December 31, 2008

More vermin from

In a recent article below, one writer bemoans the fact that non-profits are going to be shutting their doors left and right when it is really good news for millions of families. This means that Women's shelters are going to have to start cutting back on those $150K to $350K salaried directors. As audits have repeatedly shown very few of the women who live in the shelters really fit the model that the shelter workers like to claim to donors and supporters. Fraud in and fraud out. We are going to have to begin to prioritize and review much more carefully who gets our community service money and what bogus, sociopathic, emotional plea, scam gets whacked in the wallet. I can think of nothing better to bring legitimacy to the Domestic Violence For Profit Industry than to get rid of the big money. Then only the altruists will be left. When we quit destroying our families and their assets with Feminist policies and no fault divorce we will have less need in our communities and more wealth to help those who really need it. We can save literally tens of millions of fathers, children, and even mothers by getting rid of the false advocacies of many in the DV industry who like to make such false claims as 70% of male batterers get custody; the greatest danger to pregnant women is the child's father; and women go to the ER more for Domestic Violence injuries than any other reason. In the past when unchallenged by the media, these types of false pleas would have brought in a treasure trove of wealth as a result of these shocking, but knowingly very false claims. The director of a Dallas Womens Shelter very recently admitted to using shelter funds to present shocking but completely misrepresentative statements about DV. She said she did it to raise awareness (and to collect more money from donors?) This director, who makes over $150,000/year admitted these claims were knowingly false in an interview with a liberal journalist. Excerpts of this transcript can be found at www.glennsacks. com . Now the public has began to be aware of the DV industry scams and falsehoods. The recent Dallas Bus Signs, as exposed at www.glennsacks. com are a prime example of an out of control non-profit defrauding their donors. Many have pulled their support as a result of those horrendously false ads.

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