December 4, 2008

Power and Control

LINK: Alas, a blog » Blog Archive » Domestic Violence Shelter Targeted by Anti-Feminists: “Some of the vile language and verbal abuse we took on the phone was horrific.”

Fortunately, according to Paige Flink, Glenn vastly exaggerated the effects of his campaign. Unfortunately, contrary to what Glenn Reynolds (and, probably, Glenn Sacks himself) believes, the calls made to The Family Place’s volunteers and donors due to Glenn’s campaign were anything but polite.

Ms. Flink was kind enough to talk to me on the phone. Glenn Sacks declined to make any “on the record” comments to me.

I posted on this blog how this is about power and control (namely Glenn's need for power and control) and I do believe I am correct. The first comment on this post was made at 5:58 AM. Glenn posted his rebuttal on Alas at 9:57 AM and then on "HIS" site shortly after (the first comment to his post was at 12:57PM). He refused to be interviewed by Ampersand, yet he answers on his own terms. This smells suspiciously like Control - ie: Glenn will control whom he speaks to and when he speaks to them. This is one of the major components of domestic violence - power and control. What was Glenn so afraid of in answering a few questions? Is it because he would not be paid for doing so? Or is it because he simply wanted to maintain control over something he feels he started and refuses to relinquish control of this?

This is extremely similar to my banning at his site. My email is now widely released (on this blog and on others) and he has yet to un-ban me. Don't need to be un-banned however. I now have my own forum which is safe for those who disagree with Sacks to come and comment. I also welcome any instances in which you see Sacks or his followers behaving in less than admirable ways. Please visit my contact page and email those to me. I am a full time mom, I work full time and I go to school full time so I am limited on time. I want this blog to remain viable and not fall by the wayside and I have another "victims blog" that needs my attention. I have just had writer's block over there. This blog is easy - that one is slightly more difficult.

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