December 26, 2008

Porky's Identity?

It seems we might have stumbled on porky's true identity. I figured it must be a regular "fan" of Sacks. Have fun porky.............ble ble ble that's all folks............


Glenn's Cult? said...

Originally posted by Friendofanonymum - reposted by me and saved as a post needing moderating due to revealing names which might need concealed.

Post below:

This article from Australia appeared on BallSacks website. This is completely false and is an embarassment to BallSack as he should have done some research or then again maybe he knewthe real story.
The guy "Steve" in this story is Simon XXXX, a former member of Shared Parenting Councill of Australia until they threw him out. Now he is a militant FR member and a well known misogynist. The story reads like the Family Court took away his right to see his daughter when the truth is he was in Melbourne County Court for a breach of an existing AVO. He went to his ex wifes house. There are sexual abuse allegations that he has done something to his daughter and the fact that the courts have kept him away from his daughter for 15 years suggests some merit to those allegations. He also posted his ex wife's address on the internet as well as personal details which was a direct breach of his current order.

Now this was NOT posted by me - the only change I made was giving the man's last name. As much pleasure as it would give me to divulge the identity of an abusive man, I must protect the woman and her child - just as I try to protect myself and my child. To the ex Mrs. XXXXX - my heart goes out to you. Should you stumble upon this please know there are those in your position - some have even lost their child(ren) to the abuser. There are many women in your country - just do an internet search for us.

Friendofanonymum said...

Perhaps you could post his alias that he uses on the internet and even signed the comments page below the story in the newspaper originally with his real name and then edited to Vascopajama?

I do not like to Hunt.

Glenn's Cult? said...

This I will do :-) Please come back and post a link to the original article. I am too tired to go hunting it on Sacks site tonight - maybe tomorrow. I have been busy having fun tonight and am now off to dream world. I hope my baby is okay. She is very sick tonight and entitled doofus thinks I have no right to know how she is faring.

Friendofanonymum said...,21985,24761929-661,00.html

Comment Number 141 is who the story is about.

A search on Vascopajama will bring up his name and if you search further you will even find a copy of his Restraining Order with his ex wifes address on it.

I wish I did HUNT.