase versus a 500% increase. HMMMMMMMMMMMM..........

August 25, 2009

The Loony mom slipped through the cracks?

Taken from:

McCarty's case is more hopeful than Collins' in one respect--Italian authorities have at least removed the boy from his loony mom, whereas Holly Collins slipped through the cracks in the Dutch immigration system and was allowed to remain in Holland with her kidnapped children in her care.

Actually do you not read the MSM news? Holly Collins was GRANTED ASYLUM. Geesh these men will never give up until they completely destroy women.

August 23, 2009


If you can avoid filing for divorce in Hillsborough County Florida - do so at all costs. This is a warning to you that the judges in that county do not listen to the pleas of the victims and in fact allow the batterers to utilize their courtrooms in order to further abuse the victims.


A little history first:
- August 2005 I filed for divorce in Tampa, Florida. WHY?
- November 2005 my ex filed a restraining order against me, & was denied Typical of Florida courts
- December 2005 my ex hit me & was arrested for domestic violence Did she "hit you" or "defend herself"?
- December 2005 I moved out of the marital home - BIG MISTAKE... don't EVER move out... what you leave behind is now hers You were married so it is partly hers and what we are not hearing is who worked, who bought etc etc - typical of the FR activist - everything is his no matter what - even the children
- December 2005 I filed a restraining order against her & it was granted I am sure you used the alleged assault - million dollar question however is who assaulted who and who was defending? Hmmm time for Petunia to hit uip the Hillsborough county court website
- January 2006 the ex reported me to DCFS and alleged that I was sexually abusing my three kids. DCFS found her accusations baseless DCF is overworked and underpaid and undertrained. They often fall for the charm of a man who is alleged to be abusive
- One year of litigation followed And I am sure that was all her fault also - you filed no papers and had NOTHING to do with protracted litigation?
- January 2007 we signed a marital settlement agreement (MSA). I get every other weekend Thursday to Monday (4 day weekends), every Thursday, 1st right of refusal, and alternating 2 week periods over the summer... I have them 43% of the time. Did she sign WILLINGLY?
- January to July 2007 she refused to comply with the MSA According to whom?
- July 2007 Final Hearing and hearing on my Motions for Enforcement. .. divorce granted... enforcement granted
- August 2007 she requested a rehearing
- December 2007 her rehearing was granted, but she was not granted any new concessions
- February 2008 the judge signs the Final Judgment
- May 2008 she started talking to someone in Tennessee about a job
- August 2008 she informs me she has accepted a position in Tennessee, is moving, and that she wants to take the kids with her
- Labor Day weekend, the ex moves to TN and drops the kids off on my doorstep. I continue to pay child support to her even though the kids are with me.
- September 2008 General Magistrate Proctor recommends she be allowed to temporarily relocate the kids
- I appealed to Judge Silver... He ruled in December 2008 to allow the temporary relocation
- December 23, 2008 the boys moved to TN with mom... my daughter (17) chose to stay here with me
- Six months goes by... she doesn't let me talk to them, my parents live near her but she doesn't let them see the kids either, I only get to see them once a month for a two day weekend. I went from having them 43% of the time to under 10%.
- June 11, 2009 Final Trial for Relocation.. . she testifies that she refuses to give me the boys' cell phone numbers, she testifies that her reason for relocating was for the job and not the kids, she testifies about a lot of things not realizing that she only hurt herself. She runs her mouth so much that we have to have another day of trial...
- August 4, 2009 2nd day of Final Trial for Relocation.. . I testify... Honestly I don't even remember most of what I said... my attorney asked me questions and I answered...
- August 7, 2009 The judge asked to speak to my boys. She spoke to them in private and the transcript is sealed to protect them.

- August 14, 2009, a day that will live in infamy in the Family Law Courts of Tampa... The judge not only denied her relocation, but she found that it was a bad faith move, that she only moved to take the kids away from me, that she did not and will not in the future foster ANY relationship between the kids and I. The judge gave me custody of the boys, she gave me credit for child support from last year when the ex moved to TN and left the kids with me, plus I get credit for my daughter remaining with me while the boys went with her for 6 months. The judge orders her to pay me $1,190 a month for support plus $310 a month for the next 3-4 years until she has repaid to me the child support credits I am due, and she gives the ex the same visitation schedule that the ex tried to give me. LAST BUT NOT LEAST... the ex tried to ask the judge if she could move back to Florida and keep things the same as before... the judge said "NO!!! You testified that you had no desire to move back if the boys do not relocate, so NO!!!" So there you have it folks - another mother and children falling victim to maternal deprivation....

My friends, if you need to get into a fact-friendly and father-friendly court in Hillsborough County Florida, try to get your case moved to Judge Catherine Catlin's Court. She is no-nonsesnse, she pays attention to the FACTS and not to the ramblings of emotional women. And if you need a good attorney, call the Hunter Law Group. They are an outstanding group of attorneys. Rick DePippo represented me and he was better than anything I've ever seen, even those scripted lawyers on TV.

I WON!!! I WON!!! I WON!!! I WON!!! I WON!!! I WON!!! I WON!!! I WON!!!

Petunia cannot say anymore - he has said it all. So MOMS STAY AWAY FROM HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY!!!!!

UPDATE: Petunia has done a cursory glance of the court docket and it appears that j_kannard was less than cooperative, in fact he attempted to block the mother from being on the emergency contact form at the children's school. He also refused to produce documents and the wife/mother had to put in at least three requests for the documents. Hmmmm does any of this sound familiar? It sure does to Petunia.

So there you have it folks - another case of maternal deprivation......

Oh and j_kannard - why don't you give ALL of the details instead of just the cherry picked ones?

How do the FR's truly feel?

Petunia is often privy to the goings on of the FR movement. I feel I "HAVE" to be in order to understand the enemy as it were. Because these men truly do have issues and are the enemy - the enemies of CHILDREN!!!! Don't believe me? Just read this email from a happy card carrying FR activist.

If more people were to tote guns at our protests . The sooner the government tyranny would end. In the 60's the first Million Man March was to be all black men carrying guns. The FBI called Dr. Martin Luther King and asked him to get involved . Of course he advocated no guns and anybody could participate. This led Malcolm X to say "See they (government) are even telling us how to protest."

Advocating the toting of guns which in the hands of angry people lead to death? And we are supposed to believe that these men care about the children?

August 21, 2009

GG I believe I may have the answer to your question

GG Says:

August 21st, 2009 at 7:16 pm
Remember the Colleen Stan kidnapping? Her abductor turned her into a sex slave for 7 years. Why, Franklin, do you avoid the slave industry? After all, it's an international problem. Is that not violent enough for you, or do you just have a hankering to convince people that women are the root of all evil.

GG you ask why Franklin would ignor things like the Stan kidnapping? You might also ask, why he would ignore the pleas of a GROWN woman (Holly Collins) as well. Or why he would ignore Fatima Loeliger's statement that she is NOW happy, when she lived with her father and his wife, she was extremely UNHAPPY? Or how about the hundreds and thousands of protective moms who allege DV and abuse of themselves and the children. Why would he ignore these cries and pleas?

Petunia thinks (OPINION OF PETUNIA) Franklin wants to marginalize women and place us back into the 1940's mentality. Back to when women were seen and not heard. Women have no rights. Just look at any of the commenter on his site and you will find an original signatory to the Father's Manifesto. You know that mysogynistic little piece whereby MEN want women to stay home, never be able to vote, never be able to speak their minds. Yeah that's right - THEY DON'T THINK WE HAVE MINDS.

So there you have it GG. "Those" men will never admit that a woman can actually digest a subject, think about it and form an opinion and even be able to articulate that opinion. We are second class. This IS the issue.

August 17, 2009

FatherTime Says:

August 17th, 2009 at 4:56 pm
I understand that he should be held accountable for his actions. However, this is highly suspicious and where there is smoke there is usually fire.

I have had several interactions with police. The police seem to assume mother custody, and male dv batterers. I don't trust the police, and carry a snout in my glove box for emergencies. Maybe I should carry donuts too.

I have friends who are police officers. But I don't even trust them.

Your best friend is a camera.

He carries a SNOUT?!?!?!?!?!?! And we wonder WHY he had issues with custody?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I am also sure his "police friends" would love to hear this one.

Straight from the horse's mouth - things that make you go hmmm or should a man with diabetes be consuming alcohol?

In perusing THAT foul website I was directed to this link:

Lawsuit claims collusion by cops and private eyes

FEDERAL COURT — A La Jolla man is suing the city of San Diego, claiming police officers colluded with private investigators and falsely stopped him on suspicion of drunken driving in 2007 so his wife could use the arrest against him in a child-custody battle.
The 34-page complaint, filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court in San Diego, includes allegations of false arrest, negligence, battery, excessive force and conspiracy.
John F. Steel IV, a 50-year-old Type 1 diabetic, also alleges that a police officer denied him urgent medical care when his diabetes flared up during the arrest.

Okay the multi-million dollar question is this:

Why on earth would a Type I Diabetic be consuming alcohol? And then to excuse the behavior of going to several bars and consuming these same alcoholic beverages, he now feels the need like any typical fathers rights activist to place blame on his wife, the PI's, the police, the City of San Diego - everywhere but where the blame needs to be placed - right square on his shoulders. This reminds me once again of many of the FR's out there (including my own worthless ex). When they are arrested for a violation of a court order, or when they have money taken from their check, or when they cannot pay their bills because they have played games with child support, or when the children finally have enough of the bull shit, these men will find a handy target other than the true and just target - themselves.

Yeah this is realllllllllllll good. I say we send letters to San Diego mayor in support of his officers. WTG good job guys! Also - the PI's in this case - you have a firm where I live? Wouldn't be able to afford you anyway :-) But excellent move guys!!!! What child needs to be in the custody of someone who consumes enough alcohol to get a DUI and suffer from diabetes also - which should preclude alcohol?

Never mind, I know what THEY will say. He is over 21 after all.

August 16, 2009

Matt O'Connor of F4J fame is up to.....

Well what is he doing nowadays you might ask? He sure does hate women as you can see by his history with the Father's 4 Justice group. But he is after all a man and a man who loves money (which is probably why he joined F4J - so he could avoid paying HER child support and/or alimony). So in conversing with my friendly BADASS MAMAS, what should we receive in our email box but this link: Hmmmmmm now I wonder what this could be? Read the story then click HERE and we now understand.

LONDON - One of the founders of fathers' rights group Fathers 4 Justice is launching a fresh artisanal Italian gelato brand in a bid to shake-up the UK ice-cream market.

Yep it seems good ol' Matt O'Connor is the founder of the icreamists, the players in these commercials. Hey he wants to control women, what a way for him to humiliate women and make men look even dumber than what they are. Or is it only MO'C who is that? One will never know. >;-}~~

UPDATE: This is the website for the "actors and actresses" in these commercials. Please be warned (as a commenter has let me know) that if you truly love ice cream, you might not want to visit this site. It is thoroughly DISGUSTING and filled with woman hate and exploitation!


john Says:

July 26th, 2009 at 8:16 pm
i'm surprised that the tv network...WE...women's entertainment tv ...has a show called bridezilla....i've seen the women on the show hit their soon to be husband....isn't that domestic violence?

Nimwit this is a REALITY TV show and these women are acting. None of this is REAL.

NCP Moms - a rarely discussed topic

Doug Says:

July 28th, 2009 at 4:40 pm

I do sympathize with your plight, as much as I sympathize with any one (male or female) in this situation. Bad people come in both genders.

But this is equality....why should you be treated differently? Are you saying you should be?

I read the article and in no place did I see her ask to be treated differently. I saw her say that men are not the only ones to go through this issue. I know many women who are on the verge of homelessness or those who are there. Yet when "society" looks at these moms, they must be unfit monsters. They are not. They are many times women who have issues that could be fixed (like Spears) or in most cases, they have battled against an abusive ex-partner and LOST. And the NCM's who have lost ahve something else to bear, the children have lost too.

Armageddon Says:

July 28th, 2009 at 5:07 pm

NC Moms are like men with breast cancer. Same problem, tiny percentage of those who suffer from the condition.

However, unlike male breast cancer, NC Moms often don't have as severe of a condition. (If I remember correctly) less than half of NC Mothers are ordered to pay CS. When they are ordered, it's often a lower amount. From anecdotal evidence, I've seen mothers who are behind in CS get lenient treatment compared to men with arrears.

Okay lets examine this statistic posed by Armageddon. According to, there were 1910 diagnosed cases of breast cancer in the US. Now how many diagnosed cases are there of NCM's? According to there are over 2.2 million NCM's in the US. Hmmm that sort of puts your little comparison in doubt now doesn;t it Armageddon?

And here we have the ever-present "doubter":

Lewis Says:

July 28th, 2009 at 8:46 pm
I hate to be the cynic here and I'm certainly sorry for Trisha's plight but I have to ask if 'Trisha' is an alias? I can't help but wonder if she might have a more traditionally masculine appellation and got snagged because some bureaucrat thought she was male.

I'm also curious as to how many men may have been got up in the burst of energy that netted Trisha. Mostly this sort of thing comes as part of a big effort by the bureaucracy to crack down on the 'deadbeats' doesn't it?

Hmmm I wonder if his name was Tom would we be having this conversation Lewis?

And here we have more woman hate from Armageddon:

Armageddon Says:

July 29th, 2009 at 10:00 am
i find this hilarious because I've heard it a lot usually from the same people who claim that family courts are gender neutral

Isn't cognitive dissonance a wonderful thing? ;)

The courts are gender neutral, but there is no way a mother would lose custody unless she was really unfit!

Either they are holding two opposing beliefs as true, or their definition of "gender neutral" means women are superior to men.

You notice he does exactly as the NCM's say? Well if she lost the kids, she was unfit.

Or how about this (now we know again that this IS All about child support):

Burke Says:

July 29th, 2009 at 1:32 pm
...I myself am fairly lucky now that my kids are getting older, and are spending more time with me. I get them more then 50% of the time in the summer and vacations i get them plus every second week-end. I'm not sure what that works out to as a % but my payments sure don't change in the summer thats for sure.

Burke your time in the summer is already figured into the child support calculations. Also the need for the chidlren to have a home does not magically "go away" just because they are visiting you.

And last but not least, the ultimate "she must be bad, this never happens to women cry - the one these men are so damned good at:

DC Wornock Says:

August 6th, 2009 at 2:35 pm
The story is an obvious fabrication. It is not possible for that to have happened to a woman.

NE on the Food Network

NE Says:

July 29th, 2009 at 2:06 pm
Most men I know don't even own a tv? They are either into computers, photography, cars, guns, sports, etc? Most of the men I've met are usually much more active than any women I've meet that watch tons of tv including cooking shows like foodnetwork.?????

Only one comment here - men are INTO guns? yep we can sure see that with all of the innocent women, children and yes even other men being killed by MEN with GUNS.

Attila's self worship

Attila L. Vinczer Says:

August 12th, 2009 at 4:51 pm
At times I feel guilty when I say to never give up as I am one of the rare lucky ones who has primary care of our two boys. I have other dads who want to simply touch me in hopes of what they perceive as my luck possibly ribbing off on them.

Wow he realllllllllly loves himself doesn't he?

Hmmm where do their reports come from?

Knock Knock Says:

August 12th, 2009 at 4:17 pm
Doug asks:

"Can you please provide the link to this, it will be good ammo for future reference."

Here you go:

A Culture of False Allegations: How VAWA Harms Families and Children

Press Release:
One Million False Allegations of Domestic Violence Each Year, Report Finds

The organization that put these out is called "Respecting Accuracy In Domestic Abuse Reporting" (RADAR).

If I were you, I would be careful to avoid making any public assertions of fact based on the above report, simply because the source -- RADAR in this case -- is an advocacy organization and therefore by definition is biased. (You wouldn't trust the Tobacco Institute's reports about the safety of tobacco, would you?)

So if you do quote RADAR's report, you should be careful to describe it as "indicative" or "suggestive", rather than "authoritative" or "dispositive".

RADAR is biased towards men, because men have a more powerful voice. One simply need to look at our government and businesses to see that. And gentle readers don't you just LOVE how Knock Kncok gets around the fact that this group is for men?

Comments please! (oh and those from mysogynistic men will be deleted without question or comment, unless they are just so dam good and they create another post). Oh but that would be nearly all of them lol.....

Petunia on registered sex offenders (and k-dog too)

k-dog Says:

August 13th, 2009 at 10:05 am
Don't forget that in some parts of the country, registered "sex offenders" (note my skepticism) can wind up homeless because of restrictions on where they can live. So many yards from a school, etc. Remember the ones who were forced to stay under the bridge in Florida because there was nowhere else they could legally live? That plays a role in these punitive laws too.

Okay so now he is "skeptical" about the registered sex offenders? I am sure all the victims of these "offenders" would be glad to know that k-dog is lessening their suffering and trying to say it never happened. And now lets move to the very simple analogy in all of this:


It is as simple as that.

Who cares how we do it, lets just do it

donnie w Says:

August 13th, 2009 at 7:05 am
barbara...your points are well taken, however anytime an injustice can be righted, that's a win. speaking as a man, a win is a win. even though a law may not be changed as yet, usable precedent is always a good thing where fathers rights are concerned.

Lets ignore laws rather than change them, possibly even break the existing law than change it. This is how we should be teaching our children. Now THIS makes COMPLETE sense :-)

Cancers who has it worse? Or otherwise entitled - lets hate on women some more.

Gunner Retired Says:

August 16th, 2009 at 4:24 am

....And do not insult me by inferring I do not have grounds to be upset, or by accusing me of having 'anger management issues' because I appear more than "well gee wally, that's swell" over what I've been entreated to.

My daughter was STOLEN from me.

My daughters college tuition fund was STOLEN from me.

My savings and investments and retirement annuity were STOLEN ftom me.

My ability to provide for any family I might wish to try to start again was STOLEN from me.

My good reputation was STOLEN from me.

Shall we discuss my dignity and self respect?

And you speak of "what's fair"?

And do excuse me please if I don't boo fooking hoo over your womens plight.

Gunner Retired

Your daughter is not just YOUR daughter. She also has a mother. Are you leaving anything out? Like maybe this child WANTS to be with her mom? Girls need a female figure to look up to, and maybe this female child decided it was time to be with mom. And wah wah wah you got no child support? Seems from your post HERE that you make twice what she does. And here we go again with I said this happened so it did and it does not matter what she says, because we all know all women lie all the time. Yeah okay GR go cry a river, build a bridge, and get the hell over it already.

Now for the readers who are wondering what the original article concerns, it is about women's cancer funding for breast, ovarian, and cervical cancerS (yes that is more than one kind of cancer) versus the funding for male prostate cancer (one cancer). So lets see now, the types of cancers that affect women can hit at generally any age after puberty, and prostate cancer hits in middle age. Women's cancers affect child bearing, wheras prostate cancer victims/survivors are generally past child producing stages.

The older you are, the greater the risk for getting prostate cancer. The remarkably sharp increase in incidence with age is a hallmark of the disease. Sixty percent of all newly diagnosed cases and almost 80 percent of all deaths occur in men 70 years of age and older.

From 1998 to 2002, the median age at diagnosis was 68 years. The percentages of people diagnosed with prostate cancer based on age were as follows:

0.0 percent were diagnosed under age 20
0.0 percent between 20 and 34
0.5 percent between 35 and 44
8.3 percent between 45 and 54
26.9 percent between 55 and 64
37.0 percent between 65 and 74
22.6 percent between 75 and 84
4.7 percent 85+ years of age.

Compare to the breast cancer stats:

Approximately 0.0% were diagnosed under age 20;
1.9% between 20 and 34;
10.5% between 35 and 44;
22.5% between 45 and 54;
23.7% between 55 and 64;
19.6% between 65 and 74;
16.2% between 75 and 84;
and 5.5% 85+ years of age.

Now how about cervical cancer:

Approximately 0.2% were diagnosed under age 20;
14.9% between 20 and 34;
26.2% between 35 and 44;
23.5% between 45 and 54;
15.8% between 55 and 64;
10.4% between 65 and 74;
6.6% between 75 and 84;
and 2.5% 85+ years of age.

Here we see that women under the age of 20 are being diagnosed with cervical cancer - hear that UNDER 20!!!! And almost half of all cervical cancer cases (41.3 percent) were diagnosed in women who were still in childbearing stage. Couple that to men at .5 percent - 1/2 of one percent.

Now on with the last one - ovarian cancer - one that will directly affect childbearing more so than cervical cancer. For those men who need a science lesson, this is where our HALF of the genetic material for those beautiful children comes from. Yes we donate one half, you dimwits!!!

Approximately 1.3% were diagnosed under age 20;
3.5% between 20 and 34;
7.4% between 35 and 44;
18.9% between 45 and 54;
22.3% between 55 and 64;
19.9% between 65 and 74;
19.0% between 75 and 84;
and 7.6% 85+ years of age.

Again we have 12.2 percent of all diagnosis are made in child bearing years and women under 20 are affected AGAIN!!!! Men truly do not become affected by prostate cancer until the age of 45. If precautions are taken and MEN get over there I am he-man attitudes and go to their doctors for the exam (oh yeah lets not get into THAT conversation) chances are excellent that discovery will be made at an early point in time. Many of the survivors of prostate cancer implore men to get THE exam, they say they did not.

Okay now that we have seen more female hatred in full swing, lets move on.

You heard it here first folks! Men REALLY do want to remove mothers from children.

lujlp Says:

August 15th, 2009 at 11:52 am
Given 1 in 12 womne will develop breast cancer it would be cheaper to remove the breast buds of all women at birth and issue vouchers for free breast jobs when they turn 18.

If people are going to argue cricucision to prevent one of of thousands of men getting cancer then why arent we argueing the same for women when it is one out of every dozen?

Now if we remove all breats from women, then how will the babies be fed? Oh that's why MAN created the bottle nipple we know today (Elijah Pratt). So women would no longer be needed except as the vessel to carry the child to life to be STOLEN by man.

I see how it works now.....

August 14, 2009

Danno I am not Jennifer but I do not think she is going anywhere anytime soon

Danno Says:

August 11th, 2009 at 8:48 am
Holly’s fabricated story just keeps going. With Jennifer’s obsessive mental health problems she just can’t get on with her life. I noticed she responded to Glen’s recent mention of within the hour of his publishing that article.

I assumed Jennifer might have realized her mother has only given her one side of the story since it’s been proven the whole fractured skull incident really happened when he fell out of a shopping cart.

Given the statements from the FFLM, it’s so typical Jennifer can’t disprove this;

“Then Jennifer spoke up, and the audience and moderators gasped when she told of her brother’s skull being broken by their custodial dad (who would violently beat their mother Holly).”

Obviously Jennifer left this tidbit out while trying to rally the extremist who still support her. Those days may be numbered.

She rants over and over that she’s the one who knows because it happened to her but just like PAS, her entire world is built around a lie.

I think Jennifer was hoping she’d have a fresh audience but no one is even listening anymore, except those of us who know the truth which Glen has proven beyond doubt. I’d bet money Jennifer will go back into hiding which is a clue to her lies.

Okay now the FR/MRA's are saying that Jennifer's brother got injured by falling out of a shopping cart? What is it guys? You say she cannot keep her story straight? I think typoes and spreading lies about a grown woman are two different things. Grow up, move on.... Jennifer is here to stay. And just wait until YOUR children grow up. There will be more Jennifer's, more Fatima's, more Jeff's, more Alanna's.... Many many more of them. Until the courts see the abuse for what it is. See that PAS hurts kids, and not because mom is alienating the child, because the courts are giving the chidlren to an ABUSER!!!!

Mpre from those "ggod guys at 'THAT' site

Paul Says:

August 8th, 2009 at 10:40 am
Actually, the girls had a good thing with this guy and just should have worked out a time share.

I dispute that the guy did anything at all loathsome, it takes skill and talent to attract and keep women happy.

Had a man or group of men done this to a woman we'd be hearing 'hate crime' noises and calls for legislation.

This needs no comments.....

At least from me, my gentle readers can have at him lol!!!!!!

Lightbulb moment? Not hardly - read this bit of 'wisdom'

gwallan Says:

August 8th, 2009 at 6:08 pm
Robert said...

How he can be an unfit parent to one child and a fit parent to the other is one I'm still working on. I'll get back to you just as soon as I figure it out.

Look at the genders of the children involved.

Boys don't need nor deserve "fit parents".

Now if gwallan had even read the original article, he would have seen that the boy was older (I believe if memory serves me correct - older teens, where the young girl was pre-teens and even younger when the case began). Older children have a harder time in foster care and being placed due to their age. This begins about preteen years.


Attila, Attila, Attila, your version of her side does not count!!!!

Lastly, the eventual book that I will write and have published will contain not just my side but my ex-wife’s side as well as I have documented verbatim every moment of every day for the past three years so both sides of the truth will be put forward.

Can we all say it at once? CONTROL!!!!! Attila, your words as to her version of the events that led to your denial of a mother to children do NOT equate to her side of the story.

If you did not understand that let me make it really clear for you:

Your words, your version - your side

Your words for her, your version for her - your side.

She is SILENCED!!!! Now gee readers - doesn't THAT sound familiar?
Oh yeah I forgot


Will we hear from "Atilla -ex"?

Knock Knock Says:

August 12th, 2009 at 7:54 pm

Once your family matter is finally settled, and six months or longer have passed, may I suggest that you write up your story and submit it as a guest blog posting to I'm sure Glenn and Robert would welcome your submission.

(In the interest of fairness, I would equally encourage your ex-wife to write and submit her perspective, but I realize that she may not want to do so, or that you might not like it if she did.)

Now the million dollar question is - will Atilla take his offer up? Will he write his story?

I for one seriously doubt he will do so. Why? you ask? Simply put - if he gives us too much information, he will be opening the door to scrutiny. And ya know? We just night find out about Atilla. We just might discover all there is to know about Atilla.

Oh yeah and lest we forget, Atilla must control his ex-wife, even though they are no longer married, so he would NEVER allow her to share her side of the story. God forbid she should happen to run across Badass Mamas. That would definitely NOT be something Atilla would want to see. Hell she might be able to change things.....

New blog worth watching

I am following a blog which is attempting to tell the truth about a recent tragedy in Florida. The case is concerning Trenton Duckett and his now deceased mother Melinda. I would suggest to all of my readers to visit this blog, follow it and listen to it. We all might learn something about Family Court.

August 8, 2009

Anger Issues?

Okay here is the comment from one of our favorite stalkers (ATILLA)....

I recall my very foolish wife inviting me out to Polo for Heart in Richmond Hill where her boyfriend was one of the polo players. At one point he actually came up to me and put his arm around me and said “Attila. How are you doing?” At that moment in time It took every ounce of my martial arts discipline training to refrain from violent behaviour, and I walked away. Lucky for him and more importantly lucky for me and the children as I would be useless to them in jail.

Now lets go through this a little at a time. First he calls his ex-wife "foolish". Is it any wonder she wanted to leave him? If he speaks of her this way in a public forum where anyone can see it, how did he speak to her at home in private (and in front of the children I might add)?

Next he says she invited him to a polo match in which her boyfriend was a competitor. Hmmm maybe she wanted to have some semblance of sanity for the children? Maybe she wanted to "get along"? Maybe even see the children to whom she gave birth? Nah.... That couldn't be the case because Atilla is ALWAYS right.

Then the boyfriend came up to Atilla and put his arm around him and said "How are you doing?" Hmmmmm what is wrong with that statement? My family absolutely hates what my ex has done to me and our children but they are still civil in public. Maybe ex-wife's boyfriend was "trying" to be civil? Nah.... Again because Atilla is ALWAYS right.

Then we have "At that moment in time It took every ounce of my martial arts discipline training to refrain from violent behaviour, and I walked away." Ohhhhhh, so we should be proud that Atilla walked away from a man asking him how he was doing? That makes a lot of sense....

Then we have this line, "Lucky for him and more importantly lucky for me and the children as I would be useless to them in jail." Ummmmmm okay now we should be impressed because you have martial arts training? That reminds me of the 1st and 2nd graders my kids grew up with - leave me alone or I will karate chop you. I know karate. {rolls eyes} Seriously Atilla - is it any wonder your wife left you? So sad that YOU decided children don't need mom, they only need dad especially in your case, because again....