December 4, 2008

An attempt to minize another's life story and in cruel ways as well

Mark Says:

December 4th, 2008 at 1:01 am
The mother character is distinctly different in the first letter from the "woman fighting back" character in the second. While I wouldn't rule out that the entire thing is fictional, if anything the first probably captures the mother more truthfully. The character revision she under goes in the second letter is a clear attempt to white wash a woman who is physically abusive and probably was an alcoholic herself. Disabled sister that's mentioned probably is an alcohol fetal syndrome baby. Don't see a lot of sober pregnant women getting into fist fights, alcohol takes away the presence of mind to realize why that's not a good idea. Not to mention it would explain her love of drunks, alcoholics are often drawn to other alcoholics in the same way anyone is drawn to a "kindred spirit."

At any rate, I'd tend to say the entire thing is fictional. Has all the earmarks of an untalented writer doing fiction: shallow one dimensional characters acting out a prescripted stereotypical melodrama to advance a theme that's as subtle as someone screaming their point in your ear.

This poster minimizes Cheryl's (and by default her entire family's) life story by saying her account is fictional. He first states that if this is true, then the first account must be true. He then goes on to state "nah, I think she is lying to us (fictional means something invented by the imagination or feigned). A lie is an untruth invented by the imagination or feigned.

Eeverytime I read these posts and comments at Sacks, I am more amazed on a daily basis that men out there like this actually exist. But I should know they exist - I married and divorced one.


Rj said...

He would make a good Psych Evaluator, GAL, etc...

Glenn's Cult? said...

Have to share an amusing story about my GAL and the Child Protective worker on my case (3 years ago). When the CP worker discovered who the GAL was and then read the report, her comment to me was it is no wonder - the GAL drinks just like XXXXXXX (my ex-husband). So of course she will see nothing wrong with drinking so much you could possibly be an alcoholic.