November 29, 2009

Panda Abuzz (buzz buzz buzzz buzzz buzzzzzzzzz)

This is what the website has to say about the buzzy panda:

PAAO is proud to announce the launch of our mascot Panda Abuzz!

Panda Abuzz is the hard work and creation of Donna Ingold (Abuzz's mom!), Sarvy Emo, and Bronwyn Coveney (our brilliant cartoonist). Together, along with the input of many adult alienated children and professionals, they have created Abuzz, who will be appearing in cartoon strips very shortly, as well as stand alone cartoon posters.
Abuzz's job is to educate the public and parents about how some adult behaviors are harmful to children. He will in effect be an extension of the child, expressing and voicing what the child can not, in order to make parents understand how they are harming their own children by their Parental Alienation behaviors.

Panda Abuzz is unique in that he will bring light to how damaging and confusing PA is to children, while being passed from child to child inorder to help multitude of parents in many cultural, religious or blended family dynamics understand and cope for the benefit of their children.

My question is this:

Does this panda truly buzz? It so sickenly reminds me of a pedophile plying a child with candy, toys, or a video game in order to steal them away and hurt them. I thought maybe this buzzy panda might have a real buzz like....

Well I would post it but this blog will not show pictures which are rated X, so you get the idea right? Lets do a crossword instead. This starts with V ends with R and has 8 letters. After all, wasn't it the GOD of the FATHER's RIGHTS MOVEMENT, "Richard Gardner" who suggested we need to teach children this act?

Calling all Protective UK Moms!!!!

Have you been abused by your partner or ex-partner? Have you lost custody of your child due to this abuse and his continued litigation in court? Email me!!!

New projects in the works

I am in the process of cooperating with a fellow blogger in preparing the first ever of its kind database for abused and protective moms. This database will be in place to protect those women new to the family rights scene on the internet. It will be available in order to protect these women from being sucked in by father's rights groups and thereby giving up all of their rights to mother the children they gave birth to.

It is coming guys. You will not succeed much longer.

Oh and another project is coming and that is just one that will be more amusing. It will be a nice thing to take down another extremely active fathers rights activist with their own words. I have a special person to thank for that, she knows who she is :-)

Mark Godbey and Psychology Today

Mark Godbey sure is behind the times. Too bad he keeps linking to articles which have been removed. And they have been taken down because the author realized that he did not have enough information to proceed. So markie, why don;t you go back to where you link to the article. You will see it is bye bye. And soon, very soon, we will have the proof that it was removed because it is false, misleading and utilizing junk science.

We will now begin lawsuit proceedings against Mark Godbey of San Ramon CA

nothing could be more proof than libelous attacks that members of the “pig pen” cult of followers that attack fathers only, and labels all mother and children as “battered” and the fathers as “abusive”.

Godbey uotes an article placed not by Lorraine Tipton but by an abuse advocate working tirelessly along with many others in order to protect Lorraine's child from further abuse. This child has NOT been given her day in court. Godbey ASS U ME s that Lorraine is an abusive and parentally alienating mother - because in his mind all mothers who do not want a child to visit a father are such.

Now as one of the members of the so called pig pen cult he calls out so bravely on his website, I plan to contact lawyers in California and undertake a lawsuit against Mark Godbey for libel. He needs to produce his evidence that any of the bloggers who posted this article concerning Lorraine are indeed engaging in libel against her ex-husband and ex-abuser. Court records are generally a matter of public record Markie. Why don't you do a search for Hensberger. You will see that he has indeed been arrested for and convicted of dui. The child has disclosed not just to family but to others of the abuse she has endured in the father's house. And the mother has attested to his abuses of her.

So keep calling us out on your blog markie. I have forced way back machine to archive your site. It will be up for all to see. And you WILL answer in court for YOUR libel.

November 21, 2009

Presenting only part of something eh?

Russ McNeill, on November 21st, 2009 at 12:18 am Said:
I love how this forum cuts what they don’t like.

Why don;t we get into how some stuff is being completely deleted off of other blogs and forums because someone does not like the username provided? Or lies about email access? I have posted on one such forum using the username of Glenn's Cult, providing my email contact which is clearly present on my blogger profile, and all of my comments were deleted. I never received an email from the blog/forum owner. And I was permamnently banned from posting there. I challenge that bog/forum owner to prove that in the posts where I used the username Glenn's Cult to show where I was abusive to any other poster. I was NOT. This blog/forum owner simply does not want to be challenged in his views. A commenter on my blog stated it so eloquently. They use stats and surveys but they only present half of it or they misinterpret.

So who is only giving "part of something" now?

Obsession? Hmmmmmm...........

Steve Gill, on November 20th, 2009 at 8:32 pm Said:
Wow. These false accusers really are becoming obsessive now. A sure sign of fear… and not of being physically attacked, but rather of being exposed for being the frauds that they are.

When we post something or discuss something or write about something, we are obsessed. When they do it, they are "concerned fathers"?

UPDATE: Swanson has now (between himself and his bullying friends) created nearly 60 comments on his dossier. Now is this obsession?

How to undermine mom (in the Father's words of course)

Brian Says:

November 20th, 2009 at 5:05 pm
Funny thing about when Mom tries to make Dad look bad to the only works until Mom is exposed when Dad comes through in a big way on something, like taking the child to something that they asked for and were denied by Mom.

Okay so let me make sure I understand this. Mom is saying no that a child cannot go somewhere or do something so child just waits until it is dad's parenting time and asks dad, dad realizes mom has said no, so what does he do? Rather than respect her wishes regarding a decision based on an action done (or not done) while the child was with mom, dad says sure go ahead - you can do whatever you want when you are with me, what your (hack cough hack puke) mom says MEANS NOTHING. I do not respect your mother and her wishes and you do not have to respect your mother and her wishes.

Okay I see how it works now.

November 20, 2009

Action alert to protective parents in Arkansas!!!

Please go HERE and read this page. If you are as horrified as I am (no mention of what needs to be done in cases of abuse or dv) then boycott this candidate. Post it to twitter, Facebook, Myspace - GET THE WORD TO ALL ARKANSAS RESIDENTS!!!

UPDATE: I was sent new information by a reader about his website. he now has information about protecting children on his website, but clearly it is still not enough. He MUST protect all victims of abuse (including adult victims) and must protect mothers who have been abused. Lip service is all well and good but not enough is being done to protect women.

November 17, 2009

Mark Godbey writes: Pig Pen Members Continue Online Libel – Craig Hensberger Father Libeled

A clear case of Libel from one of the members of the "pig pen"

" Lorraine Tipton is a concerned and caring mother who has tried for the past
three years to obey a court order even though it meant forcing her daughter to
go and stay with her sexually, and otherwise, abusive father. Michaela (now 11
yrs old) says that she is absolutely terrified of going to her father%u2019s,
that she is not safe with him, and now insists that she simply can and will not
go. Lorraine has spoken with her daughter, but can no longer find it within
herself to force her daughter to willingly accept further abuse. "

From the below link:\

For those who doubt that Parental Alienation Syndrome is a pattern of
denigration of one parent by another, in order to alienate a child from the
other parent, nothing could be more proof than libelous attacks that members of
the "pig pen" cult of followers that attack fathers only, and labels all mother
and children as "battered" and the fathers as "abusive".

Are these "protective parents" ?? No one buys their "victim" status anymore.
Judges know that parents who deny children the right to see the other parent are
the real "abusers."

Well all of us in the "pig pen" cult pooled some money together and we bought you a lifetime supply of (drumroll please....)

We thought you might be able to use this since your probation is clearly at risk of being revoked.

Have a nice day :-)

We forgot to mention one thing, you will have to share this with several others, including the one you "claim" we libeled.

November 14, 2009

Amanda from Pandagon gets death threats - View Single Post - Amanda Worried about Rise of MRA's

Re: Amanda Worried about Rise of MRA's permalink


Got to love this bit:

for abusers to get automatic joint custody of their children

Well, she's a feminist so obviously in her mind 'father' and 'abuser' are interchangeable terms.

If I met that woman she would die quickly.

Fish or Flannel?

Need I say any more?

Hate Crime Question and my thoughts on that issue

Well Jimmy my thoughts are you should really really really stay away from the mind altering substances. If you are not imbibing, then I really really really suggest you get some professional help dude. The life you save could be mine!!!!! LMAO :-)


I have a question for you all out there in the Fathers Rights.

Other day I was talking to my Ol’ Buddy Stan, and I ask him this question.

And I will ask it to all of you and see if we come up with the same answers that I got from a lot of folks.

You know we live in the Political World of every type if rights for special interest groups, I mean at times I want to throw up.

You know that the Gays’ and Lesbians’ Groups are demanding rights that are above the Rights of God and once they have those rights they are demanding more and more.

And if you do anything like speak your mind against these special rights then you are none as a Begat, Races, Homophobe, Anti Gay and god knows what else they can come up with.

Well the questions is this: What if a Gay Man goes out and get a Straight Woman pregnant, and she turns him into the Child Support Recovery Services, and they go after this Gay Man, Is that not a Hate Crime? Because they are singling him out for child support and being gay he can’t be held accountable for that.

I mean that Congress has made it where these people are an Endangered Spices and if you do anything against them then you can be held accountable by the Federal Courts. And looking at it this way, is going after them a Hate Crime?

I would like to know what your thoughts are about this.


A Viewpoint

I can only say don;t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out....Buh Bye!!!!!

Jimmy Lehew ( says:


I wanted to tell you about what happen to me the other day.

As fathers we all know that they DHR, DHS, and ORS is just another form of a Legalization of Gestapo that has taken our children from us, for Money and Power from the Fathers.

But due to the many lies that were told by me by my case worker at ORS and I could never get the truth from them. I call a so call friend of mine that works for the Child Support Service in Salem Oregon .

And due to the point that I will have them paid off here next month and I wanted to see if I could pay the State of Oregon for a case in Missouri , and knowing that my associate has some of the same political view points that I have I call her to get the low down on this.

Well as many of you know that once I pay this off I’m moving to Brazil and will not come back only when my Dad pass on.

But through the conversation something was ask of me about getting my passport release, and I made the remark that yes Jan, 2010 I’m a Brazilian and she ask me why and I went through all the Bullshit that the Courts and Child support services has put my kids through and I had enough of the shit watching the country that I fought for going to hell from Special Interest Groups.

And she laugh and she said that I was the 30th father that had call in saying that once they had there child support paid and they were out of the ream of the Gestapo Hands they were moving to Mexico, Panama, Brazil, and many other places in South America. So I got out the Ol laptop and look up the on Google to see how many men were leaving the USA each year and moving to South America , and do you know what? There is over 300,000 professional men leaving the USA each year for just that reason, and moving to South America . They are tried of the Bullshit and watching their country going to hell for the same reasons.

Have a good one,


Child support idiocy and father's rights activists

Well the two go hand in hand let me tell you. First check out what the guy is saying (not highlighted portions). Petunia Commentary to follow...

Laryy Broyer ( says:

I'm curious if anybody has sued thier EX for making false
statements, regarding support payments. My Ex is playing games,
Gonna have to hire a lawyer etc. etc. I've been through so much
crap with this women, and her sneaky underhanded actions, continue
to surprise me.
I've got lock solid proof her accounting practices are far from
reality. There has to be away to teach her a lesson, to never again
temped to manipulate the system for personal gain.
I'm old now, and really just don't want the added stress of dealing
with this stuff anymore. 28 years of constant attacks is enough.
Gonna hire a lawyer, and be done with it. Can't afford it, but
what else can I do. All those years of stress, have taken thier toll.
Recently the company I was working for closed. They always seem to hit
you when your most vulnerable. Then thiers my son, he doesn't need this crap either, can I sue on both of our behalfs.

Larry Broyer

Well doing the math would love for you to point out to me why you have been dealing with this for TWENTY EIGHT (28) years? The longest period of time to be paiyng child support is generally 18-22 years (if you must continue through college). generally though it is 18 years of age. So an extra 10 years on top? Maybe, just maybe Lumpen Larry, it is because you did not pay what you were supposed to pay and she got a judgment for interest. Now you will be paying this for a very long time. Should have saved your self some money and aggravation. A bank would have been cheaper from which to borrow than the state.

Do we have to spell it out for these guys?

Paternity Fraud? WHATEVER!!!!!

Thea Artis ( has forwarded this email to many father's rights groups. If there is a way to contact whomever or whatever is funding this project in order to stall funding please do so:

Sharon Squires, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Sociology at California State University-Domingue z Hills, and Carnell Smith of Citizens Against Paternity Fraud, have joined forces to develop a new on-line survey, the first of its kind, which will examine the emotional, financial, legal, and social impact of paternity fraud on men. The survey is at http://www.paternit pfsurvey. php

A news release about the survey and about the appearance of Squires and Smith at the next screening of "Support? System Down" in Atlanta is available at http://news. prnewswire. com/DisplayRelea seContent. aspx?ACCT= 104&STORY=/www/story/ 09-23-2009/ 0005099699&EDATE=

Looks like we need to contact California State University to see about the funding issue as well as the of one of their professors engaging in such a thing, which villifies women and children.


If a child has only known one man as their father and there are many years (child is now 6 or 12 or 17) and the parents divorce, the father who has been the defacto father should continue - whether he provided the DNA for said child or not. Can you imagine the heartache that would be piled on this child (or chidlren if more than one) with the only man she or he has known as dad suddenly says I am not dad go away? Children are already fragile due to developing and learning and becoming independent - they do not need for an asshole to say go to hell kid. You were good enough to call me dad when I was married to your mom (or when mom and I were together) but now you are a bastard kid - so sad so sorry for your luck.


Wisonsin mother jailed over pre-teen refusal to visit abuser dad

I have had much sad news over the last few weeks. First we hear of Anonymums untimely passing (we will never be the same without her). Then a near and dear friend of mine, Lorraine, and her daughter M are going through the hell of family court. M will NOT visit her bio-dad because he:
A. Abused her
B. Abused her mother
C. Is a severe alcoholic
D. Drives drunk

Then we have the issue with bio-dad's mother. Her list of transgressions against M include:
A. Drinking to excess
B. Taking M to a bar
C. Being sooooooooo drunk she cannot even recognize her own vehicle
D. Driving drunk on this night with M in her vehicle
E. Forcing M to eat her own vomit after becoming ill

I could go on but these are just a few of the major abuses that M has had to tolerate.

So imagine my surprise as we join forces in order to publicize this child's/mother's tragedy to see this:

Message from Chief Justice

Dear Friend:

Welcome to the Wisconsin court system. The courts of our state belong not to the lawyers and the judges, but to you - the public. Perhaps you have come to us because you are involved in a case, or maybe you have been called to jury duty. Or perhaps you are simply interested in learning more about the courts - about careers in the law, volunteer opportunities, or the workings of the third branch of government. Whatever your reason for visiting our Web site, we are glad you are here. Your understanding of - and support for - our independent courts is critical to the integrity and effectiveness of their work.

The court system exists to help the people of our state to resolve their disputes peacefully, and to dispense justice fairly, impartially and according to the rule of law. This is the cornerstone of our democracy.

You have my commitment that the Wisconsin court system will always strive to be open, understandable and affordable. You are welcome here.

Sincerely yours,

Shirley S. Abrahamson
Chief Justice

How can this "chief justice" claim that these courts are OPEN??????? One of the judges in her very court is refusing to listen to a child, he is refusing to use evidence which without a doubt shows that M's father should NOT be allowed to continue in parenting access. He has denied a mother due process and has removed her freedoms from her (there will be another post on this one, coming soon). The family is already stretched to the max with all the back and forth in court brought on by fisherman (and sometimes cross dresser).

So I am sending out a challenge to Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson:

Look in your house!!! See what your judges are doing to families (specifically look at Judge David Miron

and see what he has done to families. Lorraine and her family want this information out there. How many are too afraid to tell their story? I also challenge You Ask We Investigate of NBC Channel 2 in Wisconsin to look into this case. Contact the loving STEPFATHER of M and husband to Lorraine and see what he has to say.

This is nothing more than threat therapy. Well guess what Judge Miron - you have met your match. Lorraine will continue to protect M and your UNCONSTITUTIONAL jailing of Lorraine for 30 days, then 30 more days, then 30 more days - until the child goes to the abuser's house, will not continue.

So here is the challenge:

Chief Justice look in your house! Clean it up!
Channel 2 investigate this matter!

Help this chidl have her mom home. Make the abuser accountable for his actions.

Provide your email contacts so the public can express the outrage they feel about this issue. Quit hiding Judge Miron!!!!!

November 12, 2009

MRA's would not be angry if only moms would "share parenting?"

I was sent this link by a protective mother. I find it quite interesting because 99.9% of the men and women in the FR movement say if only she (meaning the bio-mom) would share custody, I owuld not be angry. Well this one blows that hypothesis right out of the water ladies and gents. Please be sure to read the highlighted portions.

Oh and I should add that more people need to start paying attention to warning signs. And rather than just think oh maybe I should do something, DO IT!!!! The next life you save may be mine or someone you love and care about. Don't just sit on your hands and say - oh I don;t think that is a good idea. SAY SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!!

Oregon woman killed by husband filed for divorce

PORTLAND, Ore. — An Oregon woman had filed for divorce just a week before her estranged husband opened fire at the suburban Portland office park where she worked, fatally shooting her and injuring two of her co-workers before killing himself.

Teresa Beiser, 36, was asking for joint custody of her two children with Robert Beiser, 39, in what appeared from court documents to be an amicable dissolution of their marriage.

But a martial arts instructor who knew the Gladstone couple well said Robert Beiser bought firearms recently and wanted to go to a shooting range to practice.

"He never had guns, and all of he sudden he buys guns," said Al Dorsey, who has taught the couple's 14-year-old daughter tae kwan do for several years.

Dorsey said many parents and students at the TaeKwanDo 2 martial arts training hall, based in suburban Milwaukie, Ore., are considered friends. He knew the Beisers well and watched the childhood sweethearts struggle with their marriage before their divorce petition was filed last week in Clackamas County Circuit Court.

"Rob came in all the time and talked to me, and Teresa would talk to me or my wife," Dorsey said.

But when Robert Beiser recently showed an interest in guns and wanted to go to a shooting range, Dorsey — an Army veteran — was wary.

"I told my wife, 'I don't feel comfortable going shooting with anybody that's going through a divorce,'" he said.

Wednesday evening, the Tualatin Police Department released more details about the shooting at the medical lab where Teresa Beiser worked. Police said Robert Beiser got out of his vehicle shortly before noon Tuesday and began firing into the front windows of the Legacy MetroLab. He was armed with a rifle, a shotgun and a handgun.

He fired at least three rounds into the building from the parking lot. One of those rounds struck Teresa Beiser as she was standing near the front lobby.

Robert Beiser yelled at a man in the lobby to get out of the building as he continued to fire multiple shots, police said.

One of Teresa Beiser's co-workers — 20-year-old Brittney Nichole Lore of Vancouver, Wash. — was near the front doors and was injured by flying glass and bullet fragments. She ran out of the building and flagged down help at a nearby Subway sandwich shop, police said.

Lore was treated at a Portland hospital and released.

Another Legacy employee, 63-year-old Tony Ochoa of Tigard, was sitting at his desk when he was struck in the hand and chest with one of the first rounds fired into the building, police said.

He started running out of the building but was confronted by Robert Beiser and shot in the leg. He then crawled to a neighboring business, where an employee administered first aid until officers arrived.

Police said Ochoa was recovering at a Portland hospital; an update on his condition was not available Wednesday evening.

Investigators found Teresa Beiser's body near the lobby. She had been shot multiple with an assault rifle and shotgun.

Robert Beiser's body was found in a bathroom at the back of the lab. He died from a self-inflicted shotgun wound, police said.

Other than some moodiness and appearing distracted, Robert Beiser showed no signs that he was capable of such violence, Dorsey said.

Dorsey said he and Robert Beiser had discussed some recent shootings in the news, sharing their concerns. "He even said, 'There's nothing that bad that would make you want you to do something like that,'" Dorsey said.

Beiser and his wife were both working two jobs, and were devoted to their daughter and 11-year-old son, said Dorsey and other family friends.

A neighbor on a side street said she and her husband frequently walked past the couple's house and noticed how neat and tidy it was.

"The house was always well-kept, and they always decorated at Christmas," said Vicki Obrist, who added that she and her husband never got to know the family.

Dorsey said Teresa Beiser was working to become a competitive body builder, and she pushed her daughter to be competitive in tae kwan do.

He said Robert Beiser had worked on fundraisers for trips to tae kwan do tournaments and had accompanied his daughter. The couple appeared to be friendly when they attended tae kwan do practice sessions.

"He really loved his kids, and he really loved her too," Dorsey said. "This man worked hard, and I think his world just started crumbling."

Copyright © 2009 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

More links on this story:

Victim Was Worried About Violence, Family Says

November 11, 2009

Forty percent of MRA's are female?

John D Says:

November 11th, 2009 at 3:26 pm
Thanks Joan for your kind consideration of mens rights.

When I talk about men's rights to family and friends, the first thing I point out is that MRA members are 40% female--if we were all about "extending control of abusive men" how could this be possible.

Maybe you need those 40% so you can play the games liek Terri Stoddard did:

I will update to clickable links in a bit. Early day at work tomorrow and must go jump in the shower. But you get the drift on these posts if you copy and paste. I guess the reason for women being in the MRA movement is for little slave toys (or maybe because the second wives will not get off their butts and get a job and think that the money being paid for child suipport is a waste). It is one or the other. I actually think both.

Bring back the old ways

dad4justice Says:

November 10th, 2009 at 11:50 pm
It's a sad world. Poor kids. Bring back the old ways.

Now I wonder how far back he wants us to go? Oooops never mind, I almost forgot - back to BEFORE women had rights - NOW I remember......

November 10, 2009

He is going to jail for climbing a crane (mutter under breath about how dense some can be)

If Franklin County Ohio prosecutor Ron O’brien gets his way, two fathers, Donald Tenn and Paul Fisher will be spending the next 18 months in prison with fines yet to be determined, why? For being good, fit, willing fathers, that’s why.....(taken from Smurphy's 'Mike Murphy' blog)

Last I saw they do not take men to court for being good fathers. Good fathers do not ALLEGEDLY beat their wives. Good fathers do not want to take a child away from her mother. Good fathers say okay she said I did this what could I have done, or why does she see it this way? Now on the other hand when someone climbs up on a crane and endangers people's lives (such as the bystanders and police on scene), then they do get arrested and they generally do go to court (as they should). They do NOT go to court for being a good dad.

Petunia's note: I added "ALLEGEDLY" to make some ***** in a ugly purple wig happy. Wwhy don't you go back to playing your sick little mind games with your little FR buddies. Or did they go beyond computer play into real life? Is that why you are no longer a member of that group?

Or is it because you think that a 14 year old can freely molest a child as long as they are related?

How about explaining why when the court hearings are in Ohio, one of these fathers was in Illinois (which just so happens to be where his estranged wife is - the one who alleges he battered her? Now that would make for some interesting reading. We see everything!

And you can jail us, you can humiliate us, you can threaten but we are here to stay. And the more this stupidity continues and the more moms and kids hurt by ALLEGEDLY abusive men, the more society will fight back.

There is my disclaimer...Are you happy now purple haired *****?


John Boy pondering and questioning

John Boy Says:

November 10th, 2009 at 1:46 pm
I have often wondered why legal cases like Shockome are so important to gender feminists. There are enough actual DV claims out there that you would think they would focus their energy on something more productive. Why this one?

Well John Boy did you ever think that maybe, just maybe there are cases out there whcih would destroy any claims men had on children? Cases which could show how an abuser does exactly as he feels? Cases which would blow you FR's out of the water? And where are these cases? Well many times the abused woman is forced underground. Or they speak out in the only way they can - anonymously through blogs. Hmmm sound familiar Petunia? Makes you wonder who exactly Petunia is - doesn't it? And exactly what Petunia can do to the MRA movement. Well just keep waiting... You will one day see what Petunia can do

Tim O'Brien and his "research"

Tim OBrien Says:

November 10th, 2009 at 9:46 am
Wow. Hard to believe they're still dragging out Genia as an example....

Well, Tim all I have to say to this little comment is just give it a few years. The so-called feminists as you like to lump us into one group, will have many more cases for you to do your supposed research on. Oh and be prepared, what you will find will be ugly (for your side). But oh I guess then you will dig up some obscure or absuive relative of the mothers and children in these cases to say they are abusive or worse. Kind of reminds me what has happened to Jennifer Collins (A NOW GROWN WOMAN WHOSE FATHER REFUSED TO SPEAK TO HER) and her mother Holly Collins. Will you villify the upcoming moms and kids like you have done with genia and Holly and the kids like Jennifer? Got news for you bub, my children are much more stubborn than any of the children who have spoken to date. I am much more stubborn than the moms out there (not saying they are not). And you will be facing a brick wall when my children and I come forward and when some of these other chidlren and moms come forward. So be prepared... Hasta Manana bub...........(when is manana in these cases? just wiat and see)

November 7, 2009

A loving father?

I always believed that being "allowed" supervised visits is an abomination and amounts to a consolation prize, when prior to talk of a divorce, there was no concern about a non-custodial's ability to care for his child.
My kid was taken from me in New York. the judge tried that shit on me. That is to offer me a consolation prize. I declined, because I knew I would be no more than an out-of-state visitor and would have to fight each time to see the kid which up to that point, they refused to allow me to do. I would essentially be a baby sitter for the bitch, which I wasn't about to do, either. I would constantly be paying sharks to go to the court to ask for a little time with the kid. Not for me. I wasn't about to lose another dime in time or "shark" fees to get me something that should have been mine to begin with - a right to my kid.
It was heartwrenching to me - I felt like offing myself. But I eventually got over it. I haven't seen the kid since he was 2 1/2 y/o. Now he's almost 18. I understand he was recently trying to contact me, but I know for a fact it was only for more money. He, or I should say she gets $380.00/week from me. That's the extent of my involvement. If he wanted my involvement, he would have called me a long time ago and that didn't happen.

I ask you - are these the words of a loving father? Well apparently EFRMHP or ehosppharm@cxaxtxr.nxt seems to think so.

I am back

I am back and armed with a heavy arsenal after my short period of bereavement for Anonymums. I think she would want us BADASS MAMAS to continue in her memory and i plan to do so.

November 3, 2009

It is with a heavy heart and deep sadness all around...

that I discovered through facebook the passing of Anonymums. One of her associates posted this message for all to read:

Dear Friends and Supporters,It is with regret that we announce this sad notice. Anonymums has passed on.

Anonymums Smith goes on to continue below the post:

We are all mourning her loss and remembering her inspiration and strength that she brought to the mothers movement. It is her surviving members wish at this time that their privacy is respected, but they thank you for all of the support you have provided to the cause and hope that her messages will continue to live on beyond her departure.

I have been informed that services are to remain as Anonymums would have wished - anonymous for only close family. The family asks that in lieu of flowers, that donations be made to your local domestic violence shelter in her name.

Petunia will be observing a period of mourning for this dear sweet lady, and wonderfully ingenious activist and advocate for dv victims everywhere.

May you rest in peace Anonymums, your memory will live on forever......